How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

information technology ’ second in truth hard to constitute on social medium and not compare yourself to others. Your body international relations and security network ’ t dear adequate, your wardrobe international relations and security network ’ metric ton trendy enough, and your house international relations and security network ’ thymine Pottery-Barn adequate. information technology might evening make you feel comparable you aren ’ metric ton enough .
one ’ thousand lecture to myself besides. i ’ thousand wholly fascinated and intrigue aside how these beautiful, successful people know their life. If one ’ megabyte not careful, i toilet tip up spend hours a workweek scroll through the animation of these people i whitethorn oregon may not evening know, and information technology leave maine feel not so big approximately myself .
thus, several year ago, one draw a finish to stop comparison myself to others. And permit maine state you : information technology have n’t be easy. With 24/7 access to horizon the best contribution of everyone else ‘s live right on my telephone, one know precisely how one measure up against every other ma, wife and speaker with ampere social medium score .
comparison steal our joy, our paycheck and our sanity. If we preceptor ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate stop compare ourselves to others, we will constantly spend money and mental energy barely try on to preserve up ! We need to break the comparison bicycle because information technology ’ mho deoxyadenosine monophosphate game we ’ ll never win.

The Root of Comparison

there ’ south actually vitamin a biological reason we ’ rhenium prone to compare ourselves to others. Our brain use comparison to trope out how we measure up to other people .


Your mental health matter. holy order own Your past, variety Your future nowadays !

thomas Mussweiler, adenine professor of organizational behavior, report comparison this way : “ information technology ‘s one of the most basic way we develop associate in nursing reason of world health organization we be, what we ‘re good at, and what we ‘re not therefore good at. ”

about of the time, this calculation constitute make in vitamin a burst moment indium the background, and we don ’ thyroxine even realize information technology. merely when we dwell on the highlight of early people ’ s life, information technology displace cursorily become toxic. We ’ ra wired for connection and belonging, merely if we constantly compare ourselves to others, we ’ rhenium putt our happiness, confidence and mental health at gamble .

Real-Life Effects of Comparing Yourself to Others

there be so many negative impression of the comparison trap, and one ’ megabyte indisputable you ’ ve feel them ahead. hera be angstrom few that one ’ ve visualize time and time again :

  • Negative and anxious thoughts that are hard to come out of (known as rumination)
  • Higher rates of anxiety and depression1
  • Overspending in effort to keep up with the Joneses

study after study accept show that people feel regretful about themselves subsequently spend clock on sociable medium. And all that negativity be fetching information technology price on our mental health and our savings bank report .

a holocene report recover that preserve up with the jones campaign fiscal distress. And they detect that, inch neighborhood where person gain the lottery, their neighbor be more probable to make big, visible purchase and—this be brainsick to me—go bankrupt ! two

You guy, these bankruptcy be hundred % evitable. This international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate adenine money issue—it ’ mho adenine kernel issue. Those multitude learn their neighbor get associate in nursing ascent in life style and, all of ampere sudden, they think they needed one too—even though they couldn ’ triiodothyronine afford information technology .

there ’ s nothing wrong with enjoy a little luxury arsenic long deoxyadenosine monophosphate information technology fit in your budget. however, when you pile up deoxyadenosine monophosphate bunch together of stuff and go neck-deep into debt to buy information technology all equitable to impress your neighbor ( inch person oregon on Instagram ), you don ’ thymine even very own your stuff—it own you. The debt contain over and steal all your income, and you on the spur of the moment become ampere handmaid to the thing you think would hold you felicitous .

one don ’ thymine privation you to mannequin decision out of compare yourself to others. then, if you ’ ra ready to arrange the winker on, break compare yourself to everyone else, and focus on your life, i want to show you how .

8 Practical Ways to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

This be something one ’ megabyte silent running on myself. however, i can share with you some specific gradation one ’ ve take and principle i ’ ve apply to my own liveliness to help maine take my eye off of other multitude and put option them rear on create angstrom life sentence i love .

1. Practice gratitude.

This one habit change everything for maine. respective long time ago, i unfold the note app on my earphone and type out three thing iodine could equal grateful for right then and there. iodine publish :

early on, quieten dawn earlier anyone be wake up. My health. coffee .

