7 Essential Hip Flexor Stretches

The hip flexors are a group of muscles that help you move your lower body. You have hip flexors on either slope of your consistency. They include the rectus femur, iliacus, psoas, iliocapsularis, and sartorius muscles, which allow you to bend at the hips, lift your knees, and swivel your hips from side to side .
Hip flexor muscle stretches may be helpful to people who experience close hips. Whether you have a sedentary or active life style, the hips can feel tight ascribable to prolong sitting or exercise. Tight hip flexors can cause lower back stringency, neck and back severity, and pain in your glutes .
Opening up and relaxing the muscles in the hips and upper berth thighs help encourage proper drift and use of this area, preventing injury. Try the ones below to see if they bring relief .

Benefits of Stretching

While the research is not absolved on whether or not stretching can help prevent injuries that does n’t mean it is not important. There are batch of early benefits to stretching and flexibility train .
For case, stretching systematically can improve your joint range of motion and flexibility. It besides impacts your coordination and proportion, which will help keep you mobile and less prone to injury from falls, specially as you get older. Stretching can tied improve your model and can minimize discomfort .
Stretching can even improve your circulation. Getting the rake flowing to your muscles helps your torso get rid of waste in the muscleman weave and can help shorten your recovery fourth dimension if you ‘ve had any muscleman injuries.

Stretching safely

While many people are mindful of the need to stretch to relieve constriction or if your muscles or hip flexors are sore from sitting, it is a footfall that is often skipped. To improve your flexibility, scope of movement, and even get the most out of your workouts—especially one that heavily involves the lower soundbox and requires ample flexibility—always remember to stretch the hip flexors and relate muscleman groups .
In fact, the American College of Sports Medicine recommends stretching 2 to 3 times per week.

gradually, work your way up to casual stretch, to avoid injury and get your torso used to the newly bowel movement. typically, you should hold each reach for 15 to 30 seconds and repeat it 2 to 4 times .
Keep in mind, that you should not do these hip flexor muscle stretches if they cause you any trouble or if you have injuries. Seek the care of a forcible therapist or another healthcare professional if you are in annoyance or if these stretches do not ease discomfort .

7 Hip Flexor Stretches

  • Standing lunge stretch
  • Keeling hip flexor stretch
  • Seated butterfly stretch
  • Basic bridge
  • Lying hip flexor stretch
  • Reclined hip stretch
  • Low lunge twist stretch
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