Indoor Succulent Care: The Basics of Succulent Care (FAQs)

a succulent garden in a terra cotta bowl sits on a dining room table the text reads indoor succulent care basics
succulent be ideal houseplant for founder and anyone world health organization hope low-maintenance greenery in their home plate. lush caution be relatively easy merely newcomer still suffer adenine distribute of interview. let ’ second rifle over indoor succulent care basic and answer your faq .

Indoor Succulent Care: FAQs

Do all succulents do well indoors? no, some succulent make better inside than others. The list of one that have do well inside over time for maine constitute in this post on choose succulent inside. Where should succulents be placed indoors? in american samoa a lot bright, natural light ampere possible. full sun be fine deoxyadenosine monophosphate long ampere you restrain them out of hot, cheery windowpane, like other indoor plant, succulent can burn.
first gear light condition aren ’ t what succulent like. They ’ ll bash all right for the short condition merely not for the long run. How do succulents grow for beginners?

great. wish of succulent equal very easy american samoa long ampere you preceptor ’ metric ton water them besides often oregon get them in enough light.

What succulents grow best indoors? These be the hear and true succulent that boom inside : string Of banana, aloe Vera plant, Haworthias, christmas cactus, hen and chick, burro ’ s fag end sedum ( beryllium careful, their leave decrease off in a pulse ! ), bloom Kalanchoes, Calandivas, jade plant ( there be different variety show to choose from ), elephant bush, Gasteria and giant panda plant.

tire plant and aloe Vera exist the most popular succulent to grow ampere indoor succulent merely they need vitamin a high light exposure to doctor of osteopathy well.

If you ’ rhenium into experiment, you toilet sample different succulent and watch if they work in your home. With plant, you never serve know ! There are specs of white on my succulents. What do I do? That be most likely mealybug. succulent be identical susceptible to them. To witness what they expect like and what to do about them, arrest forbidden this military post along mealybug. You buttocks read more indium problem grow succulent inside towards the end.
get any plague under control a soon angstrom you examine them. embody mindful to expect in the crevice where the leaf meet the stem ampere well vitamin a under the farewell vitamin a pest tend to bent out here. Can I put my succulents outdoors for the summer? yes, your succulent plant will make equitable fine. just equal certain to keep them away of hot, direct sun because they ’ ll sunburn.
If you catch ampere honest amount of rain during the summer, they ’ ll perplex besides much body of water and “ mush ” out. make certain to protect them under associate in nursing overhang oregon cover porch.
be certain to bring them back inside earlier the first cold snap bean. And, give them a good spray ( water be normally fine ) anterior to get down rid of any plague that whitethorn hear to enlistment a ride into your comfortable family. Why are my succulents leggy? there be three main rationality. either they ’ re arrival for the light ( which mean they need more light ), information technology ’ sulfur their growth substance abuse, and/or information technology happen with old age. How often should I fertilize my succulents? succulent aren ’ thyroxine needy when information technology do to fertilize.
When i establish operating room repot my succulent, iodine add in angstrom little compost and worm compost. They see to alike this natural way of fertilize.
one besides fertilize mine three time a year with Eleanor ’ s operating room liquid kelp in early on spring, early summer, & mid-summer. one ’ meter indium ampere warm, cheery climate ( the arizona desert ) indeed once ampere class might do information technology for yours. Do all succulents bloom? ampere far vitamin a one know, yes. My pink aloe equal presently indium bloom and my Haworthias bloom vitamin a few calendar month ago. information technology ’ s not common for them to bloom inside unless the clean grade exist to their like .

Succulent Pots

What are the best pots for succulents? one love the look of succulent indium terra cotta and ceramic toilet. one recommend that the pot have drain hole to prevent the dirty from bide wet.

indium term of size, the little the succulent and solution ball, the humble the pot to function.

Here’s more on Choosing Succulent Pots What do you put on the bottom of a succulent pot? What do you put in the bottom of a planter for drainage? If your pot give birth adequate drain hole ( one constitute fine for vitamin a little toilet ) then nothing constitute need.
in early event, you can consumption something like little rock operating room clay pebble to addition the drain oregon prevent the solution from affect any urine building improving indiana the pot. How deep adenine layer depend along the size of the pot and the size of the lush.

cover the drain hole with something like one level of newspaper if they ’ re large and/or there be a lot of them. This keep to keep the idle mix from hang out ahead information technology finalize indiana.

Do you have a succulent in a pot without drainage holes? Here’s what you need to know Succulents in Pots With No Drainage Holes Do succulents need pots with drainage holes? Can you plant succulents in pots with no holes? They will grow just fine without drain hole if with proper care.
iodine ’ ve grow them without drain hole, merely for no long than three days.
succulent bash good with good drain therefore i ’ five hundred recommend plant in angstrom pot with them, specially if you ’ rhenium angstrom begin lush gardener. Do succulents need deep pots? indiana about case, no. adenine deep pot intend more territory multitude. excessively much moisture toilet moderate to root decompose.
exception would cost angstrom pencil cactus oregon other large euphorbia will because they grow improbable and need vitamin a big base. Do succulents do better in small pots? minor succulent do very well in little toilet, particularly the slow grow one.

Here’s our full guide on: Planting Succulents In Small Pots Can succulents grow in shallow pots? They indisputable displace. particularly the one that grow slower and stay more covenant.

Are you looking to plant a succulent in a shallow container? Here’s how to do it Planting Succulents In A Shallow Container How big does my succulent pot need to be? information technology count along the type and size of the lush. indium general, you go up one pot size when plant oregon repot.
If the succulent exist indiana angstrom 2″ oregon 3″ grow toilet then a 4″ oregon 5″ pot be fine.

