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A starter solenoid is an electromagnet which is actuated to engage the appetizer motor of an internal combustion engine. It is normally attached directly to the crank drive which it controls. Its primary function is as the actuating coil of a contactor ( a relay designed for large electric currents ) which connects the battery to the newcomer motor proper. All modern cars besides use the appetizer solenoid to move the appetizer flight feather into betrothal with the ring gear of the locomotive. The starter solenoid is sometimes called the starter relay, but many cars reserve that diagnose for a distinguish relay which supplies power to the starter solenoid. In these cases, the ignition switch energizes the starter relay, which energizes the starter solenoid, which energizes the starter drive.

The starter solenoid is above the appetizer drive. The thread terminal at leave would connect to the battery through a heavy cable. At the right end of the solenoid coil, a linkage inside the house would engage the pinion visible in the housing at the right side of the centrifugal .

operation [edit ]

An idle appetizer solenoid can receive a bombastic electric stream from the car battery and a little electric stream from the ignition throw. When the ignition switch is turned on, a small electric stream is sent through the starter solenoid. This causes the newcomer solenoid to close a couple of heavy contacts, thus relaying a large electric current through the appetizer motor, which in turn sets the engine in motion. [ 1 ]

The crank motor is a serial, compound, or permanent wave magnet type electric centrifugal with a solenoid and solenoid operated switch mounted on it. When low- current office from the starting battery is applied to the starter solenoid, normally through a key -operated switch over, the solenoid closes high-current contacts for the newcomer centrifugal and it starts to run. Once the engine starts, the key-operated switch is opened and the solenoid opens the contacts to the starter motive.

All modern starters rely on the solenoid to engage the starter drive with the ring gear of the flywheel. When the solenoid is energized, it operates a speculator or lever which forces the pinion into engagement with the ring gear. The pennon incorporates a one room clutch so that when the engine starts and runs it will not attempt to drive the starter motor at excessive RPM. Some older starter designs, such as the Bendix repel, used the rotational inactiveness of the pinion to force it along a coiling furrow cut into the starter drive-shaft, and frankincense no mechanical linkage with the solenoid was required. [ 2 ]

Problems [edit ]

If a appetizer solenoid receives insufficient baron from the barrage, it will fail to start the motive, and may produce a rapid cluck sound. The miss of power can be caused by a low battery, by corroded or loosen connections in the battery cable, or by a damaged positive ( loss ) cable from the battery. Any of these problems will result in some, but not enough, power being sent to the solenoid, which means that the solenoid will only begin to push the date gear, making the metallic chatter healthy .

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