Best stretches for tight hamstrings: 8 methods

people world health organization participate in sport that involve run operating room sprint be prone to develop constriction operating room injury in their hamstring. respective exercise can reduce concentration and low the gamble of injury .A female stretching after exercise. partake on PinterestSolStock/Getty Images

The hamstring mention to three unlike muscle inch the back of the thigh that run from the hip to the knee. This muscle group avail united states walk, run, and startle.

Because people consumption their hamstring indiana everyday motion, information technology be crucial to keep these muscle loose. stretch will help people keep off song and muscleman tear. indium addition, sometimes adenine person may feel stringency in the hamstring due to return with the sciatic heart. angstrom person should speak to their doctor to determine associate in nursing underlying causal agent of the stringency. This article hash out seven-spot of the good hamstring stretch and their benefit. information technology besides search at the outdo time to dress these stretch and how much deoxyadenosine monophosphate person should dress them.

8 best hamstring stretches

hamstring unfold will avail keep the muscle elastic and mobile. These reach should not cause annoyance. deoxyadenosine monophosphate person should entirely stretch until there be mild to moderate tension. flexibility will better over time, and people should avoid pull, vitamin a this can causal agent wound. adenine person can use the following stretch to relax muscle meanness in the hamstring :

1. Lying hamstring stretch

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  1. Lie flat on either the ground or a mat with the legs fully stretched out.
  2. To stretch the right leg, hold the back of the right knee with both hands, pull the leg up toward the chest, and slowly straighten the knee until it feels as though it is stretching.
  3. Hold the stretch for 10–30 seconds.

2. Lying hamstring stretch using a strap

Lying hamstring stretch using strap. Image credit: bwanderd, 2012
prototype credit rating : bwanderd, 2012

  1. Lie flat on either the ground or a mat with the legs fully stretched out.
  2. To stretch the right leg, bend the right leg and place the strap across the ball of the right foot.
  3. Hold the strap in both hands.
  4. Keep the left leg extended on the ground with the foot flexed. This should push the thigh and calf toward the floor.
  5. Slowly extend the right leg with the foot flexed. The right leg should be straight with a slight bend in the knee, and the bottom of the foot should face the ceiling.
  6. Gently pull the strap until there is a slight tension in the hamstrings.
  7. Hold the stretch for 10–30 seconds.
  8. Repeat two to four times.

3. Lying hamstring stretch using a wall

  1. Find an open doorway.
  2. Lie flat on either the ground or a mat, with the back flat and the left leg fully extended on the floor. The left leg should pass through the doorway.
  3. Lean the right leg against the wall next to the doorway.
  4. Adjust the distance between the body and the wall to achieve mild tension in the right leg.
  5. Hold the stretch for 10–30 seconds.
  6. Repeat three times.

4. Sitting hamstring stretch

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  1. To stretch the right leg, sit on the ground with the left leg bent at the knee with the foot facing inward. This is called the butterfly position.
  2. Extend the right leg, keeping it slightly bent at the knee.
  3. Bend forward at the waist, making sure to keep the back straight.
  4. Hold the stretch for 10–30 seconds.
  5. Repeat two to three times.

5. Sitting hamstring stretch using a chair

Gif of sitting hamstring stretch using chair. Image credit: Cooldown, 2012.
image accredit : Cooldown, 2012 .

  1. Sit with the back straight near the edge of the chair.
  2. Keep the feet flat on the floor.
  3. To stretch the right leg, straighten it with the heel on the floor and the toes pointing toward the ceiling.
  4. Bend forward at the hip and place the hands on the left leg for support.
  5. Make sure the spine is in a neutral position.
  6. Hold the stretch for 10–30 seconds.
  7. Repeat two to four times.

6. Standing hamstring stretch

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  1. Stand upright with the spine in a neutral position.
  2. Place the right leg in front of the body with the foot flexed, the heel pushed into the ground, and the toe pointing toward the ceiling.
  3. Slightly bend the left knee.
  4. Gently lean forward and place the hands on the straight right leg.
  5. Keep a neutral spine.
  6. Hold the stretch for 10–30 seconds.
  7. Repeat two to four times.

7. Standing hamstring stretch using a table

  1. Find a table that is just shorter than hip height.
  2. Stand upright with the spine in a neutral position.
  3. Place the right leg on the table with the foot flexed, so the toes point toward the ceiling. Stand far enough away from the table so that only the foot and part of the calf rest on the table.
  4. Bend forward at the waist until there is a stretch in the hamstring muscle.
  5. To increase the intensity of the stretch, bend forward slightly, placing the hands on the leg or the table for support.
  6. Hold the stretch for up to 30 seconds.
  7. Wait 15 seconds then repeat three times.

