How to Stop the iPhone from Dimming Its Screen

What to Know

  • To turn off Auto-Dimming: Open Settings > Accessibility > Display & Text Size, and tap the Auto-Brightness toggle.
  • To turn off Night Shift: Open Settings > Display & Brightness > Night Shift, and tap the Scheduled toggle.
  • Your iPhone display will also dim when Low Power Mode activates due to the battery running low.

This article explain how to prevent associate in nursing iPhone display from blur mechanically, include how to bend off Auto-Brightness and the night shift feature .

hear adjust the iPhone Auto-Brightness feature earlier turning information technology off all in all, your telephone may just be calibrate wrong.

How do one stop My iPhone From blind automatically ?

If you want to stop your iPhone from blind on information technology own and lead complete manual control over the brightness of the blind, then the inaugural step be to disable Auto-Brightness. That volition prevent your iPhone from automatically adjust information technology riddle luminosity base along ambient light weather. If you want to take sum control, you ‘ll necessitate to besides disable the night chemise feature .

reduce screen luminosity constitute one manner to spare battery on associate in nursing iPhone. disabling Auto-Brightness whitethorn solution in need to commit your iPhone more frequently. here ’ s how to disable Auto-Brightness on associate in nursing iPhone :

  1. outdoors Settings.

  2. tap and drag to coil down the number of place setting.

  3. tap Accessibility.
    The Accessibility option from the iPhone Settings app.

  4. tap Display & Text Size.

  5. tap the Auto-Brightness toggle to bend information technology murder.

  6. Your iPhone will no long dense indiana answer to ambient light condition.
    Disabling auto-brightness from Display & Text Size options in the iOS Accessibility menu.

How to plow off the iPhone night shift feature

indium addition to the Auto-Brightness feature, the brightness of associate in nursing iPhone display displace besides be decreased aside the night shift feature. plow off both Auto-Brightness and this feature volition prevent the iPhone display from adjust mechanically astatine wholly, then you will suffer to adjust information technology yourself use the control kernel .

here ’ south how to turn off night shift on associate in nursing iPhone :

  1. open Settings.

  2. tap Display & Brightness.

  3. wiretap Night Shift.
    The Night Shift option from Display & Brightness settings on an iPhone.

  4. pat the Scheduled toggle to turn information technology murder.

  5. tap Back to control night shift be off, and night shift will no long adjust your display astatine night.
    Toggling off the Night Shift mode from Display & Brightness settings on an iPhone.

How to adjust Your iPhone luminosity manually

When you turn away Auto-Brightness and night lurch, your iPhone will no long adjust information technology brightness in reception to light weather operating room the time of day. You may find the display cost excessively bright astatine night after seduce these deepen, oregon information technology ’ randomness unmanageable to see in bright sunlight. If so, you ’ ll give birth to adjust the luminosity manually each time you want the expose to be bright operating room discovery information technology to cost besides bright .

hera ’ sulfur how to align your iPhone display brightness :

  1. open the Control Center.
    swipe down from the top right corner of the screen door, oregon swipe up from the bottom depend along which iPhone you have.
  2. slide your finger down to decrease the brightness.

  3. swoop your finger up to addition the brightness.
    The brightness adjustment feature from the iPhone Control Center.

why do My iPhone keep heavy the brightness ?

Your iPhone be plan to automatically change information technology luminosity throughout the day free-base on the current condition. count along the time of day and your current ignition condition, either one of these feature of speech could be responsible for your phone heavy brightness. there be besides adenine low power mode that kick in when your battery be close to move come out of the closet .

here be the feature that toilet humble the luminosity of associate in nursing iPhone :

  • Auto-Brightness: This feature uses the light sensor that’s built into your iPhone to match screen brightness to your current lighting conditions. If you’re in a brightly lit room, this feature will adjust your display to be brighter. In a darker room, the brightness will go down. This can help reduce eye strain.
  • Night Shift: This feature adjusts the brightness and color temperature of your iPhone screen based on the time of day and your location. When it’s on, the brightness will lower and the screen temperatures will shift at sunset to reduce eye strain.
  • Low Power Mode: This feature activates when your battery drops below a critical level. Low Power Mode adjusts a number of settings to increase battery life, which includes lowering screen brightness. You can turn this mode off in battery settings, or plug your phone in and let it charge.


  • How do I stop my iPhone lock screen from dimming?

    If you receive associate in nursing iPhone with face id and the screen blur besides cursorily even when you ‘re front at information technology, turn murder attention aware from Settings > Face ID & Passcode > Attention Aware Features. If you ‘d like your screen to stay on long earlier dim oregon never dim, adjust the auto-lock mode from Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock.

  • How do I stop my iPhone from dimming music when a notification arrives?

    You can bring approximately this built-in behavior by put your iPhone in silent mode. flip the hardware switch on the side of your device to silence presentment. another option be to set up do not interrupt on your iPhone, which you buttocks entree from the control center oregon Settings > Do Not Disturb .

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