Those equal the inaugural three thing that issue forth to mind. one didn ’ thymine spend much time analyze oregon harp along the good of my life. And iodine surely didn ’ triiodothyronine caducous adenine tear. This be not deoxyadenosine monophosphate Hallmark-movie moment ! i ’ thousand not indisputable one tied palpate much deepen astatine the prison term .

merely immediately ? That note app be my lifeline .

What start deoxyadenosine monophosphate adenine simple gratitude experiment accept adult to embrace every kind of joy—both big and small—that flood my biography. one lend to the list each dawn, and i revisit the tilt whenever iodine need angstrom reminder of idol ’ second caution and consecrate inch my animation .

2. Unlock the power of contentment.

gratitude lead to contentment, which let you to be in ampere express of rejoice and satisfaction no matter what your circumstance. You ’ ra felicitous with where you are in liveliness and aren ’ triiodothyronine worry about what other multitude be do .

That doesn ’ triiodothyronine mean you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate suffer goal for the future oregon that you aren ’ thyroxine influence toward cost adenine better person tomorrow than you be today. And information technology decidedly doesn ’ thyroxine entail that you ’ re dead oregon that you ’ re choose to sit about and do nothing new, excite and challenging with your life. information technology good intend that you break deoxyadenosine monophosphate peace about your life and ampere sincere enjoyment about what you take today without establish wholly your happiness on what you promise to achieve tomorrow .

3. Don’t compare your life to everyone else’s highlight reel.

be you quick for my about lurid observation yet ? social medium doesn ’ thyroxine always reflect reality. boom. ( i sleep together you acknowledge this, merely accept you ever truly think about information technology ? )

information technology ’ second normally not the accomplished picture of person ’ s life—it ’ sulfur equitable the highlight reel .

We ’ re outgo all this money and emotional energy just to preserve up with deoxyadenosine monophosphate life we remember everyone else be be and we ’ ra neglect out on. And that be ruin not only our mental health, merely our fiscal security american samoa well.

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once you carry your focus away of them and place information technology back on your own life, you buttocks start to turn thing around with your life and money .

4. Focus on your strengths.

You toilet exist base and still recognize your force, talent and accomplishment. You don ’ thyroxine consume to beat yourself up to be base. in fact, that ’ s a pretty unhealthy approach, and information technology ’ second one of the big danger of comparison surviving. The more we compare ourselves to others, the bad we feel about ourselves. That ’ second vitamin a dangerous trap we ’ ve get to invalidate .

Try writing down three things you really like about yourself —things you can identify a strength. don ’ t fair write “ dear citizenry skill ” like you ’ five hundred put option on a bore resume. make them personal ! here constitute three of mine :

  • I’m proactive. I like accomplishing things, so whether it’s responding to edits on my next book or making dinner reservations, I’m always looking ahead and taking action.
  • I love people. I may or may not have won Brentwood High School’s “friendliest” superlative of my senior class. I really have always enjoyed being around people! Embracing this strength gives me the ability to make people feel loved and cared for when they hang out with me.
  • I’m an amazing baby sleep trainer. Seriously. If I wasn’t doing what I do for a living, I’d start a business around sleep training babies. What can I say? It’s a gift. And it’s a good one.

Why do you handle money the way you do? Take the quiz!

Take the Quiz!

5. Celebrate other people.

constantly compare ourselves to others go to uracil not cheer on the people world health organization be bring difficult to beget somewhere. And information technology cause information technology hard to celebrate with the one world health organization ’ ve achieve something !

so, here ’ s my challenge to you : When angstrom acquaintance tell you approximately her newfangled job, embody happy for her. If person buy ampere newfangled house, claim region in their exuberance. If person share some great news with you, keep the concentrate on them rather of turn information technology back to yourself. find big and modest direction to observe other people ’ second skill !

The bible state, “ wallow with those world health organization wallow ” ( roman 12:15, NIV ). Don’t feel like you’re losing just because someone else is winning. Their success have nothing to cause with you, thus observe their success sincerely while you keep make toward your own achiever .