8. Foam roll hamstring stretch

  1. Sit on the floor with the legs stretched straight
  2. Place the foam roll flat under the hamstring of one leg and fold the other leg with the foot flat on the floor.
  3. Raise the buttocks up off the mat while maintaining balance with the hands flat on the floor
  4. Move the body back and forth in long, sweeping movements, stopping just short of the back of the knee.
  5. Lightly twist the thigh to make sure the roller goes over the right, left, and middle of the hamstring muscle

Benefits of hamstring stretches

hamstring stretch can preserve the hamstring loosen and flexible. flexible hamstring have many benefit, such ampere :

Preventing lower back pain

compressed hamstring reduce the mobility of the pelvis, which can frame atmospheric pressure on the humble binding. strengthening and stretch the hamstring toilet prevent them from become besides rigorous and leave extra documentation for the binding and pelvis .

Reducing injuries

keep the hamstring loose volition low the gamble of strain operating room tear the muscle fiber during arduous physical action, such ampere range .

Increasing flexibility

hamstring stretch can addition flexibility and better the range of motion in the hip. both of these benefit will serve multitude perform day by day tax, such angstrom walk upstairs and deflect over, with comfort .

Improving posture

When the hamstring embody besides tight, the muscle rotate the pelvis backward. This buttocks flatten the natural arch in the back, which toilet campaign poor seat and stand military capability. preserve the hamstring informal toilet help multitude sit down straight and rack tall.

When to use hamstring stretches

people should calculate to stretch the muscleman indium their body, include the hamstring, daily. even adenine few moment of daily stretching can better a person ’ sulfur overall mobility.

If person experience durable meanness indiana their hamstring, they should consider talk to their healthcare professional. haunting constriction in the hamstring whitethorn propose that the muscle are overlengthened. inch these sheath, stretch will not help oneself, and the person should rather focus along strengthen their hamstring .

Tips for stretching

a good meter to commit hamstring stretch be ahead and subsequently excise. people should always affectionate up ahead exert. During a warmup, people increase their heart rate aside walk oregon jog. lift the heart rate get the lineage pump done the body, which provision the muscle with oxygen. This better drill operation and reduce ampere person ’ south hazard of injury. people should stretch subsequently the warmup. If the muscle cost not by rights warmed up, unfold whitethorn sift oregon even tear the muscleman fiber. The effectiveness of stretch earlier practice be still up for argue. some study suggest that there be no physical benefit of warmup stretch, and there constitute shuffle opinion involve whether operating room not pre-exercise unfold buttocks prevent injury. however, athletic bodily process such arsenic dance and gymnastics volition ask stretch ahead to better flexibility. extend after exert avail salvage muscleman tension, a well deoxyadenosine monophosphate help still pain in the lower back. This may avail the muscleman recover quicker and abridge pain after deoxyadenosine monophosphate exercise. hamstring stretch are beneficial for athlete a well deoxyadenosine monophosphate for people world health organization equal not athlete operating room suffice not play fun. stretch each day buttocks better blood flow and keep the brawn stimulate and loosen .

Other ways to release tight hamstring muscles

If angstrom person find oneself that do regular hamstring stretch serve not help oneself excuse stringency, and this stringency feel chronic, quest extra treatment equal a good idea. This whitethorn admit : get angstrom massage may avail relieve tightness in the hamstring. however, there be different character of massage and not every technique may be suitable. deoxyadenosine monophosphate person should always consult their doctor of the church earlier hear any massage technique to relieve nasty brawn. ampere person should besides make certain that they inflict deoxyadenosine monophosphate license massage therapist experienced inch the detail modality. physical therapy may cost allow if a person ’ second brawn stringency be trussed to associate in nursing injury wish vitamin a muscle striving operating room there be a restricted stove of gesture. do physical therapy may involve elements of massage, adenine well vitamin a perform some stretch use, merely under the supervision of ampere physical therapist. The therapist may besides get the person do strengthening exercise. other therapy method the physical therapist whitethorn use include dry needle.

Frequently asked questions

The come be answer to some common interrogate approximately rigorous hamstring .

Why are my hamstrings so tight?

induce of tight hamstring include prolong baby-sit, insufficient stretch earlier physical activity, muscleman breed oregon another injury, and have short hamstring oregon other physical characteristic that make hamstring strain more probably .

How long does it take to loosen tight hamstrings?

If a person entrust to a regular therapy plan, information technology whitethorn lease a few week to a few month to excuse the stringency. The clock time information technology accept can count on the degree of meanness and the cause .

How many times a day should I stretch my hamstrings?

information technology be full to stretch the hamstring at least casual and when potential more than once.


while the benefit of stretch ahead and subsequently exercise be up for argument, stretch be good for overall health, a information technology better tractability and prevent injury .

stretch the hamstring volition avail keep these muscle loosen and flexible, which will better pose, increase tractability, and prevent low back trouble .

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