How to Take a Screenshot & Record Your Screen in Minecraft

Designed in 2009, Minecraft is one of the most popular independent personal computer games. The game can be played by yourself or with others. If you are one of the Minecraft players & have always thought of capturing the beautiful scenes or wanted to record the highlight moments to share with other players, you are at the right place. This post will explain how to take a screenshot in Minecraft and record Minecraft on Windows 11, 10, and other older versions of Windows operating systems .
Using the built-in feature in Minecraft, you can well take screenshots while in the game. however, if you want to record a video recording or capture a high-quality screenshot in Minecraft, you will need more than that. consequently, this tutorial will explain different ways to filmdom record Minecraft and take a screenshot .
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Best Ways to Take a Screenshot in Minecraft Windows 11, 10

A common wonder asked by many Minecraft players is how they can take screenshots and record screens in Minecraft. The answer is simpleton by pressing the F2 key while in the crippled, they can take screenshots. In summation to this, to take professional screenshots, remove HUD by pressing HUD and enroll fullscreen manner pressing F11. nowadays press F2 to take the screenshot. These commands will work both on single and multi-player. however, if you want to record Minecraft, you will need a third-party instrument like TweakShot Screen Recorder that helps record and capture the screen. Using this best screen recording instrument, you can record video recording with or without watermark, take screenshots without compromising the choice and do a lot. To get the tool click the button below.

Different Methods to Record Screen and Take Screenshot in Minecraft

1. Use a professional screen recorder
2. Use Windows Game Bar
3. Print screen
4. Additional Tip

  • Share button on PS4
  • PS + START on PS Vita
  • Xbox + Y on Xbox One

Method 1. Using a Professional Screen Recording tool

All you need to capture high-quality screenshots and record video in Minecraft is TweakShot Screen Recorder, a professional snapshot software. This screen recording software allows taking screenshots of full blind, a selected region, and a scroll screen. besides, it lets you create hotkeys and decide whether you want to record the riddle with or without audio. furthermore, you can record separate audio and record in .MP4, .FLV, and. AVI format .
aboard, before record, you can adjust Format, Frame Rate, Size, Video Quality, and can customize other settings .
Outstanding Features – TweakShot Screen Recorder
4K Recording
TweakShot Screen Recorder allows recording riddle in 4K video, MP4, FLV codecs, and AVI .
Modes of Video Recording
record screen
Using this excellent screen recording software, users can select from different options to record the screen .
Customize Watermark
Add your personalized water line to the video you created and claim the possession with Tweakshot Screen Recorder .
Customize Watermark
Recording Using a Webcam
Record footage from a webcam or record with webcam sheathing to create amazon videos .
Capture Snapshot of Screen
While recording video recording, take a screenshot of a single window, region, selected window, or scrolling window .
Record Audio
commemorate audio from the system, from a microphone and a voice-over .
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How to Take a Screenshot & Record your Screen in Minecraft Using TweakShot Screen Recorder

Step 1 : download and install TweakShot Screen Recorder.

Step 2 : Run Minecraft.
Step 3 : Run the screen recording tool and choose the four-screen record modes from the drop-down menu to screen record Minecraft on Windows 10 .
choose four-screen recording modes
Full Screen : to capture the integral blind.
Select Region : captured specific area selected by the exploiter.
Select Window : commemorate action in the selected windowpane.
Webcam : screen record webcam overlie .
Step 4 : once you have selected the screen recording option, chatter Quick Settings to change the Format, Frame Rate, Size, and Video Quality .
select region
In addition to this, to make others changes, snap Advanced Settings .
Step 5: Next, select the audio device by clicking the down arrow next to the Microphone picture and clicking the gear picture to go to advanced settings .
select audio device
Step 6 : After making all these changes, hit the Record release to start recording Minecraft.
Step 7 : To take a screenshot in Minecraft while playing the game, hit F11 or click on the television camera picture in the TweakShot Screen Recorder bar in the bottom right corner, where you see the screen recording timekeeper .
screen recording timer
Step 8 : To finish read, hit the Red stop push button and go to the top justly recess of the blind > click the horizontal lines > Open Recording Folder .
Open Recording Folder
Step 9 : This will open a File Explorer window will open, where you can see the saved Minecraft recording and the screenshot you tool while playing Minecraft .
alternatively, if you just want to capture a screenshot, cluck plunge TweakShot Screen Recorder > click the Camera icon and select the screen get choice to take the screenshot .
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select screen capture option

Method 2 – Use Windows Game Bar

1. Open Minecraft
2. Press Windows + G to open game Settings overlay.
3. Click the camera under Game Capturing .
Click camera
4. That ’ s it ; the screenshot will now be saved in the Windows Game Bar Gallery .

Method 3 – Print screen

To take a screenshot of the complete screen, simultaneously press Windows + PrtScn/PrintScreen.

Additional Tip

To take screenshots in Minecraft on PS, follow these instructions :

  • Share button on PS4

PS4 button

  • PS + START on PS Vita

PS Vita

  • Xbox + Y on Xbox One

Xbox + Y on Xbox One

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Wrap Up
Above we explained unlike methods to take screenshots in Minecraft. In summation to that, we explained how using TweakShot Screen Recorder, you can record screens and take screenshots in Minecraft. thus, if you are looking for a manner to record and capture a screen door, TweakShot Screen Recorder is your best stake. This excellent screen recording tool not only helps criminal record gameplay, but using it, you can evening record on-line meetings, webinars, and all the activities you perform on your Windows desktop or laptop. The answer is whether you want to take screenshots, record webcam overlie, record video recording, or a voice-over TweakShot Screen Recorder. We hope you will give the joyride a try. Share your feedback about the post in the comments section below .

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