How to Style a Bob with Bangs: 12 Ways to Freshen Up Your Look

It ’ randomness not merely big hair that ’ mho full of secrets. While the iconic combination of a british shilling with bangs may seem like a undifferentiated type of cut, that assumption couldn ’ triiodothyronine be further from the truth. A bobsled with bangs is actually a super varying spirit, specially when you ’ ra playing with half-updos, showing off your natural texture, or working to master the artwork of the flat-iron wave. It has more versatility than most expect, and at the same meter, it can be a great choice for a low-maintenance, air-dried expect. now, that ’ s what we call scope .

here, we spoke to pro hairstylists Al Campbell and Justin Toves-Vincillone to outline the multiple ways you can dash a bob-and-bangs jazz band, adenine well as precisely how to nail each look. Keep reading to get the breakdown on all 12 styles.

Meet the Expert

  • Al Campbell is a hairstylist, hair texture expert, and Mizani artist. Dubbed the king of healthy hair and extensions, Campbell is based out of the Chicago area and regularly hosts educational seminars and master classes for stylists. 
  • Justin Toves-Vincillone is a hairstylist and Authentic Beauty Concept advocate who was previously ranked in Modern Salon’s list of the top 100 stylists.

Half-Up Textured Pony

Bob with Bangs Half-Up Textured
Getty Images
With the half-up textured ponytail, you can start either by adding waves to your hair, or working with your own natural texture. “ If you ’ re using a curl baton, start the drift in the waves highly off-base so they flow with the bangs, ” Campbell says. Separate the hair ear to ear across the back to create the half-up expressive style, then position your ponytail and tie it into place. If any isolated hairs are falling out, you can fasten them with a bobby personal identification number, or equitable go with the breezy, effortless vibration and leave them out. “ Remember this look is not to be perfect—imperfections make it amaze, ” he adds.

Straight and Sleek

Bob with Bangs Straight and Sleek Christina Ricci
Getty Images
“ This style can be quite the power move and makes a pretty big statement, ” Toves-Vincillone says. “ The true lines that frame the face give ultimate ‘ might be active ’ vibraphone and can be dressed up or down. ” While a look like Christina Ricci ‘s works on every bob length and can be done on any hair texture, the pro notes that it ’ randomness particularly stunning for shorter bob. Start with clean, just-washed hair’s-breadth, blow-dry your bangs in a downward side, and after the rest of your hair is dry, give all of your strands a quick fall with a flat iron to lock in a streamlined finish.

Faux Sideburn and Ear Tuck

Bob with Bangs Faux Sideburn
Getty Images
master this manner by following the aforesaid streamlined and square method acting, but with some creative adjustments for the fake sideburn moment. Once you ’ ve created a smooth ending all round, Campbell advises taking a fine-toothed wild boar bristle brush to sweep your strands behind your ears. “ You can use a pin to keep the hair in place, but leave some fetid pieces in front of the auricle, which creates the long fake sideburn look, ” he says. “ finish by spreading and fanning the bangs out to give them a dim look. ”

natural texture

Bob with Bangs Natural Texture
Getty Images
A abruptly bobsled is one of the easiest wash-and-go hairstyles if you want to wear an air-dried complete, and Toves-Vincillone notes that a bob with bangs holds the lapp low-key everyday. “ Begin by cleansing and conditioning with a hydrating formula like the Authentic Beauty Concept Hydrate formulas ( $ 28 each ), then move right into intersection application—applying product while your hair is still wet is key, ” he says. “ Detangle and evenly circulate intersection using a brush or broad tooth comb, and once your hair is fully detangled, then either atmosphere dry or use a blowdryer with a diffuser. ”

Half-Up Bun

Bob with Bangs Half-Up Bun Charli XCX
Getty Images
The mechanics behind this style seen on Charli XCX are very exchangeable to those of the half-up ponytail, but rather of letting your strands hang loose in a shot glass, merely twist them into a topknot. Campbell advises starting by sectioning your haircloth from ear to ear across the rear to get the half-updo started, then anchoring your ponytail into place. “ Take a fine-toothed comb and backcomb at the infrastructure around the margin of the ponytail to create a initiation for the bun, ” he says. “ then, wrap the remainder of your hair around the pony, mount with bobby pins, and finish with a hairspray like the HRM Humidity Resistant Spray ( $ 20 ). ”

Beveled Ends

Bob with Bangs Beveled Ends Maya Hawke
Getty Images

A small act Amelie, a little moment Old Hollywood, a bevel in curl like Maya Hawke ‘s gives off a polish, elegant vibration. “ There ’ sulfur truly nothing more classical than a short bob with a small bevel at the ends, ” Toves-Vincillone says. While square and wavy hair textures can opt to blow out their strands with an in lock, curly and greasy hair’s-breadth types can master the look by first blow-dry and stretching their texture with a round brush. Follow with a heat protectant once your strands are wholly dry, then use a flat iron over your hair, directing your ends inward. “ Be mindful that you are using a curved, C-shape motion, creating a bevel to the ends of your haircloth, ” he adds.

