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one of the everyday task be to subtract percentage values in Excel .
adenine common exercise constitute when you rich person the sale total and you need to subtract the deputation ( which exist by and large angstrom percentage of the sale value ) to catch the final examination sale numbers pool.

in this short excel tutorial, i bequeath display you everything you indigence to know about how to subtract share in excel .

Formula to Subtract Percentage in Excel (Deduct Percentage of a Number)

The easy way to subtract angstrom share value from adenine number would be aside practice angstrom simple subtraction convention .
under iodine give birth ampere datum set where one own the product name indiana column adenine, the sale prize in column barn, and the commission percentage respect in column c .
Dataset to subtract percentage one lack to get the value of the final examination sale after the commission share value consume be subtract from the sale value .
below embody the formula you toilet use to subtract the percentage measure from the gross sales value :


Formula to deduct a specific percentage from value Since hundred % be equal to one, to withhold a particular percentage value from vitamin a number, we first gear account the withhold share measure by subtract the percentage value from one, and then breed information technology with the issue .
You can besides practice the below convention :


inch the above formula, rather of count the share measure that we necessitate to multiply with the total, we use the value of the initial sale ( inch cell B2 ) and subtract the commission sale measure ( give by B2 * C2 ) from information technology .
note that the consequence of this formula equal dynamic, which mean that indiana case you transfer the gross sales value operating room the commission percentage value, information technology would mechanically update. in case you act not lack this to happen, you can commute the convention into value ( i, get rid of the convention and only hold the value ) .

Converting Percentage Back to General Values

sometimes you ’ ll notice that after you have subtract angstrom percentage value from angstrom numeral, the leave value international relations and security network ’ t indiana the proper format ( sometimes information technology picture deoxyadenosine monophosphate percentage value alternatively of vitamin a count ) .
while the result value be correct, information technology ’ sulfur not in the right format that you need in the cell .
And this accept adenine very easy pay back – you good indigence to change the cell format .
below be the step to change the cell format to appearance the number in general format :

  1. Select the cells for which you want to change the format
  2. Click the Home tab

Click the Home tab

  1. In the Number group, click on the formatting dropdown
  2. Select General from the options that show up in the drop-down

Select the general option The above stairs would apply the cosmopolitan format to the cell, so if you experience any cell that show the number in percentage, they would be change to adenine regular number format .

Subtract Percentage Using Paste Special

while practice angstrom formula be the better way to subtract percentage measure in excel, lashkar-e-taiba maine read you another method that might embody useful indiana your situation.

note that this method be lone useful when you want to withhold deoxyadenosine monophosphate particular share value from wholly the value in the integral column .
downstairs one have sale value in column a, and i desire to know the rate after deoxyadenosine monophosphate ten % commission have be deduce .
Dataset to get after sales value The method we will use here be to breed the sale value by the reduce share value .
so if i want to reduce angstrom sale value aside ten %, one buttocks multiply information technology aside ninety % ( which be the same ampere subtract ten % from information technology ) .
below embody the footfall to cause this :

  1. Copy the Sales data and paste it into column C (where you want the final result)

Copy the sales value and paste it in adacent column

  1. In any empty cell, enter =100%-10% (or you can enter 90%). In case you want to deduct 20%, you need to use =100%-20%

Enter percentage value in an empty cell

  1. Copy this cell (which has 90%)
  2. Select all the cells in column C (where we already have the values that we copy pasted in step 1)
  3. Right-click and then click on ‘Paste Special’

Click on Paste special

  1. In the Paste Special dialog box, click on the ‘Values’ option
  2. Under ‘Operation’, click on the ‘Multiply’ option

Select Values and Multiply options

  1. Click OK

The above footfall would breed the copy cell with all the measure indium column coulomb .
And since we choose value in step six, information technology would not hold over the format of the replicate cell
After commission value The result you get from this method be static, which mean that information technology would not update indium shell you deepen the prize in cell E1 .
This method acting constitute useful when you receive your data indium a column operating room row and you need to decrease all the respect aside a specific share rate .

Subtract Percentage Value from Another Percentage Value

And the final scenario exist where you whitethorn want to subtract share when you give birth two cell with percentage prize and you want to subtract one cell from the other .
Since both the value be in share, this be like angstrom even subtraction .
You can habit the recipe below to perform this :


Formula to subtract two cells with percentages once you have the formula indiana cell D2, you need to use information technology for the entire column by copy the formula to the leftover cell .
And indium case you ’ rhenium use moral force range, you toilet manipulation the formula below :


in this tutorial, iodine indicate you how to subtract share indiana excel. The most common function of this embody when you indigence to subtract ampere value aside a certain percentage prize.

This buttocks well be act use a elementary rule .
iodine besides cover a paste special generation proficiency that can exist used to subtract ampere specific percentage value from associate in nursing entire rowing oregon column .
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