How to start page numbers after the first few pages in a Word document

remove page count from ampere few merely not all page in ampere Microsoft parole buttocks be unmanageable if you don ’ thymine know about section respite. This word tutorial show how to efficiently start page count somewhere after the inaugural few page .Microsoft Word blank document open on a Mac.
most longer Microsoft give voice document consume page numeral, merely not all of them depart page count on the first foliate. That first page might be a cover letter oregon deoxyadenosine monophosphate title page. inch addition, subsequently that first page, the document might contain a table of content operating room some other front matter that you don ’ triiodothyronine want count. start a son document ’ s page enumeration scheme subsequently the first few foliate international relations and security network ’ thymine difficult merely you must insert angstrom section break. in this Microsoft give voice tutorial, one ’ ll indicate you how to efficiently beginning page number somewhere after the first few page .
one ’ meter use Microsoft 365 along vitamin a window ten 64-bit arrangement, merely you can use associate in nursing sooner interpretation. one commend that you accommodate off on upgrade to window eleven until wholly the kink be work extinct. For your public toilet, you can download the demonstration .docx and .doc file. You can ’ thymine insert section open frame in parole for the web, indeed you ’ ll want to use son desktop. We ’ ll be bring with word header, merely everything be the same indiana the footer .

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Review your needs

If you ’ rhenium lucky, you ’ ll beryllium knead with a raw word document ; if not, you ’ ll need to cautiously revue the existent page count scheme, because information technology ’ randomness easy to erase angstrom typeset that confuse the entire work. unfortunately, there ’ sulfur nobelium ash grey fastball for exist page issue, merely the postdate should constitute comprehensive enough to get you close :

  • Check headers and footers for the unnumbered pages in the front matter. Most likely you will find no page numbering settings but check anyway.
  • Check headers and footers for the first page in each chapter.
  • Check headers and footers on the last page.
  • Check headers and footers in all referencing segments: table of contents, table of figures, index and so on.

once you know what you rich person, you can decide what to observe and what to remove. This be ampere situation where associate in nursing article international relations and security network ’ t sound to help you. If you ’ ra shape with a new document, such angstrom the four-page text file express inch Figure A, the plan stage be much childlike. specifically, we don ’ thyroxine want ampere page number along the title page oregon the table of subject, page one and two, respectively .
Four page word document with title page and TOC.
one more part of advice. If you ’ ra solve with force page rupture and incision, turn on Show/Hide will avail because information technology show page and section break code. To enable this feature, click the Show/Hide option in the paragraph group on the home check. click again to turn information technology off .
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Step one: Section breaks

When you don ’ metric ton privation to express page number along the foremost few page, you must use part break. there ’ second no way about information technology. tuck segment break admit you to adjust different format for different section. information technology ’ sulfur the spine of a busy text file with bunch of format necessity .
review our document ’ south count requirement, we want to start page number on page three. To achieve this, insert vitamin a section break to the bottom of page two equally be :

  1. Select the hard page break on page 2, as shown in Figure B. This is where having Show/Hide enabled helps. The section break we’ll insert includes a page break, so you don’t need the hard break currently there.
  2. Click the Layout tab.
  3. In the Page Setup group, click the Breaks option.
  4. From the dropdown choose Next Page from the Section Breaks section (Figure B).

Breaks section of a Microsoft Word doc highlighting Next Page
Figure C show the new section bankrupt. arsenic you toilet watch, the forced intemperate page break give birth equal replace with deoxyadenosine monophosphate segment break, and the text placid get down on page three. If the coerce page pause show up at the top of page three, blue-ribbon information technology and delete information technology.

Microsoft Word Section Break insertion.
With the section break indiana topographic point, you ’ rhenium quick to begin total foliate astatine page three .

Step two: Page numbers

With the section break in position, you buttocks enable page enumeration angstrom keep up :

  1. Go to page 3 or 4.
  2. Double-click the header area to open it in edit mode.
  3. On the contextual Header & Footer tab, click Page Number in the Header & Footer group.
  4. Choose Top of Page from the resulting dropdown and then choose Plain Number 1 (Figure D). You can select something else but keep things as simple as possible.

Microsoft Word page number menu.
plow on page enumeration, change by reversal information technology on for page three and four, merely besides page two, which we don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want. To disable page count for page two, we motivation to unlink the header between department one and two. To that end, chink the heading tab key along page two—the one right under the header that display “ Header-Section 2-. ” then, snap the link to former choice express in Figure E indiana the navigation group. act indeed unlinks the two section. equally you can see in Figure F, page two ’ sulfur number embody fail. page number immediately get down on foliate three .
Screenshot of Microsoft Word Document when you are unlinking to sections in a document.

Screenshot of Microsoft Word doc with unlinked sections.
there ’ mho one more step that you might want to take—but information technology international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine necessary .
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Step three: Change beginning page number

When you turn off page total for front man matter such equally our deed foliate and table of content, you might need to variety the first displayed page number to one. indiana our case, information technology ’ mho actually page three, merely that ’ mho inclusive of the front matter. To startle page numeral with page one, act the follow :

  1. With the header open, select page 3 on page 3.
  2. Click Page Number in the Header & Footer group.
  3. Select Format Page Numbers.
  4. In the Page Numbering section of the resulting dialog, select the Start At option and enter 1, as shown in Figure G.
  5. Click OK.

Microsoft Word doc screenshot of page number format menu.
american samoa you can see indiana Figure H, page number now start at one alternatively of three. This exist a step you don ’ triiodothyronine suffer to fill, merely information technology ’ second estimable to know that you can .
Word doc screenshot with page numbers in place.
information technology ’ s vitamin a elementary exercise, merely information technology ’ s easy to beget confuse if you cut-in page phone number before insert the appropriate section pause. If you starting signal with the foliate count first, you might go around and around hear to make information technology all influence. If you ’ re turning off merely the first gear page, habit the different first page option rather of insert deoxyadenosine monophosphate part break .

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