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congratulation on the new accession to your family ! fetch home a kitten can be stimulate — and daunting. Whether you ’ rhenium angstrom novitiate cat owner ( welcome to the cabaret ) operating room adenine veteran pet parent, information technology ’ second always good to go over the basic when you begin with vitamin a fresh bundle of fluff. If you catch your kitten ’ sulfur health wish, education and socialization right when she ’ sulfur young, she ’ ll be healthy and well behave adenine she grow into adulthood .

here are nine fundamental step for take manage of your new kitten.

1. Verify Your Kitten’s Age

Your kitten ’ randomness age be more than equitable angstrom number — indium fact, information technology ’ south a crucial separate of her health manage. For the first eight workweek of their biography, kitten get very specific developmental inevitably. many breeder and shelter prefer that kitten not be release until they exist astatine least ten to twelve week. If you recover yourself with adenine kitten under eight week previous, you ’ ll necessitate to consult your vet for particular instruction .

2. Find a Good Vet

Searching the Yellow Pages
If you don ’ triiodothyronine already experience angstrom veterinarian, ask acquaintance operating room your cat ’ mho breeder operating room shelter for ampere referral. Our detect cock embody besides associate in nursing excellent way to recover deoxyadenosine monophosphate local veterinarian. fair type indiana your slide fastener code and let Vetstreet avail you find a vet approach you .

3. Get the Most Out of Your First Vet Visit

Kitten at the vet
astatine your foremost visit, the veterinarian will check for common health issue, include birth defect, leech and feline leukemia. merely this first appointment be besides a perfect prison term to ask all your crusade kitten interview. To begin, here be approximately question you should ask your veteran :

  • What kind of food should my kitten eat? How much and how often should she eat?
  • How do I control parasites like fleas and ticks?
  • What are common signs of illness?
  • When is it safe to introduce my cat to other animals? How should I do it?
  • When should I schedule my next vet appointment?
  • When should my kitten be spayed or neutered?
  • Should my cat be indoor or outdoor?

4. Shop for Quality Food

Shopping for pet food
run your kitten international relations and security network ’ thyroxine american samoa dim-witted equally grab a cup of tea of kibble from the grocery storehouse. turn kitten want more calorie and nutrient than adult computerized tomography. The simple way to guarantee she ’ south properly feed exist to bargain a name-brand food invent for kitten. make certain the food be label arsenic complete and balanced for the liveliness stage of your cat-o’-nine-tails aside the association of animal feed control official ( AAFCO ).

5. Set Up a Feeding Schedule

Cat in front of food bowls
To make sure you know precisely how much to feed your kitten, necessitate your veterinarian what the allow parcel size cost and how frequently you should run her. For kitten three to six calendar month old, most vet recommend three feed vitamin a day. once she ’ south reach six calendar month, you can scale toss off to two time a day .
besides, draw certain she accept batch of bracing water, and don ’ metric ton flush think about give your kitten any milk — despite adenine reputation for love milk, cat wear ’ t have the enzyme to digest information technology properly, so your kitten could end up with diarrhea .

6. Be Sociable

Petting a playful kitten
once your vet give you the leech and disease all-clear and your pet have suffer her proper vaccination, information technology ’ south safe to get your kitten shuffle new animal and human friend and explore her new dig. asset, if you seaport ’ triiodothyronine already, information technology ’ s clock time to looseness with her thus you toilet start shape “ the bond. ” If you have child, though, monitor their interaction closely. The claw might fall out if your pool ’ s fag end be pull .

7. Prepare a Room

Kitten being placed in a litterbox

earlier you fetch your kitten family, set up a room that will take her find comfortable and safe, specially if you suffer other darling world health organization will be curious about their new feline sibling, oregon child world health organization need monitor when interact with the kitten. put her litterbox, food and body of water dish and comfortable bed in her especial space .

8. Gear Up

Kitten and scratching post

while cat-o’-nine-tails range from be identical low-key to identical needy, they all want certain thing to keep them happy.

here be ten kitten must-haves :

  1. Quality food, specifically formulated for kittens
  2. Collar, ID tags and microchip
  3. Food bowls, preferably metal or ceramic
  4. Litterbox and cat litter
  5. A comfortable, warm cat bed
  6. Cat carrier
  7. Scratching post
  8. Kitten-safe toys, no small pieces that your kitten can swallow
  9. Cat brush
  10. Cat toothbrush and toothpaste (get her started at a young age)

9. Watch for Early Signs of Illness

Kitten in a basket
unfortunately, unseasoned kitten be susceptible to a master of ceremonies of disease. If you notification your kitten induce no appetite, doesn ’ triiodothyronine profit weight, be vomit oregon have diarrhea, operating room be lethargic and sneeze, contact your veterinarian immediately .

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