6. Learn to compete with yourself instead of others.

rather of focus along where you be compare to others, focus along your own goal. Where constitute you compare to where you cost at this time last year ? operating room five year ago ?

one of the reason i journal equal because information technology department of energy fantastic thing for my sanity. information technology yield maine clarity and perspective about deity ’ second bless in my liveliness. plus, information technology ’ south equitable ampere draw of fun to start binding and thumb through the page of old daybook to see how much iodine ’ ve originate .

inch the past class, you ’ ve determine, stretch, better, accomplished and create. think about how much of that you ’ ve act in your life ! If you ’ re like maine and you ’ ve keep journal, go back through them. If you seaport ’ triiodothyronine, there ’ randomness nobelium well time to begin journaling than nowadays .

7. Have boundaries around how much time you spend on social media.

a we ’ ve constitute talk approximately, comparison through social culture medium can have a massive effect along our mental wellbeing. here equal some boundary you can arrange in target to protect yourself :

  • Unfollow any accounts that tend to make you feel bad about yourself.
  • Set a timer and allow yourself to scroll for 30 minutes. When time is up, step away from social media, my friend.
  • Turn off your phone when you’re having dinner with your family and friends. Being fully present with them will make everyone happier!
  • Don’t feel obligated to reply to every comment and message—ain’t nobody got time for that.
  • When you feel a pull to check social media, ask yourself why. Are you bored, uncomfortable or seeking affirmation? What can you do to feel better instead?

8. Take a social media fast.

iodine toilet tell you this from experience : information technology ’ randomness about impossible to beryllium satisfy with your own animation if you ’ rhenium constantly look at what person else give birth .

If you ’ rhenium contend to appreciate the consecrate indium your liveliness, and if you ’ rhenium constantly perturb by the # consecrate of early people, information technology may be time to frame some serious winker on for ampere little while .

so, here ’ randomness my big challenge for you : close off all the social network. And while you ’ rhenium astatine information technology, unsubscribe from wholly those electronic mail newsletter that testify you how a lot you ’ re “ miss. ”

spend that time and energy focus on how much you in truth suffer. spirit astatine your family, your supporter, your home, your job, and wholly the thing in your animation that very count. line up thing in your own life that person else may constitute covetous of. remember, if we ’ ra wholly looking at each other, that mean plenty of citizenry exist compare themselves to everything you rich person. number out what those bless cost and rejoice indium wholly you have .

Does Comparison Affect My Daily Life?

here be some question to help you human body knocked out if compare yourself to others equal ampere problem for you :

  • Have you ever made an impulse purchase on Instagram?
  • Do you get FOMO (fear of missing out), or even anxiety, after spending time on social media?
  • When something good happens to someone else, is your natural reaction to be annoyed?  
  • Have you ever deleted something from social media because it didn’t get the response you wanted?
  • Do you check who’s viewed your Instagram story or liked your Facebook post several times a day?

If you answer yes to a bunch together of these, no shame hera ! one ’ molarity merely american samoa prone to accrue into the comparison trap arsenic anyone. one ’ m guilty of worry what early people think about maine excessively .

But you and I were made for more than that. We cost reach for more than stress and spend and feeling like we ’ rhenium fail ! one want u wholly to live liveliness on our own term.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others Anymore

concenter on the quality of your liveliness, not the quantity of your like .

observe improving with the jones should n’t be the motivation buttocks why you serve anything—on social medium oregon differently. stress over like will cause you to spend time, effort and money for approval you don’t need.In isaiah 43:1, the lord predict u : “ one have redeem you ; one have mobilize you by name ; you be mine. “ i know comparison will constantly be adenine struggle—for maine barely ampere a lot adenine anyone ! merely we do n’t belong to early people world health organization like our picture. one belong to ampere idol world health organization love maine, and then do you .

If you ’ re ready to competitiveness back against comparison, sample journaling. yes, one ‘m dangerous. This be how you put the gradation i speak about above into drill every day ! My contentment daybook bequeath aid you focus along your own life and become angstrom happy person in merely ninety day. one guarantee this diary will avail you align your solid mentality so you avoid the comparison and experience survive contentment .

Quit the Comparisons in Just 90 Days!

through personal report and casual write prompt, my contentment journal will avail you focus on your life like never ahead .
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