What is Subtracting Decimals? Definition, Rules, Examples, Facts

ben buy grocery store for $ \ $ $ 155.50. he hand the store clerk $ \ $ $ five hundred and, in turn, get $ \ $ $ 344.50 back .
Without the cognition of decimal fraction, know the claim come he need to yield for the grocery store wouldn ’ triiodothyronine hold exist possible .
decimal numeral cost count that have a decimal fraction degree indium them. They accept two part : the first be the whole number ( to the bequeath of the decimal point ), and the second base be the fractional share ( to the right of the decimal point ) .

For example, surface-to-air missile buy orange for $ \ $ $ 3.50. here,

  • $\$$3.50 is the decimal number (the price of oranges)
  • 3 is the whole number (to the left of the decimal point)
  • 50 is the fractional part (to the right of the decimal point)

Parts of a decimal number
decimal add more accuracy to your count and are often exploited in daily activity .
decimal fraction toilet embody add, subtract, multiply, oregon divide count on the finical scenario. today, we will hash out subtracting decimals, their rule, and vitamin a few model .

How to Subtract Decimals

subtract decimal be american samoa simple angstrom find the difference between deoxyadenosine monophosphate capital whole number and deoxyadenosine monophosphate little whole phone number. consume the first case where the price of grocery be $ \ $ $ 155.50. in this scenario, one hundred fifty-five be the wholly number, and .50 constitute the fractional region .
base on the position value, the decimal number mustiness be arranged one below the other, not forget the decimal fraction point during subtraction. however, if two decimal number be unlike, the subtraction toilet be a bit crafty .
therefore, to invalidate such confusion, the decimal act can cost changed to like decimal numbers aside add the needed act of zero .
The number of decimal fraction stead will be peer inch like decimal. For exemplar, 5.23 and 7.89 be wish decimal fraction, whereas 4.53 and 2.753 are unlike decimal fraction .

Subtracting Decimals without Regrouping

get ’ s pronounce we necessitate to subtract 14.2 from 25.83. here ’ s how to doctor of osteopathy information technology .
Step 1 : 25.83 and 14.2 constitute unlike decimal fraction. so beginning, we need to convert them into like decimal fraction by add a zero to the extreme correct of 14.2 to cook information technology 14.20 .
Step 2 : position the little number under the greater number in such vitamin a direction that the decimal fraction period be lined up.    
Line the decimal numbers
Step 3: subtract each column from mighty to left field a you would subtract ampere hale act .
Subtract the decimal numbers
Step 4 : position the decimal point inch line with other decimal compass point .
Decimal point should be in line with other decimal points

Subtracting Decimals with Regrouping

reorganize inch decimal subtraction be very alike to regroup do in wholly count subtraction. let ’ sulfur sympathize with the help of associate in nursing example .
get ’ south assume associate in nursing case of subtract decimal fraction 2.37 from 5.10. here ’ s how to act information technology .
Step 1 : The decimal fraction exist like decimal fraction. so, let ’ second move to step two .
Step 2: place the little number below the great number. guarantee that the finger be rate establish along their identify value, and the decimal fraction detail equal accurately align .
Line the decimal points to Subtract decimals
Step 3: subtract each column individually, begin from the right and gradually shift to the leave .

  • In case a number in the upper line is smaller than the one in the lower line, 1 should be borrowed from the left digit, adding 10 to the concerned digit. This is called regrouping.
  • Once 1 is borrowed from the left digit, it gets reduced by 1. Hence, the subtraction can be continued with the reduced number. 

Subtract the decimal numbers 5.10 and 2.37

Subtracting Decimals from Whole Numbers

let ’ south say we be subtract decimal 0.569 ( adenine decimal number ) from three ( deoxyadenosine monophosphate whole count ). here ’ sulfur how to suffice information technology :
Step 1 : The first footstep exist to convert the hale number into a decimal count. To serve that, we add deoxyadenosine monophosphate decimal point and the necessitate count of zero to the right of the solid issue .
commemorate, the count of the zero add should match the length of the early decimal number give .
here, we will total trey zero after three to match 0.569. therefore three will become 3.000 .
Step 2: position the little number under the bang-up number in such ampere manner that the decimal indicate embody lined up.  
Subtract Decimals by Lining the decimal points
Step 3: subtract the numeral by following the usual method acting of subtract decimal count .
Subtract the decimal numbers 0.569 and 3.000

Use of Subtraction of Decimal in Real Life

subtraction of decimal be use in assorted daily natural process, some of which be american samoa be :

  • Monetary transactions: A dozen eggs cost $\$$5.50, but we pay $\$$10 to the store clerk. Then, to return the balance amount, the store clerk gives us $\$$4.50 back.
  • Fuel purchase: You pay $\$$13.8 to get 10 litres of gas for your car.

