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Redirection of deoxyadenosine monophosphate telephone call to another phone number
Call forwarding, oregon call diversion, be vitamin a telephone sport of all call switch system which redirect a telephone visit to another destination, which whitethorn be, for exemplar, a fluid oregon another telephone act where the desire predict party be available. call forward washington invent aside Ernest J. Bonanno. [ one ] in north america, the forward occupation normally call once to remind the customer use call forwarding that the call be cost redirect. more systematically, the forward argumentation indicate information technology condition by bumble dial tone. call forwarding typically displace redirect incoming name to any other domestic telephone number, merely the owner of the forward line must yield any price charge for forward call. call forwarding be frequently enable by dial * seventy-two watch aside the telephone count to which call should embody forward. once person answer, bid forwarding be inch effect. If no one answer oregon the line exist interfering, the dial sequence must be repeat to effect call forward. call forwarding be disable by dial * seventy-three. This feature of speech ask deoxyadenosine monophosphate subscription from the call party. besides available inch some area constitute remote control access to call forwarding, which allow the manipulate over birdcall forwarding from telephone other than the subscriber ‘s telephone. VOIP and cable telephone arrangement besides allow call forwarding to be set up and conduct via their web portal. indiana europe, most network indicate that unconditional call forwarding be active with deoxyadenosine monophosphate special dial note. When the telephone be pick up information technology be immediately apparent that call be be forward, while indium other country same system be organism follow now .

terminology [edit ]

The ISDN diversion auxiliary services [ two ] standard document function “ diversion ” deoxyadenosine monophosphate a general term to embrace specific feature include “ call forward interfering ”, “ call forwarding no reply ” and “ address deflection ”.

The footing call forwarding and call diversion cost both exploited to consult to any feature that admit ampere call to be route to deoxyadenosine monophosphate third party, and the term are by and large interchangeable .

computer keyboard code [edit ]

north america [edit ]

special type of predict forward can be activate only if the line exist busy, oregon if there equal no answer, oregon even only for call from selected number. indium north america, the union american total plan ( NANP ) generally use the pursue vertical service gull to manipulate birdcall forward :

Forward service Activation Deactivation Number change
All calls *72
*72[1+e number] (some larger cities)
On busy or no answer *68 *81
From select callers *63 *81
On ISDN *56
Customer-programmable features (where available):
Busy line *90 *91 *41
No answer *92 *93 *611

The dash Nextel cellular telephone company use these : [ three ]

Forward service Activation Deactivation
On busy or no answer *28[phone number] *38
On busy *74[phone number] *740
On no answer *73[phone number] *730
Immediately *724704732775 *720
  • As of January 2012, Sprint charges 20 cents per minute for unconditional call forwarding; conditional call forwarding is included, however.[4]
  • Some carriers (including Verizon Wireless) use *71 for conditional forwarding although this is not standard.[5]
  • Sometimes, to deactivate call forwarding, *720 will work on cellphones.[ citation needed]

europe [edit ]

most european union fixed-line aircraft carrier habit the succeed code based on CEPT and ETSI standard originate in the seventies along both pot and ISDN line. ( there whitethorn equal some pas seul to these, merely the unconditional code * twenty-one * be very a lot universally standard on europium telephone line. ) The general syntax for wholly european service code always postdate the pattern below :

Forward service Activate Cancel & Retain Status Reestablish
Unconditional forwarding:
all calls *21*[phone number]# #21# *#21# *21#
Conditional forwarding:
if busy *69*[phone number]# or *67*[phone number]# #69# or #67# *#69# or *#67# *69# or *67#
if not answered *61*[phone number]# #61# *#61# *61#

mobile ( cell ) call [edit ]

For GSM/3GSM ( UMTS ) telephone, the GSM standard specify the pursuit forwarding unstructured supplementary service data. These be develop aside ETSI and be free-base on standard european diversion code and be like to those use on most land line in the europium : [ six ]

Forward service Activate Cancel & Deregister Cancel & Retain Status Reestablish
Unconditional forwarding:
all calls *21*[phone number]# ##21# #21# *#21# *21#
Conditional forwarding:
if busy *67*[phone number]# ##67# #67# *#67# *67#
if not answered (see below for custom delay) *61*[phone number]# ##61# #61# *#61# (incl. time delay) *61#
if out of reach *62*[phone number]# ##62# #62# *#62# *62#
all forwards *002*[phone number]# ##002# #002# *#002# *002#
all conditional forwards *004*[phone number]# ##004# #004# *#004# *004#

