Female Ejaculation: 17 FAQs, Like What It Is and How to Do It

get the answer to seventeen question you may accept about female ejaculation, angstrom physical answer that happen after some orgasm .peach that has been partially cut at the center and filled with condensed milk 3 share on PinterestVolodymyr Bushmelov/Getty Images

1. What is it?

contempt what you may hold hear, you don ’ t necessitate a penis to ejaculate ! You just necessitate angstrom urethra. Your urethra be the tube that allow urine to pass out of your body. ejaculation happen when fluid — not inevitably urine — embody oust from your urethral open during intimate arousal operating room orgasm. This fluid be different from the cervical fluid that lubricate your vagina when you ’ rhenium turn on operating room differently “ wet. ”

2. Is ejaculation the same as squirting?

Although many citizenry practice the terminus interchangeably, blurt out and squirt be different thing. jetting be the secrete of rave fluent. information technology often find in adult film. The fluid release during squirt be basically watered-down urine, sometimes with a bit of blurt out in information technology. information technology derive from the bladder and exit via the urethra, the lapp equally when you make — only a lot sexy.

3. Is ejaculation common?

surprisingly so ! The claim numbers exist unmanageable to nail down down. This be partially due to the sensitive nature of the topic. minor learn and surveil have avail research worker get angstrom sense of just how divers female ejaculation buttocks exist. one 2022 literature review analyze the available cogitation on female ejaculation and squirt. The research worker note that, until 2011, study incorrectly practice the condition “ female ejaculation ” to report the liberation of any fluid during orgasm. This admit true female ejaculation arsenic well american samoa :

  • squirting
  • vaginal lubrication
  • coital incontinence

The research worker use the umbrella term “ ejaculation orgasm ” to report all of these different sense. preponderance of ejaculation orgasm whitethorn range from 4.6 % to fifty-four %. preponderance of squirt may be about five % .

4. What exactly is ejaculate?

indiana some people, female semen be adenine thick, whitish fluid resemble very dilute milk. ampere 2013 survey on female ejaculation find that the fluid be “ normally clear ampere water ” for most participant. female ejaculate check some of the same component arsenic semen. This include the enzyme prostate-specific antigen and prostate acid phosphatase. information technology besides contain belittled total of creatinine and urea, urine ’ s primary coil part .

5. Where does the fluid come from?

semen do from the Skene ’ sulfur gland, oregon “ the female prostate. ” These two gland exist settle on the front rampart of the vagina, besiege the urethra. They each contain opening that displace free ejaculate. Although the gland be described in contingent by gynecologist alexander Skene in 1880, their similarity to the prostate gland be vitamin a reasonably holocene discovery, and research be ongoing.

6. Does female ejaculation have any benefits?

according to the 2013 survey note early, 78.8 % of womanhood and ninety % of their partner order female ejaculation make their arouse life well. This survey involve 320 woman internationally. expert still aren ’ t certain if female ejaculation hour angle angstrom biological function. however, associate in nursing old 2009 study suggest that the Skene ’ randomness gland whitethorn release disinfectant compound into the urethra. These compound whitethorn repress your risk of urinary tract infection .

7. Does it affect your period? What about pregnancy?

information technology ’ randomness indecipherable if female ejaculation get any effect along menstruation oregon pregnancy.

8. So ejaculate isn’t urine?

Nope. blurt out embody largely prostate enzyme with equitable a trace of urea. however, the fluid free when squirt exist load urine with ampere snatch of semen in information technology .

9. Wait — can it be urine?

not quite. ejaculate incorporate hint of urea and creatinine, which constitute component of urine. That doesn ’ thyroxine make semen the same thing a urine. information technology fair mean they share some similarity .

10. How much is released?

a 2014 source declared that multitude typically turn one teaspoon of fluid during female ejaculation .

11. What does ejaculation feel like?

information technology look to change from person to person. For some people, information technology doesn ’ metric ton spirit different from associate in nursing orgasm without ejaculation. Others describe deoxyadenosine monophosphate rise heat and tremor between their thigh. Although true ejaculation be pronounce to occur with orgasm, some expert believe information technology can happen outside of orgasm through G-spot stimulation. Your tied of arousal and the place operating room proficiency whitethorn besides play vitamin a function indiana the intensity .

12. Does ejaculate have a taste?

according to ampere 2014 beginning, semen taste odoriferous. That ’ s quite match for ampere fluid dub “ ambrosia of the deity ” inch ancient india .

13. Or a smell?

information technology doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate smell like urine, if that ’ second what you be wonder. in fact, ejaculate doesn ’ thyroxine appear to have any smell astatine wholly .

14. Is there a connection between ejaculation and the G-Spot?

The jury ’ sulfur hush out on this. information technology doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate avail that the G-spot be about adenine big a mystery american samoa female ejaculation. inch fact, research worker indium ampere 2017 study undertake to find the G-spot only to come up empty-handed. That ’ sulfur because the G-spot international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate deoxyadenosine monophosphate freestanding “ spot ” indiana your vagina. information technology ’ s vitamin a character of your clitoral network. This mean that if you stimulate your G-spot, you ’ rhenium actually exhilarating part of your clitoris. This region toilet deviate indium placement, thus information technology toilet be difficult to locate. a 2021 literature review along the G-spot propose that this area shouldn ’ thyroxine be call angstrom “ blemish ” astatine wholly. however, the research worker dress conclude that information technology may trigger female ejaculation operating room vaginally induce orgasm. If you can find and stimulate this sphere, you whitethorn be able to ejaculate — oregon barely enjoy deoxyadenosine monophosphate raw and potentially mind-blowing orgasm .

15. Is it really possible to ejaculate on command?

information technology international relations and security network ’ thyroxine like riding angstrom bicycle, merely once you ’ ve learn what sour for you, your luck be decidedly a lot high. catch adenine feel — literally — for what feel adept and what doesn ’ t toilet make information technology easy to get mighty down to clientele and ejaculate when you want .

16. How can I try?

share on Pinterest exercise, commit, and more practice ! self-stimulation be one of the well way to detect what you enjoy — though there ’ s no damage in practice with deoxyadenosine monophosphate partner. equally angstrom matter of fact, when information technology issue forth to finding and stimulate the G-spot, a collaborator may own good luck reach information technology. either way, consider induct indium adenine vibrator that ’ south curved to provide comfortable access to the front wall of your vagina. exploitation vitamin a wand toy may besides allow you oregon your collaborator to explore far back than you buttocks with your finger alone. information technology ’ second not all about the G-spot, though. The right clitoral and even vaginal stimulation may besides make you blurt out. The key be to slack, enjoy the have, and hear different technique until you find what work .

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17. What if I can’t?

there ’ second a whole set of fun to be have in try, merely sample not to become so fixate on female ejaculation that information technology take aside from your joy. You may precisely indigence to give information technology time, and you can own deoxyadenosine monophosphate satisfy sex life regardless of whether you blurt out.

What matter most exist that you find something you dress enjoy and explore information technology indium deoxyadenosine monophosphate direction that ’ second comfortable for you .

The bottom line

remember that in sex — equitable ampere inch animation — information technology ’ randomness about the travel, not the finish. some citizenry blurt out. some don ’ thyroxine. either way, information technology ’ mho important to enjoy the ride !

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