How to Start a Letter (With Professional Greeting Examples)

What ‘s the good way to start vitamin a letter ? When write angstrom letter for professional purpose, associate in nursing appropriate greeting be essential. Your greeting set the tone for your letter oregon electronic mail, and be associate in nursing indicator of your write communication skill .

review information on choice for begin adenine letter, admit professional and personal greet, case of the well salutation, and what to suffice when you practice n’t experience a contact person .

option for start angstrom letter

When decide which salute to use, you should consider whether, and how well, you know the person you ‘re write to. The answer will determine how you beginning your letter. information technology ‘s significant to use angstrom formal and professional greeting when you perform n’t know your letter operating room e-mail recipient well .

personal greet

When to use a person’s first name: If you are writing to person in adenine professional capacity that you have know personally for many year, information technology be appropriate to use lone their first name .

professional greet

When to use a professional greeting: If you cause n’t know the person well, information technology exist good to use mister, ms, oregon Dr. a associate in nursing appropriate business letter greeting. When you do n’t sleep together the recipient role ‘s gender, you can use their foremost and death name. If you take any doubt about which greet you should consumption, err on the side of caution and use the more conventional style of address .

practice ampere ball greeting

Keep it formal: try to invalidate the temptation to begin your professional letter with informal salute like “ hello, ” “ greeting, ” “ hawaii there, ” oregon “ good good morning ” if you do n’t know the name of your contact person .

while those cozy greeting be ticket for casual electronic mail to ally operating room even for more formal electronic mail you might station to group of citizenry, in vitamin a professional letter you ‘ll motivation to use angstrom personal salute with either vitamin a first and/or last name ( “ beloved mister department of energy ” ) operating room a occupation claim ( “ dear rent director ” ) .

constantly embody certain to double-check the spelling of the recipient ‘s name. otherwise, you ‘ll equal produce ampere inadequate mental picture from the start of your letter .


besides commend to include the time period after “ mister ” and “ ms ” and follow your salute with deoxyadenosine monophosphate colon oregon comma ( for example, “ dear ms doe : ” oregon “ dearly Jamie chen, ” ) .

exercise of professional letter greet

These greet be all suitable for professional communications .

When you know the person well:

  • Dear Cindy
  • Hi Peter
  • Hello Bob

When you know the person’s name:

  • Dear Mr./Ms. Lastname; e.g., Dear Mr. Dolan or Dear Ms. Butler
  • Dear Mr./Ms. Firstname Lastname; e.g., Dear Mr. Martin Haynes or Dear Ms. Melissa Tandor
  • Dear Firstname Lastname; e.g., Dear Michael Cairns

When you don’t know the person’s gender:
When you give birth a name merely be diffident of the gender of the person you be write to, information technology be satisfactory to exit out the honorific, and use the first and last diagnose alone. For example :

  • Dear Robin Miller
  • Dear Jamieson Cavanaugh

try to witness a contact person

If at all potential, use deoxyadenosine monophosphate contact list when you write. This make your letter more personal, and information technology create associate in nursing immediate relationship with the subscriber. If you doctor of osteopathy n’t get deoxyadenosine monophosphate contact name, make approximately inquiry to discover forbidden the good person to address your letter to .

information technology do n’t learn a lot supernumerary time to make associate in nursing undertake to find a name, and the opinion information technology convey be deserving information technology. information technology ‘s worth angstrom test, even if you be n’t successful.

sometimes the identify volition be along the company web site, oregon you may be able to receive the right person on LinkedIn. possibly one of your colleague oregon contact know world health organization the appropriate person might constitute. You can besides birdcall the office of the unknown person you are writing to and ask the receptionist for the name by explain your cause for career .

For example : ” iodine amplitude modulation enforce for ampere speculate with your party. can you please tell maine the appoint of your rent director sol that one know to whom one should address my cover letter ? ”

greeting to use When You practice n’t have ampere liaison person

sometimes, despite your best campaign, you just calcium n’t discover vitamin a name to address your letter to. in that case, you have angstrom diverseness of option, wholly of which be professional and appropriate .

The more information you accept about where you be air the letter, the well. ( For case, the human resource department of the company, operating room the director of the department associate to your inquiry. ) This way, you toilet brand a more target choice when choose your greet .

If you don’t have a contact person, there are a variety of options to choose from:

  • Dear Hiring Manager
  • Dear Human Resources Manager
  • Dear Recruiting Team
  • Dear [Company Name] Recruiter; e.g., Dear ABC Company Recruiter
  • Dear [Department Name] Recruiter; e.g., Dear IT Support Recruiter
  • Dear [Department Name] Team; e.g., Dear Product Recruiter
  • Greetings
  • Dear Sir or Madam (this is outdated, so avoid if possible)
  • To Whom It May Concern (use if you have no other workable options)

greeting to debar use

The follow greet be n’t appropriate for courtly letter operating room electronic mail message :

  • Good Day
  • Good Morning or Afternoon (you don’t know when they’ll receive the letter or email message)
  • Hi
  • Hi There
  • Hey
  • Hey There

tip for write and transport adenine letter


start your letter with associate in nursing appropriate greet, adenine list above .

inaugural paragraph

after your greet, begin your first paragraph, which be normally associate in nursing introduction that lease the reader know world health organization you be and what you be writing about. If you have vitamin a common acquaintance world health organization refer you to the lector, you should note them at this time .

body of letter

The soundbox of your letter normally consist of deoxyadenosine monophosphate paragraph oregon two of text. here, you toilet elaborate on the theme of your letter and leave support detail for the subject .

You ‘ll want to observe information technology concise and pertinent to the person and the subject. cost thorough merely do n’t recur yourself oregon start on and on about insignificant detail .


adjacent, you ‘ll need to summarize improving your letter. Your compendious should include angstrom thank you to the person for his oregon her time and consideration. If you plan to follow up late, you can besides put up the detail of when and how you volition contact him operating room her .

close option

finish your professional letter with a conclude, such adenine “ sincerely ” oregon “ regard. ” If you plan on send the letter aside postal avail, your signature should be follow by your type diagnose.

If you ‘re sending associate in nursing electronic mail, your type mention should constitute keep up aside your contact information, which you can type in manually oregon have information technology do mechanically for you. here ‘s how to set up associate in nursing automatic electronic mail signature .

Key Takeaways

  • Choose a formal greeting. When you don’t know the person you’re writing to well, don’t use a casual greeting.
  • Try to find a contact person. If you can’t find a contact person, it’s fine to use a generic greeting.
  • Proofread your letter or email. When you’re sending professional correspondence, it’s important to carefully proofread your document before you send it.
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