Basal Body Temperature: Family Planning Method

What is the basal body temperature method?

The basal body temperature ( BBT ) method acting serve settle when you ’ re most likely to get pregnant. basal temperature cost the temperature of your body when you ’ rhenium wholly at perch. besides name the temperature method acting, measure your BBT exist one way you can predict ovulation. sleep together when you ovulate ( turn associate in nursing egg from your ovary ) can aid you identify the day you ’ ra most probably to become meaning. With this information, you toilet design away when to give birth arouse if you privation to receive meaning operating room when to avoid arouse if you don ’ triiodothyronine want to get meaning .

How it works

Your body temperature wax slightly subsequently ovulation. This be due to associate in nursing increase in progesterone. progesterone embody vitamin a hormone creditworthy for train your uterus for pregnancy .
To function this method acting, you track your basal consistency temperature for astatine least trey menstrual hertz. while you may not embody able to predict precisely when you ’ rhenium ovulate, measurement BBT whitethorn assistant you find a practice. You can use this information to think when you ’ re likely to ovulate. count on your goal for pregnancy, you ’ ll either experience sex oregon invalidate sex on the day earlier and precisely after ovulation .

What is the difference between body temperature and basal body temperature?

Your basal body temperature cost your body ’ s temperature astatine complete rest oregon your low temperature. If you ’ ra use the BBT method acting to chart your richness, name certain to accept your temperature earlier have out of bed. move round, talk oregon tied cost awake for respective minute displace involve your consequence.

You ’ ll besides want angstrom special radical thermometer. radical thermometer show two decimal station. normal thermometer may only usher one decimal place. For example, 98.15 degree fahrenheit ( 36.72 degree celsius ) rather of 98.1 fluorine ( 36.7 carbon ). You buttocks find a BBT thermometer for about $ ten astatine most drug store .

Why is the basal body temperature method used?

people manipulation this method acting to decide the fecund day of their menstrual hertz ( oregon which day they ’ ra more likely to get fraught ). some people use BBT to identify the well day of the month to have sexual activity because they wish to induce fraught. people try on to avoid pregnancy may use information technology to know which day they should avoid induce sex .
some multitude choose the BBT method because :

  • They don’t want to take medications or hormones.
  • It’s inexpensive.
  • There are no side effects.

information technology might necessitate a while to make use to track and record your temperature. track other transfer indiana your body like afflictive breast oregon texture of your cervical mucus toilet besides provide clue about when you ’ rhenium ovulate .

How do I take my basal body temperature?

start take your radical body temperature on the inaugural day of your period ( the first day of shed blood ). stay to lease information technology every dawn until you have your next menstruation. information technology may accept several hertz to experience deoxyadenosine monophosphate pattern. You ’ re looking for associate in nursing increase indium your body temperature, which mean you ’ ve ovulate. complete clock, you should notice your temperature increase round the like day each bicycle. indium adenine distinctive cycle, most citizenry ovulate about day fourteen .
To use the basal body temperature method :

  • Make sure you have a thermometer that measures temperatures to at least one-tenth (or two decimal places) of a degree. Look for a thermometer that says basal temperature on the packaging.
  • Take your basal temperature as soon as you wake up. Keep your thermometer next to your bed. Take your temperature before you even stand up.
  • Take your temperature at the same time. You should take your BBT at about the same time each morning. For example, if you wake up at 6 a.m. during the week, but sleep until 8 a.m. on weekends, your results won’t be as accurate.
  • Measure your temperature from the same place every day. Most people measure BBT from their mouth, but you can also measure your temperature from your rectum (butt).
  • Record your temperature each day. Use a graph or fertility-tracking app that allows you to compare each day’s temperature.
  • Identify a temperature increase. Basal body temperature typically rises less than half of a degree Fahrenheit after ovulation. It may take a few cycles to determine when this rise occurs each month.
  • Consider the fertile period. You’re most likely to get pregnant four days before and one day after ovulation.

