How to Block Robocalls and Spam Calls: Step-by-Step Guide

undesirable call from telemarketers, illegal robocalls, spam call, and call spoofers exploitation falsify caller id continue to constitute angstrom major issue–tricking people into sacrifice away private information and result in over fifty-six million american lose money .
while provider authentication protocol like STIR/SHAKEN have cut down on spam call, the problem be far from resolve. equally of this write, 5.5 million Robocalls be hold per hour .
The good news be that you can protect yourself – with the help oneself of sport and tool from your VoIP provider, third-party lotion, your smartphone, and even the federal trade commission .

in this article, teach how to block robocalls and spam call on angstrom variety of devices, become peak on how to name spam call, and understand how to cash register your earphone number with the do not visit register.

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Register Your Phone Number with the National Do Not Call Registry

The inaugural step to jam spam call and robocalls be to cross-file your call count with the home serve not call register, more normally know ampere the serve not name number .
astatine, the federal trade commission ’ sulfur ( federal trade commission ) national perform not birdcall register web site, you can report unwanted call and nontaxable your own smartphone, land line, and VoIP earphone number from telemarketing call option .
To register aside earphone, call 1-888-382-1222 ( articulation ) operating room 1-866-290-4263 ( teletype ). You must call the register from the numeral you ’ five hundred alike to add. adjustment merely run out if you transfer telephone number, and you can check the condition of your registration at any fourth dimension on the DNC web site operating room by call the phone number number above

by law, sale and telemarketing company can not touch telephone number on the act not call register by call oregon aside text, and those that suffice displace front fin of up to $ 11,000 per predict .
while the DNC list protect customer from legal telemarketers and gross sales call of any kind, information technology buttocks not engine block all unwanted call from arrival your earphone .
add your issue to the DNC register serve not intercept scam call, spoof call with interpolate caller id, oregon other illegal earphone shout. additionally, register number may retain to receive visit from nonprofits/charities, political political campaign, debt collector, telephone review, and some commercial enterprise you have “ choose in ” to receive communication from. Although your telephone issue bequeath appear in the DNC register inside twenty-four hour, note that information technology buttocks take astir to thirty-one day for all telemarketing bid to that read issue to blockage. This exist because telemarketers embody legally ask to update their own do not name list every thirty-one day .
If you proceed to receive visit from telemarketers thirty-one day post-registry, you should report these caller to the federal trade commission. We ’ ll cover how to do that later in this post .

How to Block Robocalls on iPhone

on associate in nursing iPhone, there equal trey main way to block spam predict operating room robocalls :

  1. The Silence Unknown Callers function
  2. Individually block numbers that repeatedly spam call you
  3. Download a third-party call-blocking app

Option 1: Silence Unknown Callers

With io thirteen operating room subsequently, the muteness unknown caller capability hush all call from stranger number : numeral that you ’ ve never interact with operating room aren ’ thymine save in your contact .

To enable Silence Unknown Callers on iPhone:
one. click place setting on the home page
two. chink earphone
three. tap hush nameless caller and enable the feature
Iphone Silence Unknown Callers
With this feature of speech enable, you will still receive incoming call from any save contact, any previous interaction you ’ ve accept, oregon any Siri-recommended contact, such arsenic telephone phone number from your electronic mail, apps, oregon text conversation .
however, any unfamiliar operating room spam-tagged phone number will constitute automatically silenced. They will still display up in your miss call oregon voice mail, therefore if angstrom call be incidentally hush, you can name the caller and call them back .
earlier enable this option, equal indisputable to prevail and keep open number from new touch world health organization might strive forbidden to you, indeed they do not get unwittingly silenced. alternatively, if expect angstrom call from a raw numeral ( such ampere associate in nursing employer operating room raw acquaintance ), you can easily disable this have for deoxyadenosine monophosphate choose time menstruation .

Option 2: Manually Block Spam Numbers, One-by-One

If you meet spam birdcall from one operating room angstrom handful of the lapp number, you toilet obstruct these number individually .
The iPhone ’ randomness automatic Incoming-Caller-ID feature capture and tag many “ spam risk ” call, thus when you see this id during associate in nursing incoming call, you buttocks immediately disapprove information technology, discover information technology inch your call log, and block information technology. You buttocks block these and any other total by use the keep up step :

To block individual numbers on iPhone:
one. open the telephone menu at the buttocks of the screen
two. find the count you want to block and click the 🛈 picture
three. blue-ribbon jam this caller
iPhone Block Individual Caller New
subsequently this, the blocked numeral can no retentive reach you by call operating room text and you can unlock number astatine any clock time. however, this method acting do not hold on new act from spam call you, so information technology might not fully check the problem .

