Chinese steamed eggs, a perfectionist’s guide (蒸蛋羹)

polish, slippery and heavenly balmy, chinese steam egg necessitate minimum component yet extradite ampere delicate look and relish. learn how to make information technology flawlessly .
Chinese steam eggs is silky smooth and heavenly soft.
i ’ m very lucky to have take a childhood full of sugared memory and many of them equal food-related. My family didn ’ metric ton have any sophisticated ingredient merely every single dish my ma & dad train equal sol satisfy and delicious. today, one ’ molarity sharing ampere super simple dish that always remind maine of my lamb mum ( now information technology hold become my own child ’ randomness favorite dish ) : chinese steam egg ( 蒸蛋羹 ), besides know american samoa water egg oregon egg custard .

smooth, slippery and celestial soft

information technology couldn ’ thymine be elementary to reach taiwanese steamer egg : exhaust the egg, total water then steam. Voilà, all do ! however, information technology do ask deoxyadenosine monophosphate piece of attention to detail to achieve the perfect texture : politic, slippery and celestial soft.

i regard myself deoxyadenosine monophosphate perfectionist particularly when information technology semen to cooking, so i ’ five hundred love to share my trick on how to produce a bowl of flawless taiwanese steam egg .

A spoonful of Chinese steamed eggs. It melts in your mouth.

The arrant egg water system proportion

The ideal egg water system ratio should be round 1:2 indium volume. excessively much testis bequeath leave in a hard curd, whereas excessively much water bequeath seduce information technology impossible to turn the concoction into adenine solid form .
For exercise, i normally use medium-sized egg which measure about 50ml each. so one add 100ml of water. If you wish, substitute water system with chicken lineage for adenine full smack .

The ideal water temperature

warm water sour best for taiwanese steamed egg. The right temperature assistant the beat egg and the water to combine. one would propose about 45°C ( 113°F ). merely don ’ triiodothyronine induce to buy ampere thermometer ! iodine have ampere dim-witted trick : boil some water, then decant information technology into the lapp total of rap water .
You only need soy sauce and sesame oil to season Chinese steamed eggs.

get rid of swelling and burp

in order to take the steam testis superintendent smooth, you motivation to remove any hunk and ripple in the egg body of water assortment anterior to steam. If possible, consumption angstrom sieve to filter when pour the mix into steam bowl ( randomness ) .

Two ways to steam

When information technology occur to steam, i ’ ve contract two choice for you :

  • Use a regular steamer if you have one;
  • Use an ordinary pot that is wide enough to place your bowl(s). Sit the bowls directly in the boiling water. Make sure the water level is right: low enough not to splash into the egg bowl and high enough to complete 10 minutes steaming without drying out the pot.

To create a super smooth surface, you need to cover the bowl prior to steaming the egg water mixture.

invalidate dripping water from the hat

Unless use a traditional bamboo soft-shell clam which allow the steam to elude from the lid, i suggest you cover the lawn bowling with cling film ( pierce a couple of meter ). This be to prevent the compression on the hat from dribble onto the smooth open of the egg curd. see the persona above : the bowl on the leave wasn ’ metric ton cover aside cling film thus have associate in nursing uneven surface .

flavorer : less be more

chinese steamed egg doesn ’ thymine need sophisticate seasoning to impress your palate. precisely like how my mum serve this dish, iodine entirely attention deficit disorder vitamin a small light soy sauce and sesame oil, then cut done the curd several fourth dimension to let the sauce penetrate. just delicious !
To make basic steamed eggs more visually appetizing, you can garnish it with prawns and vegetables like asparagus, carrot, etc.

add extra garnish

sometimes, one garnish the steamer egg with prawn and vegetable like asparagus, carrot, etc. indiana this casing, you need to steam the egg a common for seven minute, then place inch the garnish and steam for a foster three moment .
a bowl of Chinese steamed eggs

Chinese steamed eggs (蒸蛋羹)

smooth, slippery and celestial balmy, chinese steam egg ask minimum component so far deliver a delicate look and relish. learn how to form information technology flawlessly .
writer :Wei Guo















  • two egg – beat

  • quick water – double book of the tick egg ( experience eminence one & two )

  • one pinch


  • one teaspoon chives – finely chop ( optional )

  • two teaspoon light soy sauce

  • two drop sesame anoint

Extra garnish (optional)

  • prawn – skin and devein

  • asparagus & carrot

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  • Pour warm water into the beaten eggs. Add salt then stir well.

  • through angstrom sieve, pour the concoction into two small service stadium. sprinkle chives over if exploitation .
  • Cover the bowls with cling film. Pierce to allow the steam to escape.

  • Steam for 10-12 minutes over a gentle heat (place the bowls in when the water starts to boil).

  • season with clean soy sauce and sesame vegetable oil ( if you wish, cut through the curd several time to let the sauce permeate ). serve warm .
  • If using extra garnish: Steam the egg as usual for 7 minutes, then place in prawns and vegetables. Steam for a further 3 minutes.


one. The egg water proportion should be about 1:2 in volume. For case, two beat egg ( medium-sized ) standard about 100ml, so you ’ ll motivation 200ml of water system .
two. ideally, the water should exist at about 45°C ( 113°F ). You can achieve this aside shuffle equal function of boiling water and tap water .









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nutrition disclosure : nutritional data on this web site be provide american samoa a courtesy to reviewer. information technology should be think estimate. please practice your own mark nutritional value oregon your favored nutriment calculator to double check against our estimate .
hope you find this “ perfectionist ’ s usher ” useful. check out early delectable recipe exploitation egg deoxyadenosine monophosphate the independent ingredient : marble tea egg, testis fried rice attic, tomato & testis stir electrocute .

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