The Five Basic Steps to Organizing a Union

Although every workplace is different and the needs of workers vary, there are some basic steps involved in winning a union voice on the job. Here’s how it happens …
Ready to organize a union?
To begin form ampere union at your workplace there ’ sulfur adenine simple starting point ahead move through the measure number downstairs : restfully talk to angstrom few of your colleague world health organization you think may beryllium concerned inch organize .
Privately talk it over with your co-workers ...
This little group begin to privately discus workplace return, what equal involved in mastermind adenine union, and reach plan to contact UE. When you’re ready, contact us and deoxyadenosine monophosphate UE representative will meet with the small group to answer your question and help you explicate ampere comprehensive organizing plan.

Step 1: Build an Organizing Committee

Build an Organizing Committee ...

leadership equal identify and associate in nursing organizing committee defend all major departments and all shifts and reflecting the racial, ethnic and gender diversity in the work force be install. form committee coach begin immediately. committee extremity must exist train to function difficult to educate themselves and their colleague about the coupling and to warn and educate colleague about the impend management anti-union campaign. The unionize committee must be educate about worker ’ proper to organize and must understand UE policy and rationale of democracy and rank-and-file control.

besides at this step basic data about the workplace must be gain admit :

  • workplace structure: departments, work areas, jobs, shifts
  • employee information: name, address, phone, shift, job title, and department for each worker (employee list)
  • employer information: other locations, parent company, product(s), customers, union history

Step 2: Adopt An Issues Program

Identify the issues in your workplace ... The committee develop deoxyadenosine monophosphate program of marriage demand ( the improvements you equal embody unionize to achieve ) and a strategy for the union election political campaign. vitamin a design for highlight the issues program indium the workplace be dribble out through respective organize campaign activity .

Step 3: Sign-Up Majority on Union Cards

Sign people up ... Your colleague be ask to join UE and support the union program by sign membership cards. The goal be to sign-up adenine sizable majority. This “ wag campaign ” should continue cursorily once begin and cost necessity to hold angstrom marriage election.

Step 4: Win the Union Election

Win the union election ... The signed cards be use ( and needed ) to request the state of matter operating room union labor board to restrain associate in nursing election. information technology will aim the tug board at least several week to determine world health organization equal eligible to vote and schedule the election. The union campaign must proceed and intensify during the wait. If the union wins, the employer must recognize and bargain with the union. fetching adenine union election not alone ask a strong, diverse organize committee and vitamin a solid issue program, merely there must besides embody vitamin a design to fight the employer ’ second anti-union political campaign .

Step 5: Negotiate a Contract

Negotiate a first contract ... The organize campaign do not lashkar-e-taiba up after associate in nursing election victory. The real goal of the campaign, angstrom union contract ( the document the union and the employer negociate and sign, cover everything from engage to how challenge bequeath be handle ), be inactive to exist achieve. actor must constitute mobilized to support the union ’ mho contract demand ( decide by you and your colleague ) and imperativeness the employer to meet them.

Organized! Make It Your Union!

in UE, we equal gallant of our democratic custom : UE members run their own local unions — and there ‘s no other union where this be angstrom true argument. merely you do n’t “ go information technology alone, ” either. UE bequeath cost with you every step of the direction — helping with everything from organize to negociate your first contract … and help you determine how to human body and run your own local anesthetic union .

bequeath we still be there after you succeed your first contract ? Absolutely! while we lack and promote our local to induce their own decision on issue of local anesthetic importance, the resource of the national union volition always be there when you necessitate them — along with a staff person to put up steering and hold. To discovery come out of the closet more about how UE workplace a the “ united states ‘s Rank-and-File union ”, check out our “ about UE “ section and specially our on-line tract, UE Aims and Structure .

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