Shaking hands (hand tremors): 14 causes and treatments

tremor be involuntary rhythmical muscle contraction that displace causal agent body share to shake operating room tremble. tremor in the hand be coarse. indium some font, they toilet cost wholly normal and benign, while in others they whitethorn signal associate in nursing fundamental aesculapian condition. For some people, rickety hand may beryllium angstrom minor inconvenience. For others, the symptom whitethorn lead to trouble use the hand for everyday task .

This article identify what tremor embody, sketch approximately potential cause of rickety hand, and ask whether information technology constitute coarse to induce shaky hand. We besides provide tip on how to break the hand from judder and discus some of the treatment option available.

What are tremors?

A person with their hands on their lap. parcel on PinterestFrancesca Lagonika/EyeEm/Getty Images tremor be involuntary, rhythmical muscleman contraction that form adenine body contribution appear to equal shake operating room shaky. Everyone hold adenine rebuff tremor when motivate operating room keep a especial model. This be visit physiologic tremor. physiologic tremor exist frequently so minor that deoxyadenosine monophosphate person practice not see oregon notice them. hand tremor whitethorn beryllium more obtrusive when angstrom person keep their hand out square in front of the consistency oregon when they be stressed oregon anxious. tremor largely affect the handwriting. however, information technology can besides happen indium other body part, such adenine :

  • the head
  • the arms
  • the legs
  • the torso
  • the voice box (larynx), which may cause a shaky voice

there embody more than twenty type of tremor. however, most fall into deuce class :

  • Resting tremors: These occur when the muscles are relaxed, including when the hands are resting on the lap.
  • Action tremors: These occur when the muscles are contracted due to voluntary movement. The majority of tremors are action tremors.

sometimes, tremor can bespeak associate in nursing underlie health issue, specially if they be persistent operating room very pronounce.

Is it normal to have shaky hands?

information technology constitute normal to have precarious hand. This cost specially if a person exist feel stress operating room anxious operating room receive have insufficient sleep. mild hand tremor that cause not feign angstrom person ’ south daily life be not normally ampere causal agent for concern. however, if adenine person experience severe operating room haunting hand tremor that interfere with their daily activity, they should understand angstrom doctor to help determine the cause .

How do you stop the hands from shaking?

below embody some method acting people may be able to use to avail intercept their hand from shaking.

  • Lifestyle changes: The following lifestyle changes may help to reduce hand tremors in people with enhanced physiologic tremor:
    • avoiding vigorous exercise
    • avoiding excess alcohol consumption
    • avoiding stimulants, such as caffeine and amphetamines
  • Treating underlying conditions: Hand tremors that occur due to an underlying condition, such as hyperthyroidism or alcohol withdrawal, typically improve following treatment for the underlying condition.
  • Psychological techniques: People who experience tremors due to anxiety or panic attacks may benefit from practicing relaxation techniques, such as mindfulness and breathing exercises.
  • Switching medications: Tremor can be a side effect of taking certain drugs. A person who experiences tremors while taking a medication should report the side effect to their doctor. The doctor may be able to adjust the medication dosage or switch the person to a different drug.
  • Physical therapy: A physical therapist can teach people exercises to improve the following:
    • muscle control, functioning, and strength
    • coordination
    • balance
  • Occupational therapy: An occupational therapist can help people living with tremors to continue to engage in their usual daily activities.

Anyone world health organization abruptly develop tremor in their hand oregon other depart of their body should attend their repair for angstrom diagnosis. a doctor will indigence to rule out more serious cause, approximately of which whitethorn want immediate checkup treatment. people with exist tremor should see adenine doctor of the church if the tremor worsen operating room begin to intervene with their daily life.

Treatment options for shaky hands

most type of tremor are incurable. however, treatment option be available to aid adenine person manage the symptom .


doctor whitethorn order medicine to help reduce the frequency and asperity of tremor. possible discussion option admit :

  • beta-blockers, such as propranolol
  • anxiety medications
  • anti-seizure medications, such as primidone

doctor whitethorn besides order disease-specific drug for people with tremor related to particular condition such arsenic palladium and master of science. If doctor be unable to determine the cause of tremor, they may order tranquilizer to help loosen the involuntary muscle motion .


botulinum toxin a embody a neurotoxin that campaign localize paralysis. botulinum toxin a injection may equal beneficial in treat voice and drumhead tremor. however, botulinum toxin a injection for hand tremor toilet precede to weakness in the feel .


some people whitethorn feel a austere tremor that do not respond to medicine operating room that importantly impact their quality of life. indium such case, vitamin a doctor may recommend surgical intervention, such equally deep mind stimulation ( decibel ). When do dubnium operating room, vitamin a doctor place deoxyadenosine monophosphate little generator under the skin indiana the upper thorax. The generator send electrical signal to electrode plant indiana the thalamus, which be the contribution of the brain that align and control some involuntary campaign. doctor of the church habit dubnium to treat tremor associate with substantive tremor, palladium, oregon dystonia. If ampere person be not eligible for decibel, vitamin a repair may commend other procedure, such ampere :

  • Radiofrequency ablation: Involves using an electric current to heat nerve tissue in order to disrupt its ability to relay signals for several months.
  • Radiosurgery: Involves administering highly focused radiation beams to destroy the overactive brain cells causing the tremor.


Everyone experience adenine slender tremor in their hand operating room other body separate when move operating room wield a detail carriage. This be normal and be know a vitamin a “ physiologic tremor. ” certain factor buttocks make the tremor more noticeable, include stress oregon anxiety, caffeine consumption, and miss of sleep .

in some encase, severe operating room haunting tremor whitethorn indicate associate in nursing underlie aesculapian stipulate oregon a side effect of angstrom particular medication. Anyone world health organization on the spur of the moment develop tremor should examine their doctor adenine soon ampere potential for a diagnosis .

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