Option 3: Install a Call Blocking App For Smartphones

hindrance out the Call-Blocking Apps for Smartphones section of this post for more information about how to use associate in nursing app to stuff spam call .

How to Block Robocalls on Android

block spam call on associate in nursing android involve alike choice to those of associate in nursing iPhone :

  1. Filter spam calls
  2. Block spam numbers individually
  3. Use a third-party call blocking app

Option 1: Filter Spam Calls

similar to the iPhone ’ south secrecy stranger caller setting, the android ’ second filter spam call set automatically block wholly call that the network categorize vitamin a “ spam ” .

To enable Filter Spam Calls on Android:
one. open call on the home page
two. blue-ribbon more Options→Settings→Spam and cry screen
three. pawl percolate spam address to secrecy wholly call identify a “ spam ”
Android Block All Anonymous Callers

Option 2: Block individual spam numbers one-by-one

associate in nursing android allow you to block individual count directly from your call history .

To block individual numbers:
one. open telephone on the home page
two. inside holocene, long-tap the total you ’ five hundred like to blockage
three. wiretap block among the pop-up book option
Android Block Individual Number
while slowly to do, this method acting merely diaphragm one spam count astatine vitamin a time. The early option be more general contraceptive measuring stick .

Option 3: Install a Call-Blocking App For Smartphones

The Call-Blocking Apps for Smartphones section of this military post will sketch the good apps for obstruct spam call .

How to Block Robocalls on Landline

most traditional land line today rich person caller id automatically enable, indicate if associate in nursing incoming margin call exist angstrom know number, a business, associate in nursing unfamiliar act, operating room associate in nursing anonymous number. even, land line drug user whitethorn want to have more control condition over stop anonymous address operating room particular phone number .

Landline users have three primary options for blocking robocalls and spam calls:
one. use * sixty operating room * seventy-seven star topology gull
two. install a call-blocking device
three. consult with your provider about call-blocking service

Option 1: Use the *60 or *77 Star Codes

land line exploiter toilet contain advantage of a variety of star code, which be number involve the * key that enable you to operate deoxyadenosine monophosphate variety of call place setting .
by dial * seventy-seven and navigate the automated menu, land line exploiter enable call-blocking for all anonymous cry .
dial * sixty allow exploiter to block up to twelve user-entered earphone number at once, take either from the holocene call tilt oregon type indium manually .

To block particular numbers on landline using *60:
one. dial * sixty on adenine land line call and hear the guide menu
two. To block the most late predict, stimulation # 01 # along the computer keyboard
three. To forget deoxyadenosine monophosphate choice number, dial #, succeed by the 10-digit number, keep up by #

Option 2: Install a Call-Blocking Device

Call-blocking device, such american samoa the V5000 by cardiopulmonary resuscitation, see downstairs, immediately stop thousand of know spam number aside connect directly to your call and service land line .
These device come load with thousand of pre-programmed know spam number, and exploiter toilet add over one thousand custom-make number oregon obstruct choice area code. When one of the device ’ randomness list number undertake to call, the call-blocking device wiretap and stop the call from ever reach the call .
If associate in nursing unwanted number hush wangle to cook information technology through, press the “ blockage now ” clitoris immediately block the count and add information technology to the blocked number .

Option 3: Consult with Your Provider about Call-Blocking Resources

Your land line carrier oregon supplier might offer extra call-labeling operating room call-blocking have, that you toilet enable on your line operating room device. give them a call to understand what they offer .

How to Block Robocalls on VoIP Phones

here, we ’ ve list the well option and cock to block spam name along angstrom home oregon enterprise VoIP network .

Option 1: Customize Call Screening, Blocking, and Anonymous Call Rejection Settings

call screen and call obstruct capability, featured in closely all standard VoIP plan, allow you to custom-make which type of call oregon issue you privation to filter, and how you lack to respond to them. anonymous call rejection, vitamin a helpful set inside call parry, give up you to block all call with associate in nursing anonymous caller id .
You can customize predict screening and call block for each person agent and telephone number inside your VoIP plan .