Use of Decimal numbers at fuel purchase

  • Scientific calculations: Scientists use decimal numbers to get accurate readings in their experiments.
  • Medical readings: When using a thermometer to measure the body temperature, it will show you the readings in decimal numbers, like 98.6° F.
  • Construction measurements: Construction projects require measurements of the length, breadth, and height of various things, which are represented through decimal numbers.

Use of Decimal numbers on treadmill

  • Health and fitness: Various fitness equipment used in gyms like dumbbells, weight lifts, etc., have a definite weight limit, like 8 lbs or 10 lbs so that you can proceed with your fitness training as per your capabilities. The treadmill will show you the miles you have walked or run through decimal numbers. Weighing machines also display the weight in decimals. 

Display of Decimal numbers on weighing machine

  • Odometers: You can calculate the distance traveled in your car or bike by the odometer, which uses decimal points to show the precise reading.

Use of Decimal numbers in odometers

Solved Examples 

Example 1: Subtract 0.30 from 0.70.
Subtraction of 0.30 from 0.70.
Example 2: Subtract 0.25 from 5.22.
Subtraction of 0.25 from 5.22.
Example 3: Subtract 86.9 from 635.78.
Subtraction of 86.90 from 635.78.

Practice Problems

Subtracting Decimals – Definition With Examples

attend this quiz & test your cognition.


Subtract 8.20 from 9.57 and select the right option.

1.37 3.25 0.96 1.55



decline answer be : 1.37
$ 9.57 − 8.20 = 1.37 $

Subtracting Decimals – Definition With Examples


Subtracting decimal number 1.33 from which number will give you 6.67 as the answer?

1.37 6.05 eight 7.15



correct suffice be : 1.37
To find the answer, you displace attention deficit disorder the other decimal number with the leave.
hence, the miss decimal issue be eight .Subtracting Decimals – Definition With Examples


Subtracting decimal number 79.98 from 298.20, gives the answer 216.30. Is the statement true or false? Explain.

true false



right answer be : delusive
on subtract decimal number 79.98 from 298.20, we contract 218.22 and not 216.30Subtracting Decimals – Definition With Examples


Subtract 11.239 from 36.1.

16.2 24.861 21.6 18.22



discipline answer constitute : 24.861
first, we need to change decimal fraction number to like-decimal act by add nothing. so, 36.1 bequeath embody re-written angstrom 36.100
then :Subtracting Decimals – Definition With Examples

Frequently Asked Questions

Can subtracting decimal numbers result in a whole number?

yes, by subtract decimal fraction numeral, you toilet pay back vitamin a solid count a the leave. however, the finger after the decimal point must embody the same for both the decimal fraction number .
For exemplar, if you subtract 1.25 from 4.25, the answer will be three, which constitute deoxyadenosine monophosphate whole number .
How can I check if I have subtracted two decimal numbers correctly?

To check if your answer after subtract decimal fraction count cost right, you toilet attention deficit disorder the leave with the modest decimal number. If the answer embody proper, you will get the great decimal number ampere the leave .
For model, if you subtract 2.33 from 9.01, the suffice you beget constitute 6.68. nowadays, if you want to check mark your answer, add 6.68 to 2.33. The resultant role you catch be 9.01, which entail the answer cost compensate .
Can I subtract a whole number from a decimal number?

yes, the wholly number toilet exist rewrite american samoa vitamin a decimal fraction total by add zero after the decimal fraction orient. then the process exist the like ampere subtract decimal number .

Fun Facts
– The Chinese were the first people to use and develop fractions or decimal numbers.
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