Tousled body Waves

Bob with Bangs Tousled Waves Stephanie Beatriz
Getty Images
If you have a medium-to-long bob like Stephanie Beatriz ‘s, tousled waves will pair well with that extra bit of duration. “ This style is flattering on a mid-length british shilling in particular because of its trendy, cool girl vibration, ” Toves-Vincillone says. “ It takes your medium-length hair’s-breadth and adds style and edgy texture. ” He recommends styling your bangs as you normally would, brushing through any tangles, then applying a heat protectant as a thermal carapace, but besides for a short harbor. “ Take organic sections and use a one-inch curled iron to start build up in the waves, ” he says. “ Start at the rout, and lento work your way down the section, leaving the ends straightaway. ”

The Voluminous Blowout

Bob with Bangs Voluminous Blowout
Getty Images
When in doubt, a classic, tortuous runaway never fails to bring the drama—or the ex post facto dash. Toves-Vincillone recommends starting this style on newly washed hair’s-breadth, arming yourself with both a blowdryer and circle brush. “ Start by blow drying your bangs, then move on to the longer lengths of your hair, blow drying from roots to ends and being mindful to lift the sections of hair up and off of the head, ” he says. “ Once dry and legato, roll each department up with your brush and then hit with a shot of aplomb vent to set the hair fiber into place and lock in volume. ”

body Builder with Bangs

Bob with Bangs Body Movement Natalie Morales
Getty Images
Three words to describe this attend ? body and movement. volume as seen here on Natalie Morales is a great room to make any bobsled with bangs feel alert and fresh, specially if you ‘re rocking a longer attend. “ The body builder with bangs is credibly one of my favorite approaches when finishing long bob with bangs in particular, ” Campbell says. “ It gives the bobsled then much width, fullness, and drift, and since longer hair can tend to get heavy, it ’ second nice to amplify it every now and then. ” Campbell notes that you can create this look with a round brush blow-dry method, or by plainly picking up a curl wand about two inches in diameter. “ The goal is to set the big curls in with either instrument to promote bulk and body, ” he says. “ once everything is set and cool, take a wide-tooth style comb to bring the bangs forward and rake the stay of the haircloth back, botch and finishing with HRM Humidity Resistant Spray ( $ 20 ). ”

airy Blowout

Bob with Bangs Airy Blowout Taylor LaShae
Getty Images
not to be confused with the aforesaid tortuous gala, Toves-Vincillone notes that an airy gala is a balancing work between volume and texture, paired with a bouncing finish. While the mechanics of blowing out your hair with a round brush and blowdryer may be similar, he recommends topping each piece off as you work your way through with a gust of the Authentic Beauty Concept Airy Texture Spray ( $ 25 ).

scantily There Waves

Bob with Bangs Barely There Waves Betty Bachz
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Short, medium, and long bobs alike pair well with soft, tangible waves. “ Use a one-and-a-quarter to one-and-a-half edge curling iron to curl your haircloth, starting at the root and working your way down, ” says Toves-Vincillone. “ Alternate sections away from the confront and toward the confront to add organic motion, then allow each curl to cool wholly before finishing with a lightweight define product. ” A finish tint of texturizing spray or styling wax can help to amp up texture and impart a piece-y look.

Mermaid Waves

Bob with Bangs Mermaid Waves Lina Ose
Getty Images
Want to be where the people are and show the versatility of your edit ? Opt for delicate, mermaid waves, which are merely as stunning on a bob with bangs as they are on longer lengths. “ Mermaid waves are a modern way to add a fluid, defined, and trendy wave to your hair, ” says Toves-Vincillone. While any hair’s-breadth texture can work this front, the pro recommends prepping your strands by applying a heat protectant, giving them a smooth coating, then picking up your flat cast-iron. “ Take little to medium-sized sections of hair’s-breadth and use a smooth iron to mold the shape of a wave, starting at the root and work your way down using a rear and forth C-shape apparent motion, ” he says. “ For a loose wave, use an s-shape gesture, and be certain to leave the ends straight or curl them under. ” If you want to try out the look but haven ’ triiodothyronine mastered the flat iron wave even, Toves-Vincillone recommends using a flicker creature like a three-barrel curling cast-iron to impart the lapp effect.

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