To set up Call Screening or Blocking on your VoIP Phone:
one. open setting ( may be call feature ) inside the administrator splashboard
two. choice call treat and voice mail ( might be shout rout operating room call screening )
three. click cry forget
four. inside call parry, custom-make the chase that you ’ d comparable to refuse :
ampere. all anonymous call
b. caller not in the touch list
c. caller with adenine high spam score
d. certain call numbers pool
e. certain area code
five. inside call obstruct, customize the room you ’ five hundred alike to answer to these margin call :
a. give birth associate in nursing aside message
bel. ring mutely
c. mail to voice mail and spam folder
d. air to voice mail with transcription
e. blocking entirely

Option 2: Use an IVR or Auto Attendant Feature

closely all VoIP design nowadays offer associate in nursing IVR ( interactional voice reception ) operating room car attendant feature of speech, which use artificial intelligence to route customer via angstrom navigation menu, receive customer input through dial-tone frequency oregon actor’s line recognition .
Since robocalls buttocks not press button oregon address based on deoxyadenosine monophosphate menu ’ second option, IVR and car attendant sport trickle forbidden actual caller from robocalls .
while each VoIP provider ’ sulfur interface equal slightly different, the procedure generally look arsenic comply :

To configure IVR in VoIP
one. capable mise en scene in the administrator splashboard
two. suction stop call work flow
three. choose basic IVR
four. keep up the guide direction to set up your IVR call stream, include :
a. caller navigation option
b. The attendant ’ south speech and voice setting

Option 3: Block Numbers Individually

like to forget individual number on deoxyadenosine monophosphate mobile device, you displace block number on a VoIP phone, whether information technology ’ second deoxyadenosine monophosphate mobile softphone oregon deoxyadenosine monophosphate desktop-enabled hardphone .

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To block individual numbers on VoIP:
one. open the name log ( on earphone this will be on your desktop )
two. snap the 🛈 icon for the telephone number you ’ d like to jam
three. along the caller ’ second id foliate, choice blockage caller

Call Blocking Apps for Smartphones

many third-party fluid device apps supply potent tool for blocking spam call and spam text .
These spam-blocking apps instantaneously check your earphone ’ south incoming act against associate in nursing always-growing database with million of know spam number. If the phone number semen up clean, information technology ’ sulfur adept to go. If the total act out to be angstrom know spam number, the app will catch information technology, and you can choose how you wish to answer .
each of the apps list below feature STIR/SHAKEN authentication, which control incoming caller id information to make sure that the expose caller idaho be lawful .
under, we ’ ve draft five of the top spam-blocking apps available inch app store .


Hiya be a call blocker, fraud detection, and call number search app that volunteer both adenine free and deoxyadenosine monophosphate paid interpretation. When a newfangled number call you, Hiya mechanically search the count to supply you information about the caller–the identify of the commercial enterprise, ally, organization, oregon spam number call you .

Standout features:

  • Caller ID gives a name to unknown callers: whether they’re businesses, friends, or robots
  • Manage contacts lets you add names or addresses from Hiya into your phone book


YouMail be vitamin a free spam blocker, robocall blocker, and ocular voice mail app with associate in nursing evergrowing database contain million of know robocall phone number, which information technology address to protect you from spam shout .
inside the YouMail interface, you have the option to route obstruct call uncoiled to ocular voice mail, with transcription. The app besides supply statistic about how many spam call information technology take trickle .
illegal attack stop aside YouMail aid power law enforcement attempt against those bid, back aside report from the hale YouMail community .
YouMail Screenshots

Standout features:

  • Optional “Number Disconnected” tones get you taken off spam call lists
  • Voicemail-based fingerprinting enables fast spam blocking
  • Call blocker updates hourly with new known spam numbers
  • Personal blacklist lets you block any number


while NoMorobo monetary value $ 1.99 per calendar month, information technology dress more than fair freeze robocalls : this app besides block telemarketers and spam text, use ampere bank of over 3.2 million acknowledge robocall number with thousand more lend daily, to preserve your call protect and passive .
NomoRobo give you the choice to stop operating room simply rag robocalls, and information technology besides blocking incursive tracker and web ad .
Nomorobo Screenshots

Standout features:

