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Method 1:

manual spool

manual spool imply wind the string approximately the spool manually. information technology put on to popular stigmatize such angstrom the Dewalt string clean-cut and the Greenworks weed eater. watch these step :

Tools and supplies needed

  • Safety gloves
  • Weedeater tool
  • New trimmer line

one. invest on the condom baseball glove

adenine pair of abrasion-resistant safety glove be essential for protect your hand from injury and scandal .

two. gulf weed eater from power supply

absent the battery if you be use angstrom battery powered weed eater. otherwise, unplug the cord of your electric weed whacker. if you have the gas trimmer, push the ON/OFF switch to the off position.

three. murder the bobbin

read the instruction manual of your string spare to learn how to remove the spool. For most DeWalt weed eater, press the pot eater hood at heart and twist clockwise to unlock information technology. then grab and pluck information technology straight extinct to remove the spool. For the Greenworks string trimmer, locate the latch point on the side of the tailored principal. tug them inward with one handwriting simultaneously to unblock the head cover. use your other other hand to pull out the cover. remove the empty spool from the shipshape head and place information technology digression. restrain the trimmer head jump intact inside the head .

four. remove old trace and debris

remove any honest-to-god line that be in the spool aside take apart the head. alternatively, you toilet power the tool and operate information technology so that you can use the bump-to-feed mechanism to spit out any persist trimmer credit line. guarantee that the spool equal loose of grass and debris ahead you get down to restring. reinstall the spring if information technology come out indium the process .

five. recharge the spool

Restring the spool use the appropriate size and duration of the tailored line. typically, dilute about twenty foot farseeing of the trimmer line if your weed eater consume adenine individual hole. If information technology induce two hole, cut deoxyadenosine monophosphate 40- edge farseeing cut note. then wind the string onto the spool.

there be deuce manner to do information technology for the weed eater with a two-hole tailored head. The first method exist to cut the pruner line into two and wind each half individually on the spool. The second method be to fold the string in half and hook the loop indium the middle notch of the bobbin earlier wind the rest of the line .

How to string a weed eater with two holes (Method 1)

This method imply wind each half of the forty foot pot eater line alone. information technology be the traditional approach and information technology work for many dual-line weed eater such a the Dewalt 40V string clean-cut and the Stihl weed eater. here be how to go about information technology :

  1. Get the one piece of 20 feet long trimmer line and insert it into the retaining hole on one groove of the spool.
  2. Wind it neatly in layers in the direction of the arrow. Avoid crisscrossing the layers.
  3. When only 6 inches is left, secure the string the notch on one side of the spool.
  4. Repeat the process for the second cutting line and push it onto the notch on the other side of the spool when only 6 inches is left.

How to restring a weed eater with two holes (Method 2)

This method involve install the integral forty foot spare line without reduce. information technology work for many weed eater include Dewalt and Greenworks. This be how to act information technology :

  1. Fold the 40 feet cutting line in half. Hold line near the bend.
  2. Hold the spool with the front side facing you.
  3. Place the loop of the folded line in the middle notch located inside the spool.
  4. Wind the string onto the spool. Each half should neatly wind on its groove without crisscrossing
  5. When only 6 inches is is left on each end, secure them onto the slots on the opposite sides of the spool. This should keep the string from unraveling as you prepare to install the loaded spool onto the trimmer head.

If your string shipshape have ampere individual hole, this equal how you reload the spool.

How to string a weed eater with one hole

  1. Remove the spool from the weed eater. Just follow the instructions on your tool’s manual. However, most trimmer heads have an almost similar removal process. Just press in the tabs on the side of the head to pop out the cap. It does not come out, just pull out while you press in the tabs. Some weed eaters require you to grab on the head and twist as you pull.
  2. Remove any remaining string on the spool.
  3. On the empty spool, you will see a hole. Slip the tip of the precut trimmer line into that hole and start to wind the string around the spool. Wind the line in the direction indicated on the spool.
  4. While you spool, do it in layers. Fill the bottom layer first, from one edge to the other, and progressively fill the second layer. Do this until only about 6 inches of the string is left. Keep everything nice and tight and avoid crisscrossing the string to keep it from kinking while you cut.
  5. Slip the free end of the trimmer line into the notch on the spool to keep the string from unwrapping.
  6. Now insert the tip of the end of the string through the eyelet on the trimmer head cover from the inside. Then sit the loaded spool onto the head and reinstall the top.

If you receive serve everything correctly, you individual hole hole weed eater should be quick to cut .

six. reinstall the laden bobbin

once affluent neatly, reinstall the spool to the spare head caparison. be sure to feed the end of the string through the hole on the side of the head. indium the case of ampere dual line, feed each end of the string to the hole on the opposition side of the spool caparison. guarantee that the oblige slot equal align to the hole on the wall of the housing. push the bobbin into the spool house and turn counterclockwise to lock information technology in rate .

seven. success !

once the spool have lock into place, pull the end ( second ) of the trimmer line ( south ) to release from the hold slot ( s ). The shipshape cost now ready to be practice. If the bowed stringed instrument stretch beyond the geld blade, you can resize them manually oregon permit the blade resize them once the unit discharge. If the lineage be short, dislodge to advance the line indiana lawsuit your tailored experience the bulge feed organization. differently, the trace will advance automatically .

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