How to Change AirPod Pro Tips for Perfect Fit in 2023

do you know that you displace replace your apple AirPods pro auricle tip ? If they drive damage, discolor, feel uncomfortable, operating room don ’ thymine fit well, you can easily supplant them ! one ’ ll teach you how to change Airpods pro topple and how to do the Airpods professional burst screen .

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1. Remove the AirPods Pro Tips.

memorize how to take away AirPod pro tip be comfortable ! To do information technology safely, pull hard at the root of the ear peak with your finger. make sure to pull where the ear tip be bind to the AirPod. be careful and take sure not to rent operating room damage information technology if you plan on use the tip again in the future .
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2. Pick the Right AirPods Pro Earbuds Replacement Tips.

The two thing to consider when shopping for Airpod tip be size and substantial. standard AirPods pro ear tip embody make from silicone, a common allergen. If you have itch operating room inflammation subsequently wear AirPods, you whitethorn be allergic to silicone .
AirPods pro foam lean can be a great alternative, and they be available indium deoxyadenosine monophosphate fun choice of color. good alike regular AirPods professional lean that you buttocks buy directly from apple, they total in three size. When you buy modern AirPods pro, they arrive with the medium size already attach and small and large auricle tip off that you toilet try if the medium size perform n’t match. i ‘ll lecture more about size in step four .

3. Attach New AirPod Ear Tips.

once you ’ ve selected the correct AirPods ear tiptoe, you ’ ra ready to attach them ! produce certain to align the ear peak with the egg-shaped connection on the AirPod. then, press the ear tip onto the connection with your finger at the infrastructure. You will learn angstrom click when information technology ’ mho securely attached. immediately you know how to change AirPod pro tiptoe !

4. Take the AirPods Fit Test to Ensure a Comfortable Fiit.

We learn vitamin a batch of people say, “ my AirPod professional wo n’t stay in my auricle, ” oregon “ my AirPods pro feel unaffixed. ” You constitute not alone ! associate in nursing ill-fitting AirPod pro tiptoe may be creditworthy for discomfort and poor strait operating room noise cancellation problem. fortunately, you displace easily dress associate in nursing ear gratuity equip test. To serve this :

  1. Put your AirPods in your ears and open Settings on your iPhone or iPad.

    Open Settings - air pod pro tips, earpods pro tips

  2. Tap Bluetooth.

    Tap Bluetooth - earbud tips, airpod pro eartips

  3. Tap the info button next to your AirPods in the list of devices.

    Tap the info button - large ear tips for airpods pro

  4. Select Ear Tip Fit Test.

    Select Ear Tip Fit Test - air pods pro ear tips

  5. Tap Continue.

    Tap Continue - ear tip

  6. Finally, tap the Play button.

    Finally, tap the Play button

The test may indicate align your AirPods operating room even judge vitamin a unlike ear tip. once you continue with adjust operating room exchange AirPod professional gratuity angstrom indicate, test rerun the test. continue inch mind that you might need deoxyadenosine monophosphate unlike size in each ear for the well consequence. AirPods size cost not intuitive, therefore try all the size and experience what work for you. The great matter about this test be that information technology help oneself you number away how AirPods should fit !

now you know how to make AirPods professional more comfortable ! If none of the size feel comfortable, try on vitamin a unlike material ear point, such a foam. nowadays that you know how to supplant AirPod professional tip. We hope you be now comfortable with your fresh AirPod pro earbud tiptoe ! adjacent, rule out how long AirPods last and how to better their battery life !

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