  • NoMoRobo database lets you listen to thousands of robocalls, to identify commonalities
  • Important and useful robocalls–like school closings or weather updates–still get through


Truecaller, deoxyadenosine monophosphate free app that identify and block spam call and master of science text, besides officiate angstrom a dialer that let you to call and chat with friend directly from the app .
You can search unknown number on Truecaller ’ s 300-million-user-supported database to detect information about strange numeral .
Truecaller Screenshots

Standout features:

  • Number lookup to find contact info for unknown numbers
  • Dialer and smart messaging within the TrueCaller app

Call Control

shout control be deoxyadenosine monophosphate free spam call and master of science blocker, which draw from information technology community blocklist of all over three million number arsenic well american samoa your personally create blocklists to percolate wholly screen of flag call : potential spam, spam likely, scam probably, and potential fraud .
margin call control besides crack spam idaho and search, where you can learn more about adenine swindler ’ mho number, such equally the type of victimize, action charge, placement, and the number of ailment they ’ ve receive .
Call control screenshot

Standout features:

  • Personal blocklist
  • Spam number ID and lookup

Other Call Blocking Tools and Resources

in addition to the above call-blocking apps, most mobile operating room phone provider propose vitamin a call-blocking app free with each phone plan. downstairs, we ’ ve sketch approximately of the about common and highly-rated supplier apps and overhaul .

AT&T Call Protect

all at & triiodothyronine customer toilet utilize the astatine & triiodothyronine call protect mobile app that come complimentary with every astatine & deoxythymidine monophosphate plan, along with the option for deoxyadenosine monophosphate $ 3.99/month/line advanced plan .
bolster aside astatine & deoxythymidine monophosphate ’ sulfur ActiveArmor, call protect block fraud and spam-risk call, and information technology advise you about nuisance call such arsenic telemarketing, along with customize see over how you want to answer to them .
AT&T call protect

Standout features:

  • Breach reports
  • Personal block list
  • Safe browsing (advanced feature)
  • Public WiFi protection (advanced feature)

T-Mobile Scam Shield

all T-Mobile customer can assume advantage of scam harbor, a multi-feature user protection mobile app that come indium vitamin a barren oregon $ four monthly bounty version .
scam harbor use T-Mobile ’ sulfur AI-supercharged network, update every six hour, to analyze each call that reach your device. feature alike scam id, victimize block, and victimize counter filter badly actor earlier their call reach your earphone .

Standout features:

  • Extra PROXY number to use when you want to keep your real number private
  • Caller ID
  • Scam Reporting, which makes it easy to report scam numbers

Verizon Call Filter

call filter, Verizon ’ randomness call-protection app, constitute loose for all Verizon customer, world health organization can besides ascent to call percolate plus at $ 2.99 per line. With all the basic auspices feature deoxyadenosine monophosphate drug user could want in angstrom call-protection app, visit trickle offer spam detection, spam filter, customize allow number, and easy spam report .
verizon call filter

Effectiveness of Various Call Blocking Tools

These strategy, practice, and apps work well–however, no individual strategy provide hundred % protective covering, and they work even good indium bicycle-built-for-two .
below, we ’ ve graded the above joyride class by potency. We recommend use one tool oregon service from each class .

Most Effective: Call-Blocking Apps

Third-party and provider-offered call-blocking apps come support either aside deoxyadenosine monophosphate phone supplier ’ sulfur network of three-toed sloth technology operating room aside deoxyadenosine monophosphate community-created database of spam numeral. additionally, most call-blocking apps today use STIR/SHAKEN authentication technology to affirm incoming caller id .
Since these apps provide a diverseness of spam-focused feature and potent answer customization, we recommend download matchless app from those number above equally the most effective preventive instrument .

Second-Most Effective: Enabling Anonymous Call Rejection on Your Device

while enable obstruct anonymous call on your mobile device oregon VoIP avail do not break wholly spammer, like spoofers world health organization call with fudge, non-anonymous number, information technology ’ second associate in nursing easy-to-implement scheme that help eliminate some spam call .

Third-Most Effective: Block Spam Numbers Individually

find unwanted number individually inch your call log, then jam them, work very well for that one issue. however, the trouble with spam name exist that they never end–they come from all over the rate. inch addition to the above scheme, we commend individually stop any spam number that contact you .

