How to take a screenshot on LG smartphones

Screenshot on LG Screenshot on LG
Picked up a fresh LG earphone over the holidays but can ’ t visualize out how to take a screenshot with it ? Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate worry, we ’ ve got you covered. No matter which LG call you have, we ’ ll let you know how you can capture anything on your screen. There ’ south a couple ways to do it, besides, so read on to find out which room is the best to take a screenshot on LG smartphones .

Take a screenshot on LG smartphones

You might be wondering why you need to take a screenshot on your earphone at all, and that ’ s a well question. Screenshotting a visualize, for exemplar, doesn ’ t make much sense ; you can merely save the visualize directly, debar quality loss, and skip some of these extra steps, correct ? And that ’ randomness true, but sometimes the things you want to save aren ’ t pictures.

You might want to record a specific conversation that you ’ ve had with person, for exemplify, and snapping a match screenshots makes that much easier than manually backing up specific SMS messages .
You might be beta testing an application, or even precisely trying to capture an error message on one of your regular apps. Having a screenshot could help the developer get some feedback to fix the trouble, and it can make it easier to look up solutions for yourself in the interim .

Button Combo

Snapping a screenshot on most Android earphone works with a simple push button combination, and taking a screenshot on LG phones is no exception. If you just need to take a quick screenshot, this is going to be your best option .

  1. Go to the content or screen that you’re trying to capture.
  2. Press and hold Volume Down + Power for a few seconds, until you hear a camera sound.
  3. Check your screenshot saved to your device’s gallery.

Use an app

Your call is similar to a calculator. You can take a immediate screenshot of whatever ’ s on your shield, and that ’ s fine, but sometimes you want a little more control. We ’ re going to showcase Mozilla ’ s new ScreenshotGo app, which allows for a promptly screenshot shortcut a well as a shortcut in your presentment tad. The app besides allows for quick screenshot edit and category sort, which is besides pretty neat, but the basic functionality is what we ’ ra after .

  1. Install ScreenshotGo from the Play Store and set it up. This will turn on a quick floating shortcut button.
  2. Line up your content on your screen that you want to screenshot.
    1. Tap the floating screenshot button, or…
      Firefox Screenshot Firefox Screenshot

    2. Pull down your notification shade and tap the shortcut.
  3. That’ll snap your screen, and give you the option for some categorization and editing afterwards.

Where are my screenshots?

Okay, so you ’ ve snagged a couple screenshots of your home screen layout, a text message train of thought, a senior high school score in a game, or whatever else you might be thinking of. Where are those screenshots saved at now ?
normally you ’ ll be able to find screenshots good in your gallery. many newer phones even have a discriminate booklet for screenshots, which helps to keep them from cluttering up your regular photos. From here you can very easily select your screenshot, then parcel it via social media, send it as an attachment in a text message, email it to person, upload it to reddit, or whatever else you needed the screenshot for originally .

Backing up screenshots

merely because it ’ s a screenshot and not a picture taken with your regular camera doesn ’ t hateful it ’ south any less valuable. You ’ ll however want to back these photos up, whether that ’ second to a physical device somewhere else like a microSD card or to an external USB drive, or on the cloud .
Using Google Photos is probably the easiest way to keep things backed up, since it handles all of the photos on your phone, anyhow. After you create a screenshot folder fir the first time, Photos should actually ask you if you want to back up new photos that appear in that booklet. This guarantees that every new screenshot you take will be condom and sound with the respite of your pictures on Google Photos .
This will work on merely about any LG telephone, whether that ’ s a high-end LG G8 or a childlike LG K8. It should besides work on many other Android phones, besides, so if you ’ rhenium struggling to take a screenshot and you have something else, give these steps a test and see if they work .

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