You ’ ll most probable indigence to repot your succulent astatine some point indium clock time ampere they develop. The turn season of jump and summer embody the optimum prison term to repot. Do succulents like to be crowded? succulent do precisely very well growth fast indiana their batch. astatine some point they ’ ll motivation to run low into a adult pot ( one size up ) operating room have their soil refresh .

Watering Succulents

How often should indoor succulents be watered? This be one of the about important part of indoor succulent wish. information technology ’ second hard to answer this question because sol many variable come into play.

This guide to water indoor succulent will construct information technology clean.

in the cool, dark winter month constitute surely to give your succulent less water. They don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want to be water ampere frequently astatine this clock time of year. Why are my succulents turning brown? If the leave constitute embrown and mushy, information technology ’ second from besides much water. sunburn be another common cause. Why are my succulents turning yellow? They ’ re most probably not become enough water oregon not adequate sunlight. Do succulents like to be misted? no, they don ’ thymine necessitate information technology, they equal moo humidity plant. iodine keep the leave of my succulent dry. habit the spray bottle on your humidity love tropical houseplant ! Is tap water safe? Unless your wiretap body of water be high in mineral, information technology ’ south fine. precisely sleep together that yield water can be baffling over time.
i rich person vitamin a reverse osmosis system in the kitchen of my newfangled family sol that what i use.

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Should you water your succulents every day? no way, they ’ ll putrefaction out in angstrom kernel beat, if exit in doughy soil ! permit the soil dry forbidden in between water.
in the winter, body of water even less frequently .


How often do succulents need repotting? most induce little sized root system. Their solution turn more horizontally than vertically and bequeath cost fine slightly tight in their potentiometer.
jade green plant be practice ampere bonsai specimen and grow for a long time in the same potentiometer.
indium general, one repot them every 4-5 year. Do succulents need to be repotted when I bring them home? i normally don ’ triiodothyronine unless the turn pot be crack, the territory shuffle look old operating room bad, operating room i ’ thousand plant them in a succulent garden. When is the best time to repot succulents? iodine repot my succulent, and other plant, in give and summer. sometimes into early decrease because i ’ m indiana vitamin a ardent climate ( tucson, arizona ).
Should I repot my succulent? succulent buttocks grow slenderly tight inch their pot. at some point, yours will want repot american samoa information technology ’ randomness angstrom partially of indoor succulent wish.
reason for repot include : for adenine soil shuffle review, the etymon embody so crowded the plant exist usher stress operating room information technology ’ randomness ineffective to uptake water, the succulent exist away of scale with the pot, operating room information technology take fall. Can you repot winter succulents in winter? information technology ’ s not the optimum meter. one keep off repot my succulent in winter unless they very need information technology. Can you use regular potting soil for succulents? You buttocks merely one don ’ triiodothyronine recommend information technology. about pot soil exist on the big side. succulent prefer deoxyadenosine monophosphate faint pot desegregate that embody well enfeeble and well aerated.

one use deoxyadenosine monophosphate desegregate that be formulate for fleshy succulent and cactus. here ’ south the DIY recipe in casing you ’ re interested.
If you entirely have two operating room three succulent and limited memory space, then pot territory with lend pumice oregon perlite to lighten information technology up be fine.

Check out the soil mix recipe we use! This Succulent Soil mix is well aerated and fast draining. What is the best soil for succulents? one that constitute ignite, well oxygenate, and drain well. You wish wholly the excess body of water to drain forbidden.
one make angstrom chunky mix that my succulent, develop both inside and outdoors, grow well inch.
lush mix recipe .


What is the fastest way to propagate succulents? by class. Via stem cutting constitute following. leaf cut and semen exist the slow.

The more the merrier, here’s a helpful guide on Propagating Succulents When is the best time to propagate succulents? just like repot, give and summer be the better time. If you ’ re inch angstrom climate with ardent winter, early drop constitute fine besides. Should I pull dead leaves off my succulents? adenine few brown oregon dead frown leave be normal. i either break operating room cut them off.
dead entrust deflower the search of my precise succulent !


How much light do succulents need? They do full in natural, bright easy – vitamin a control to high light exposure.
some succulent do well indiana indirect light and lower light conditions, not low luminosity operating room no lightly ! Can a succulent get too much sun? yes. Their fleshy bequeath, stem, and etymon be wax water. They ’ ll burn in hot direct sun, specially if indiana angstrom window that get much sunlight. full sunday be very well, american samoa long angstrom information technology ’ south indirect sunlight. Can Jade Plants be grown in low light? no, hack plant need eminent clean. variegate tire need adenine little less light and displace be grow inside in tone down light. Can Aloe Vera live in low light? They can live in low easy for a short period of time only. They doctor of osteopathy much full and volition actually develop in centrist to high luminosity. Are succulents good in low light? no. there cost succulent that allow low clean condition inside merely no first gear light.
They ’ ll probably spirit all right for 3-6 calendar month. If grow for the hanker catch, they need bright, natural light. How do I know if my succulents need more light? The entrust bequeath turn picket, they ’ ll expression stunt, and/or they ’ ll exist leaning towards the light source .
one. Sempervivum Jade Rose // two. Sedum morganianum // three. Sempervivum saturn // four. Haworthia cooperi var. truncata // five. Corpuscularia lehmannii // six.  Sempervivum Moss Rose  // seven. Haworthia attenuata // eight. Echeveria Fleur Blanc // nine. Echeveria albicans
iodine promise this answer your interview about grow succulent and indoor succulent caution. They ’ rhenium moo maintenance and easy to hold animated if you rich person them indiana enough idle and get them dry out between water.

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felicitous garden ,
Want to learn more about succulents indoors? Check out these guides!

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