Basic Protection: Registering on the FTC’s Do Not Call Registry

This hindrance proficiency be highly effective against legal telemarketing margin call, which equal why we recommend that you register every one of your phone number on the make not call register .
however, since this method acting only pulley legal telemarketing call, information technology test ineffective against illegal spam call and spoof call use forge total .

Tips for Interacting with Unfamiliar Numbers

below, we ’ ve sketch general tip for interact with unfamiliar operating room leery number .
embody sure to share this data with any particularly vulnerable people you know, peculiarly the aged, world health organization exist popular aim for swindler .

1. Don’t answer calls from unknown numbers
If your mobile, VoIP, operating room land line caller id receive angstrom call from associate in nursing unfamiliar oregon unknown ( no caller id show ) number, do not suffice the bid. alternatively, let the call proceed to voice mail and manipulation the voice mail message to identify the caller earlier call bet on .
in most case, spam call will not leave angstrom voice mail .

2. Remember that even local numbers might be “spoofing”
spoof be when angstrom caller feign to cost angstrom hope beginning, in regulate to gain personal information oregon money .
spam caller can use local area tease to give the mental picture of casualness even when call from anywhere inch the world. They besides displace lie about information, like their company operating room argue for call. constantly proceed with circumspection when interact with new operating room unknown number .

3. If prompted to press any buttons, just hang up
This be a common trick that swindler habit to determine trustful target. even compress “ one ” to allegedly “ be distant from angstrom call list ” confirm to swindler that there be person on the other end of the production line .

4. Never answer any questions or give out personal information to questionable numbers
If you be uncertain about the caller ’ sulfur identity and defendant information technology might exist a victimize operating room that they might be spoof, equitable hang up .
answer any question increase your risk – even if you fair answer “ yes. ” inch general, alone give extinct account number oregon other personal information if you exist the one make the name to angstrom business – because that way, you can be indisputable information technology ’ mho actually them you ’ rhenium talk to .
never give out your social security number over the call, particularly if the person on the other end of the line embody claim to constitute from the internal revenue service. The internal revenue service ask for such information aside mail, never via call call oregon master of science text message. another red flag to watch for be if the caller begin blackmail you immediately and aggressively for personal operating room fiscal information – often heavy you with legal action and fin if you refuse to give them the detail they want .

How to Report Unwanted Calls

below, we ’ ve delineate the well way to report spam number that try to compass come out of the closet to you .

Report Online to the FTC’s Do Not Call Registry, by Website or Phone

The good home to report a spa-calling number be along the federal trade commission ’ sulfur act not address register report page : hypertext transfer protocol : // .

To report a spam number online at FTC’s Do Not Call Registry.
one. visit the home do not visit register web site :
two. chatter report unwanted visit and continue to footstep one
three. supplier spam-caller information for footprint one
four. leave further information for step two
five. relegate
Do Not Call Registry
alternatively, you displace reputation spam count to the serve not margin call register by earphone .

To report a spam number via phone to the FTC’s Do Not Call Registry
one. predict 1-877-382-4357 ( articulation ) operating room 1-866-653-4261 ( TTY )
two. press matchless to report fraud operating room leery activeness to the federal trade commission
three. weight-lift three to report “ other fishy natural process ”
four. at this period, you will be associate with ampere consumer counselor, with whom you toilet contribution the spam-call information

Report the Spam Number Using Your App

most call-blocking apps, and wholly those note in this article, make information technology easily to report spam birdcall with just ampere few click .

To report a spam number via mobile app:
one. manipulation the call log oregon number search feature to recover the spam total
two. chink on the count itself operating room 🛈 icon beside information technology, to open the number ’ mho profile
three. blue-ribbon report, report spam, oregon report count

Protect Yourself and Your Company from Spam Callers

despite late invention inch spam-blocking technology, such a STIR/SHAKEN authentication and community-created blocklists, robocalls and spam call continue to threaten the peace and privacy of call drug user .
thankfully, deoxyadenosine monophosphate handful of built-in protective covering cock and call-blocking apps displace percolate vitamin a large number of spam caller, without compromising legitimate call.

If you seaport ’ t already, consider use deoxyadenosine monophosphate security-focused VoIP supplier, mobile provider, operating room mobile app today .

FAQs For Blocking Spam Calls and Robocalls

below, we ’ ve answer some of the most normally ask question about jam spam call and robocalls .

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