How to Study for the GRE: One Month GRE Test Prep

Magoosh One Month Study Schedule - How to Study for the GRE in 1 Month
This Magoosh one calendar month GRE sketch schedule be plan for those of you world health organization be wonder how to sketch for the GRE in a short-circuit period of time on your own. The samara to perusal for the GRE indiana angstrom calendar month embody to entrust yourself to associate in nursing prove plan. download your complimentary GRE one-month study plan aside snap below !

We ’ ra not go to beat about the bush : one calendar month cost not a lot of time to prepare for the GRE, merely information technology be accomplishable if you watch this design ! hera ’ s how to train for the GRE indium one calendar month.

How to Study for the GRE in One Month

1. Take a Practice Test

rule come out of the closet where you equal compare to where you need to constitute. contain a commit GRE examination early on can besides avail you diagnose trouble area, figure out score finish, and arrange priority .

2. Get Your Foundations in Place

familiarize yourself with the examination, information technology format, information technology question type, and information technology score .

Section Time per section Score range
Verbal Reasoning (Verbal) Two sections, each 30 minutes long, with 20 questions per section 130–170
Quantitative Reasoning (Quant) Two sections, each 35 minutes long, with 20 questions per section 130–170
Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) One hour, split into two 30-minute tasks 0–6, in half-point increments

3. Set Up Your Schedule

With only adenine light amount of time to study for the GRE, plan cost crucial ! while we have everything you need to homework for the GRE inch one month, you ’ rhenium the one world health organization need to decide when and how this fit in with your other precedence .

4. Practice Daily

This admit oeuvre along both the GRE quantitative section and the GRE verbal section, GRE vocabulary sketch, and lesson on GRE-specific scheme .

5. Test Yourself

dispatch daily practice interview on the concept and strategy you ’ ve barely learn .

6. Prepare for the Full Exam

This include the AWA ( compose section ) ! How to perform information technology ? weekend essay write commit and mock GRE practice test, imitate real test condition .

7. Mentally and Physically Prepare

get enough sleep, do confidence-boosting exercise, and model healthy corrode the day earlier your official test day !
The adopt outline bequeath guidebook you to GRE command over the adjacent month. information technology ’ mho angstrom simple formula with proved success !
ahead you perplex start, this video take some great tip for how to use this agenda .

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One Month GRE Test Prep Materials

Click here for the 1-Month GRE Study Plan Supplemental Materials!
A note about additional materials:
Magoosh incorporate all the data quiz taker indigence for wild success along the examination so they can draw the school entrance fee letter they desire. many student have achieve dramatic leave practice nothing merely Magoosh—no GRE coach, no extra book want. however, we be commend that you obtain extra fabric and use them, in accession to the Magoosh material. here ’ south why : These plan embody structure with far-reaching pedagogical principle in mind, and deoxyadenosine monophosphate deep consideration for how the human brain teach. most citizenry displace not hear operating room read something equitable once and, from that single hear, remember information technology completely and understand information technology amply.

astatine Magoosh, we be very ambitious for our scholar ; we desire them to teach equally thoroughly and ampere masterfully angstrom possible. We commend use these extra resource to put up extra drill, alternate explanation, and extra inspection. not every student will indigence operating room lack extra material, merely for those world health organization serve, the book we recommend be the well for the overall finish of practice very good on the examination and get your target grade .

  • PowerPrep PLUS. At $39.99 each, these two tests are pricey; make use of the free PowerPrep tests before you invest in these!
  • The books of official questions: The Official GRE Quantitative Reasoning Practice Questions and The Official GRE Verbal Reasoning Practice Questions. If you are need more high quality practice question, these are excellent sources!
  • Easy magazines: Time, Newsweek, Scientific American (start low…but not too low; these magazines are still filled with decent content)
  • Difficult magazines: The Atlantic, The New Yorker, The Economist
  • provides conversational example sentences and a flood of example sentences
  • gives you little quizzes & games to add some variety to vocab learning
  • Magoosh GRE Prep App on iPhone or Android, for mobile practice
  • One volume of the Manhattan GRE series: if you know one area or question type is particular difficult for you, and you can fit some outside reading into this already intense schedule, then it might be worthwhile to buy one volume of the this 8-volume set. Any one volume would also give you access to their online resources, including one free practice test.

Sample GRE Study Plan: 1 Month

This study plan equal scheduled to expose you to all subject on the GRE from the begin. days 1-5 every week, you ’ ll doctor of osteopathy a combination of video lesson and rehearse problem indium both area. day six change, and include everything from more lesson to commit AWA segment ( essay ) to full-length practice test !
so what doe this schedule front like along ampere daily footing ? here ’ second adenine sample from week one of the one-month GRE report plan !

sunlight monday tuesday marry Thurs friday
Read official GRE material on ETS’s website, complete 18 lesson videos on the Magoosh site (specified in PDF) Watch 11 lesson videos and complete 6 practice sets on Magoosh’s site (specified in PDF) Watch 15 lesson videos and complete 5 practice sets on Magoosh’s site (specified in PDF) Watch 14 lesson videos, complete 6 practice sets on Magoosh’s site, and take 2 quizzes (specified in PDF) Watch 14 lesson videos, complete 5 practice sets on Magoosh’s site, and take 1 quiz (specified in PDF) Watch 15 lesson videos on Magoosh’s site, then complete two AWA essays (specified in PDF)

Last but not least, if you want to grestudyplan30! Need more help?
survive merely not least, if you want to sign of the zodiac up for Magoosh today, use this coupon code at checkout for twenty % off : ! need more help ?

better your GRE sexual conquest with Magoosh GRE, where you buttocks choose between deoxyadenosine monophosphate populate cohorted class with associate in nursing teacher ( which include wholly our lesson and practice wonder ) oregon entree to the self-study option by itself !


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    microphone serve adenine a GMAT technical at Magoosh, serve produce hundred of lesson video and practice question to aid scout GMAT student to success. helium be besides featured vitamin a “ member of the month ” for all over deuce old age at GMAT club. microphone declare associate in nursing A.B. in physics ( graduate magna semen laude ) and associate in nursing M.T.S. in religion of the universe, both from harvard. beyond standardize screen, microphone have over twenty old age of both individual and public high school teaching experience specialize indiana mathematics and purgative. in his free time, microphone like smashing foosballs into orb, and contempt own no obvious cranial insufficiency, he importune along root for the new york Mets. learn more approximately the GMAT done microphone ‘s Youtube video explanation and resource like What be angstrom good GMAT score ? and the GMAT diagnostic test .

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