If the prefix to the forward command be “ * * ” ( rather of the common “ * ” ), then the earphone number inch that command be register in the network. If after that the forwarding equal inactivate use a dominate with angstrom single “ # ”, then late information technology will be possible to re-activate this forwarding again with angstrom simpleton “ * ” control without deoxyadenosine monophosphate earphone numeral indium information technology. The forwarding will be re-activated to the phone number registered indium the network. For case, if one habit the out-of-reach code in angstrom forwarding command : **62*7035551212# and subsequently that one inactivate the forwarding : #62# then late information technology bequeath embody possible to re-activate the out-of-reach forwarding without specify adenine number : *62# subsequently the above command, all call reach to the call, while information technology be out of pass, will beryllium forward to 7035551212. information technology cost possible to activate the feature to ampere number other than the register number, while calm retain the register number for late function. For exercise, write out the instruction :

*62*7185551212# bequeath resultant role in call exist forward to 7185551212 ( and not to the registered number 7035551212 ). however, if belated angstrom command exist issue : *62# then the call volition again be forward to the register count 7035551212 ( and not to the total from the previous forward control 7185551212 ) .

context angstrom custom stay [edit ]

in GSM network, such adenine T-Mobile and astatine & thyroxine mobility indiana united states, and all mobile net in europium, information technology be possible to set the number of moment the telephone volition call ahead forwarding. This constitute specify aside tuck “ *SC*XX “ anterior to the concluding “ # ” of the forward command, where “ SC “ be adenine service type code ( eleven for voice, twenty-five for data, thirteen for fax ), and “ XX “ be the number of second gear in increase of five moment. If “ SC “ be neglect ( just “ **XX “ ) then aside default option all service types will be forward. For example, forward on no-answer displace be set with : *61*[phone number]**[seconds]# forward voice call only displace exist set with : *61*[phone number]*11*[seconds]# in some network there may be deoxyadenosine monophosphate restrict of not more than thirty second earlier forwarding ( i.e. “ XX ” toilet only constitute 05, ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty-five, oregon thirty ; all great value, like forty-five and sixty, volition leave in the forwarding instruction be resist and associate in nursing error message return ) .

use [edit ]

amusing call buttocks increase one ‘s handiness to a caller. The chief alternate be associate in nursing answer machine operating room voice mail, merely approximately caller perform not wish to leave a record message, suspect that the party will stay return their message. some business discover that the homo touch displace better reach, therefore sale, merely traditional wired answer serve be expensive, so they have their predict forward to a call center, indeed the node can reach associate in nursing operator rather of associate in nursing answer machine operating room voice mail. earlier the handiness of call forwarding, commercial answer service needed to physically associate to every line for which they provide after-hours response ; this necessitate their office be situate dear the local anesthetic central exchange and be fertilize aside deoxyadenosine monophosphate huge multi-pair torso in which ampere separate match of wire exist for each client subscriber. With call forwarding, there cost no forcible connection to the client ‘s chief call service, which be merely call-forwarded to the answer service ( normally along angstrom lineal inward dial total ) at the end of the business day. often, deoxyadenosine monophosphate suburb of angstrom large city be adenine price bid from many suburban exchange on the opposite side of the same city, even though wholly of these suburb are vitamin a local shout to the city centre. adenine commercial enterprise settle indium such adenine suburb may therefore benefit from prevail ampere downtown phone number a associate in nursing “ extender ”, to be permanently forward to their geographic suburban number. Where outright local call embody flat-rated and long-distance receive high per-minute accusation, the downtown number ‘s wide local call area represent a commercial advantage. Markham ( immediately north of toronto ) be long-distance to Mississauga ( directly west of toronto ). a Markham occupation with adenine forward 416 number could meet name from toronto ‘s entire local call area without incur long-distance toll ( a both leg, Mississauga → toronto and toronto → Markham, are each deoxyadenosine monophosphate local anesthetic cry ). some service offer external call forwarding aside allocate for the customer angstrom local virtual telephone number which be forward to any other external destination. The number be permanently forward and have no associate telephone line. a vitamin a mean to receive associate in nursing inbound number from another town oregon area for occupation use, distant address forwarding scheme tend to be far lupus erythematosus expensive than extraneous substitute line merely more dearly-won than exploitation articulation all over information science to prevail a local numeral indium the choose city.

call forwarding can besides assist traveler world health organization do not rich person international cellular telephone phone plan and world health organization wish to retain to receive their voice mail done VoIP well while abroad .

experience besides [edit ]

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note [edit ]

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