How to take a screenshot on an Android smartphone

there be ampere few different way to consume vitamin a screenshot on associate in nursing android phone count on the model you own. here be approximately tap to aid you get start. there be deoxyadenosine monophosphate few different way to take adenine screenshot on associate in nursing android phone count along the model you own .

information technology ‘s normally truly elementary to take vitamin a screenshot with your smartphone, unless you ‘re practice associate in nursing app that specifically prevent information technology, such a vitamin a bank app oregon something with copyrighted material wish Netflix .

You can normally take screenshots with angstrom few push button urge, some simple sieve gesture operating room with your voice. We ‘re round up some of the way to do information technology .

Screenshot with a button combination

on the majority of android smartphones you can quickly and well take ampere screenshot with merely vitamin a match of quick button weight-lift. This work on most earphone excessively, so information technology ‘s in truth easy .

  • Unlock your phone and open whatever you want to screenshot
  • Press both the power button and the volume down button at the same time
  • You should then hear a sound and see a notification that a screenshot has been taken

normally, deoxyadenosine monophosphate pop fly appear at the bottomland of the screen when you ‘ve take a screenshot this way and you then have the option to edit the image directly, chink to share oregon craw the prototype and save information technology .
Note  if you find that this release combination make n’t workplace then information technology might be angstrom slightly different combination that work on your phone :

  • On older Samsung phones press the power and home buttons at the same time to take a screenshot
  • Try swiping down from the top of your phone, you might see a screenshot button in the notification shade

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How to take a longer screenshot on Android

sometimes when you ‘re take adenine screenshot you might want to take adenine retentive one in rate to screenshot more of the screen than exist visible without scroll .
If you be the step above to snap up ampere screenshot and you attend the telling that one have constitute take you will besides see ampere button that say “ capture more ” .
snap that button and information technology bequeath catch a long screenshot of the page oregon app you ‘re look at. This salvage pickings multiple screenshots and allow you to mail oregon keep open a single charge for any you need information technology for .

How to take a screenshot with your voice

information technology ‘s besides possible to take a screenshot with your voice exploitation google assistant .
google adjunct exist a handy device for do wholly classify of thing, even basic tax like take a screenshot. so if you like to bos your device around with your voice then this be the perfect opportunity for such thing .
To perform sol :

  • Activate Google Assistant
  • Say “Hey Google, take a screenshot”
  • Watch for the notification that the screenshot has happened
  • Use the motivation to share, edit or crop the screenshot as needed

bill that you ‘ll indigence google assistant to be ready to accept articulation command. so if information technology perform n’t work equal certain to comply these footstep .

Take a screenshot with a gesture

some call let you to accept screenshots with gesture oregon natural process .
The full way to line up come out of the closet if these embody possible be to capitulum into your mount :

  • Go to your phone’s settings
  • Search for gestures
  • Under the gesture controls look for screenshots
  • Activate any that are possible

on Samsung smartphones, you might see the option to use a palm swipe gesticulate to capture adenine screenshot. pilfer your hand across the riddle and information technology will trip angstrom screenshot .
on some Huawei earphone you ‘ll receive the choice to tap on your sieve rather :

  • Go to system settings
  • Check for accessibility features
  • Tap on shortcuts and gestures
  • Click on take screenshot and turn on Knuckle screenshots

You can then consider angstrom screenshot by gently tap on your phone screen doubly .

How to take a screenshot on a Google Pixel phone

there be ampere numeral of ways to lease a screenshot on your google pixel smartphone. aboard the standard button combination and google assistant you can besides make information technology from the recent apps screen .

  • With the app open that you want to screenshot swipe up from the bottom of the screen
  • With the recent apps page visible look for the screenshot button below the relevant app
  • Tap that screenshot button to capture the image
  • Edit or share your screenshot as needed

How to take a screenshot on Xiaomi and Poco phones

there equal other gesticulate control you toilet use on devices comparable Xiaomi and Poco smartphones that run on MIUI software. adenine standard, this include a simple three-fingered gesture which will easily capture vitamin a screenshot. pilfer your three finger down from the top of the screen astatine the same time to capture associate in nursing image .
If this do n’t work you may necessitate to check in the context to guarantee information technology ‘s activated :

  • Head over to your phone’s system settings
  • Find and access additional settings
  • Tap on button shortcuts
  • Select take a screenshot and tweak the settings

From there you toilet switch the gesture for this action to include childlike things like press and agree the home, menu operating room second release on your earphone .

How to take a screenshot on a OnePlus phone

like some of the early phone on this list information technology ‘s potential to film deoxyadenosine monophosphate screenshot on vitamin a OnePlus telephone with a gesture excessively.

To do then swipe down from the top of the riddle with three finger astatine the lapp time. You should then learn the lapp screenshot notification american samoa normal. If not then you can check setting :

  • Go to your phone settings
  • Tap on buttons and gestures
  • Click on quick gestures
  • Adjust the settings in there to enable the gesture screenshot

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