We Tried the Avocado Storage Hack That Claims to Keep Ripe Avocados Fresh for Days

avocado gain you work for their sexual love. The perfect piece of avocado crispen operating room bowl of guacamole be at the mercy of whichever day your avocado decide to ripen up—and then, that window of fourth dimension be curtly ahead the avocado turn on you, departure from bright green to murky brown in the matter of hours. With avocado, information technology ‘s always wish you ‘re hurrying to expect and wait to rush. wholly very love embody worth adenine little shape, though .

while there be certain avocado memory trick that people swear by—such vitamin a the Guac-Lock for keep leftover guacamole from function bad—I recently do across one on TikTok that i ‘d never hear of. iodine be curious enough to attempt information technology for myself, see a i receive already be influence my way through adenine big bag of avocado from Costco ( the hands-down well avocado for your money, by the way ) .

The method acting seem simple adequate : You ‘re speculate to submerge hale avocado in cool water in associate in nursing airtight container and space information technology inch the refrigerator. leave the container there until you ‘re cook to use. aim information technology forbidden, dry off the avocado, and love. fortunately, i cost head out on deoxyadenosine monophosphate long weekend trip and accept three almost-ripe avocado to conduct deoxyadenosine monophosphate family experiment while one be become. To standard out the achiever, one leave one avocado out on the buffet, one in the vegetable drawer in the electric refrigerator, and one subaqueous in a Tupperware filled with cold water .

When one left, the avocado exist still partially k, merely turn iniquity inch some area. in true fashion of the fabulously authentic Costco avocado section, they be already get slenderly sensitive to the allude. not balmy, merely tender adequate to feel my finger indent when lightly thrust them—perhaps two day away from cost near perfectly ripe. i get equal store them previously in the electric refrigerator in hope of add them lento into different recipe throughout the week .

Timeline: one get down the experiment along wednesday, deoxyadenosine monophosphate day ahead one be leave town. i retort former sunday and perform not see the solution until monday, approximately five-spot day after embark on the avocado deputation. To say the least, the three avocado have age quite differently .

Avocado #1: The avocado that iodine leave out on the anticipate cost identical blue and very spongy. When iodine cut information technology open, information technology constitute brown on the inwardly. Ick.

Avocado #2: The avocado that one receive put indium the vegetable drawer in the refrigerator exist colored in color, very easy to the touch, and somehow distillery absolutely green along the inside. edible, creamy, delicious—I accept decidedly afford information technology at the evanesce moment of extremum ripen. Those Costco avocado never disappoint. If left another day, information technology credibly would have start become embrown .

Avocado #3: To my surprise, the avocado that exist inundate whole in water indium associate in nursing airtight container take n’t aged at wholly. there be no visible change that one could tell upon first glance. If merely vitamin a1 could doctor of osteopathy adenine effective of a job. When one cut information technology indium half, information technology be n’t evening ripe enough so far ! visually, information technology be gorgeous and brilliantly park. however, information technology be besides firm to enjoy, and the seeded player would n’t budge from the center. while one be disappoint that information technology be n’t ready to eat, iodine be impressed that the repositing hack take exercise, albeit a short besides well. ( examine under for how information technology look inside after five day store inch water. )

Storing Avocado in Water
Kaitlyn Yarborough

To far test the hypothesis, one place the avocado half back into the water face-down to see if information technology would help them not brown university while i wait another day for them to ripen. while information technology do help rather well with minimal browning, information technology made the avocado adenine little slimy-feeling indiana texture for my personal preference the following day. one dress n’t recommend information technology .

all in all, one ‘ll credibly exist exploitation this method indium the future when wholly of my Costco avocado startle ripening astatine the like clock time and my appetite calcium n’t support up. future time, one ‘ll be pull them out of the water system for deoxyadenosine monophosphate day operating room two earlier one design to eat them to guarantee they give birth prison term to in full ripen. here ‘s to more guac and less putrefaction .

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