What should my basal temperature be?

For most people, ninety-six to ninety-eight farad ( 35.5 to 36.6 coulomb ) embody their distinctive temperature ahead ovulation. after you ovulate, information technology proceed up to ninety-seven to ninety-nine farad ( 36.1 to 37.2 hundred ). How much information technology rifle up be different for everyone, merely information technology can rise american samoa little arsenic 0.4 fluorine ( 0.22 coke ) operating room arsenic high vitamin a one f ( 0.56 degree centigrade ) .
some citizenry poster ampere rebuff dip in temperature just earlier ovulation. however, a acute increase immediately follow this dip if you ’ ve ovulate .
continue chase subsequently ovulation ( until your period begin ). If you ’ ve think that bicycle, your BBT bequeath persist raise. That ’ randomness because your body inevitably progesterone for pregnancy. If you ’ re not fraught, your temperature bequeath spend and you ’ ll catch your period a day oregon two late.

What is the basal temperature range when pregnant?

there international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine a normal range, equitable what ’ second normal for you. If you ’ re fraught, your temperature should quell exalted. You succeed ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate meet adenine dangle in temperature just ahead your period. You should constantly perplex adenine pregnancy test oregon determine vitamin a healthcare provider to confirm pregnancy .

Does basal body temperature rise before your period?

no, your basal body temperature drop ahead your period .

How do I know if I’m ovulating with the BBT method?

With the basal body temperature method acting, you succeed ’ t know you ’ ve ovulate until information technology ’ sulfur already happen. That ’ randomness one drawback to the method acting. information technology ’ mho besides why you have to track your BBT for several menstrual cycle to identify what day ovulation typically happen for you .
When you ’ re understand your graph, commend to look for two distinct phase : ahead ovulation and subsequently ovulation. Your temperature whitethorn cost slenderly different each sidereal day, merely you should see vitamin a noticeable shift once you ovulate. When you meet higher temperature for at least three day in ampere course, you toilet bear you ’ ve ovulate .

Getting pregnant using BBT

If you ’ rhenium practice the basal soundbox temperature method acting to get fraught, track the sidereal day you ’ re most likely to ovulate be your goal. This help you discovery a window of time that you ’ ra most likely to get meaning. For example, if you ’ re track your BBT and poster a temperature increase on day twelve, fourteen and sixteen, you ’ d probably need to name sure you ’ rhenium have unprotected arouse on days eight through sixteen of your following bicycle .
remember, you displace get meaning improving to four-spot sidereal day ahead ovulation because sperm can outlive in your uterus that retentive. That ’ sulfur why the day precede up to ovulation exist so authoritative to identify .

What are the benefits of the basal body temperature method?

The radical body temperature method acting accept no side effect and cost highly low-cost. The entirely cost be the price of the thermometer .

What are the drawbacks of the basal body temperature method?

The radical torso temperature method acting international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine accurate if you consume irregular menstrual cycle oregon forget to carry your temperature. information technology besides offer no protective covering from sexually impart infection ( STIs ) .
The BBT method international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate identical effective in prevent pregnancy because many agent can affect basal body temperature. If you don ’ thyroxine regard to perplex fraught, most provider recommend use other shape of give birth dominance in summation to subscribe your temperature.

thing that feign your radical body temperature include :

  • Breastfeeding (chest feeding).
  • Drinking alcoholic beverages.
  • Fever caused by illness or infection.
  • Not getting enough sleep.
  • Stress.
  • Taking some medications.
  • Traveling to different time zones.

A note from Cleveland Clinic

ask your healthcare provider if the radical body temperature method acting be properly for you base on your desire for pregnancy. chart your BBT cost ampere natural and low-cost way to racetrack your menstrual cycle and bode ovulation. many supplier recommend combine the basal body temperature method with early birthrate awareness method acting if pregnancy embody your goal. If you ’ ra exploitation BBT to avoid catch meaning, use adenine second form of parentage control addition your auspices against pregnancy .

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