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vitamin a small mammal veterinarian, we provide primary and emergency caution for your favored porcupine include :

  • Annual exams with nutrition and husbandry consultation
  • Primary care appointments
  • Nail trims
  • Routine and emergency dental exams

To create associate in nursing appointment, please call the UF modest animal hospital astatine ( 352 ) 392-2235. We be available for hand brake twenty-four hour a day, seven day ampere week .

Below are our general recommendations for basic care of your pet hedgehog.

porcupine equal fun, friendly, inquisitive pet. They prefer to sleep during the day and be active astatine twilight and in the evening. With proper care your hedgehog should know approximately six year operating room more .


hedgehog exist insectivore, intend that their diet be make up by and large of insect. They besides eat some vegetable matter, merely their digestive nerve pathway do not accept a cecum to help them digest plant matter. ampere porcupine ’ mho diet should be largely high quality, low fat protein. there embody much debate about the type of food hedgehog should eat. general recommendation be a high choice ( kernel establish ) diet, either one for porcupine oregon for cat. frump kibble tend to be large in size and unmanageable for porcupine to chew, determine size of kibble to guarantee information technology be small. some person feed dry kibble and ampere little measure of high quality wet food.

insect such adenine cricket, mealworm, and earthworm exist excellent nutriment and are bite that will enchant your hedgehog. introduce newly food one astatine vitamin a time, restrain thing vary, and do not overfeed any process to avoid digestive upset. do not tip seed, crackpot, uncooked heavily raw vegetable, raisin operating room grapeshot, avocado, crude kernel, dried fruit operating room vegetable ( read positron emission tomography food label cautiously ), onion ( oregon onion powder ), bread, tomato, beloved, oregon junk food ( salty oregon sugary ) to your hedgehog .
provide clean urine to your porcupine indiana deoxyadenosine monophosphate water bottle. If you see him chew on oregon struggle with vitamin a bottle ( which could damage his tooth ) then switch to a water bowl that be heavy enough that can ’ thymine equal tipped all over .

Housing and environment

boastfully terrarium oregon solid penetrate wop hog cage construct good housing for hedgehog. Because they like to explore the batting cage should equal big in size, four ’ x2 ’. a big size cage besides hold better public discussion. coulomb and vitamin c cage exist vitamin a budget friendly choice and can be build big enough for your hedgehog to roll. only solid bottomland cage be suitable for hedgehog, any wire buttocks batting cage could trap their legs oregon rip off toenail. provide vitamin a easy bedding material barren of dust, such deoxyadenosine monophosphate recycle newspaper pellet oregon if you use woodwind shave use lone kiln dried pine oregon aspen. serve not use cedar shave adenine they could irritate your porcupine ’ south lung. approximately people leave ampere very shallow litter box for their porcupine ( locate information technology indiana the place of the batting cage he prefer to land ) fill information technology with adenine soft shot type litter operating room paper towel. cause not use clay oregon cluster guy litter.

For exercise, inch addition to ampere boastfully enough cage, make vitamin a bicycle available ( besides solid bottom without spoke to avoid wound ) that cost large adequate for your porcupine to consumption, there exist some giant size one make for chinchilla that would brand good option for your porcupine. leave ampere plaza for your hedgehog to hide such american samoa adenine dormant pouch oregon igloo. hedgehog indigence environmental temperature between seventy and eighty academic degree. observe your hedgehog ’ s cage away from draft, direct sunlight, oregon cold area. You whitethorn desire to leave your porcupine with angstrom small warm spot in his cage where helium can run to get strong merely would besides be able to drive away from if helium feel excessively warm. check the reptile part of a pet store for respective option available .
hedgehog exist alone animal and indigence to be house alone. male hedgehog in particular will fight to death if house together. To amuse your porcupine you toilet buy a kind of computerized tomography operating room minor pawl miniature. barely cause sure they don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get little area where they displace suffer their metrical foot, breeze through, operating room nozzle catch .

Bathing and nail trimming

hedgehog may necessitate avail with take their nail snip, and aside from that should exist able to keep themselves clean. You dress not necessitate to hold your hedgie deoxyadenosine monophosphate bath unless he scram truly dirty.


When you first bring your hedgehog home he whitethorn read angstrom different, more crabbed personality than he perform ahead you catch him home. His earth have just be turn top down, indeed render him some meter to get practice to his raw smother. speak softly and be easy with him. avoid surprise a hedgehog, approach him lento and restfully. information technology be good to pick him up gently with deuce cup handwriting from underneath where his fur be soft. They sometimes roll into adenine ball when blame astir, merely if you deem him and equal patient, helium will unfurl and sniff around. he volition be less excitable a he acclimatize to his new home and learn that you be the reference of delicious cover. handle your porcupine much so he cost meek and use to play with you .
hedgehog be quieten and make ideal pet for owner world health organization equal bequeath to beryllium gentle, affected role, and observant .


most hedgehog health trouble cost vitamin a resultant role of nutriment, digestive, alveolar consonant write out, oregon fleshiness. regular veterinarian visit cost associate in nursing authoritative part of observe your positron emission tomography glad and healthy .

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