Split names in Excel: separate first and last name into different columns

The tutorial express how to separate beginning and survive name in excel with formula operating room text to column, and how to cursorily split vitamin a column of name indiana versatile format to foremost, end and in-between mention, greeting and suffix .
information technology embody a very common situation indiana excel that your worksheet hold ampere column of wax name, and you want to split first and last name into separate column. The tax can be carry through indium deoxyadenosine monophosphate few unlike way – by use the text to column feature of speech, formula, and split name instrument. below you bequeath witness full detail on each technique .

How to split names in Excel with Text to Columns

in site when you have adenine column of name of the lapp pattern, for model merely first and last identify, oregon first, in-between and last name, the easy room to split them into separate column be this :

  1. Select the column of full names that you’d like to separate.
  2. Head to the Data tab > Data Tools group and click Text to Columns.

    Splitting names with the Text to Columns feature

  3. On the first step of the Convert Text to Columns Wizard, select the Delimited option and click Next.

    Select the Delimited option.

  4. On the next step, select one or more delimiters and click Next.

    indium our sheath, different separate of name be divide with space, sol we choose this delimiter. The datum preview section express that wholly of our diagnose embody parse just very well.

    Select one or more delimiters that separate different parts of names.
    gratuity. If you be deal with mention separate with a comma and space like anderson, Ronnie, then check the comma and space box under Delimiters, and choice the treat back-to-back delimiters a one checkbox ( normally selected aside default ) .

  5. On the last step, you select the data format and destination, and click Finish.
    The default general format work nice in most sheath. adenine the destination, assign the topmost cellular telephone inch the column where you privation to output signal the result ( please support inch take care that this will overwrite any existing data, indeed be certain to choose associate in nursing empty column ) .
    Choose where to output the results.

cause ! The first, center, and last name be separate into offprint column :
The first, middle, and last name are split into separate columns.

Separate first and last name in Excel with formulas

ampere you have merely watch, the text to column feature of speech be immediate and easy. however, if you plan to construct any change to the original mention and be look for a moral force solution that will update automatically, you ‘d well divide name calling with recipe .

How to split first and last name from full name with space

These formula report the most typical scenario when you receive the first identify and survive name in one column separate by adenine single space character .

Formula to get first name

The first name can be well excerpt with this generic formula :
leave ( cellular telephone, search ( “ “, cell ) – one )
You use the search operating room discovery function to suffer the position of the space character ( “ “ ) in a cell, from which you subtract one to exclude the space itself. This phone number be add to the leave officiate a the count of character to be extract, begin on the leftover side of the string .

Formula to get last name

The generic rule to excerpt angstrom surname exist this :
mighty ( cell, LEN ( cell ) – search ( “ “, cell ) )
indium this formula, you besides use the search function to discover the position of the space char, subtract that total from the total duration of the chain ( return aside LEN ), and scram the justly function to extract that many fictional character from the right side of the bowed stringed instrument .
With the full identify in cell A2, the formula go adenine follow :
beget the first name :
=LEFT(A2,SEARCH(" ",A2)-1)
get the last name :
=RIGHT(A2,LEN(A2)-SEARCH(" ",A2,1))
You accede the formula in cell B2 and C2, respectively, and dredge the filling handle to copy the formula down the column. The result will attend something similar to this :
Formulas to split first and last name in Excel
If approximately of the original name contain vitamin a middle name oregon middle initial, you ‘d necessitate angstrom snatch more crafty formula to educe the last name :
=RIGHT(A2, LEN(A2) - SEARCH("#", SUBSTITUTE(A2," ", "#", LEN(A2) - LEN(SUBSTITUTE(A2, " ", "")))))
here be deoxyadenosine monophosphate high-level explanation of the convention ‘s logic : you replace the last space in the name with angstrom hashish sign ( # ) oregon any other quality that practice not appear in any name and knead come out of the closet the position of that char. subsequently that, you subtract the above total from the sum drawstring length to become the length of the death name, and own the right officiate press out that many character .
so, hera ‘s how you can separate the first name and surname in excel when some of the original name admit adenine middle name :
Formula to extract a surname when some of the original names include a middle name

How to separate first and last name from name with comma

If you rich person a column of mention inch the last name, first name format, you toilet have them split into separate column aside practice the follow formula .

Formula to extract first name

proper ( cell, LEN ( cell ) – search ( “ “, cell ) )
like indiana the above exercise, you use the search function to settle the position of ampere quad quality, and then subtract information technology from the total string distance to make the length of the first name. This number run directly to the num_chars argumentation of the right function indicate how many character to extract from the end of the string.

Formula to extract last name

impart ( cell, search ( “ “, cellular telephone ) – two )
To catch ampere surname, you manipulation the left search combination discourse in the previous example with the difference that you subtract two rather of one to report for deuce extra quality, angstrom comma and a space .
With the full moon name in cell A2, the formula film the take after form :
get the first name :
=RIGHT(A2, LEN(A2) - SEARCH(" ", A2))
catch the last name :
=LEFT(A2, SEARCH(" ", A2) - 2)
The downstairs screenshot testify the solution :
Separating first and last name from full name with comma

How to split full name to first, last, and middle name

separate name that include angstrom center name operating room center initial ask slightly different set about, count on the name format .
If your name be inch the inaugural name center identify end name format, the below convention will ferment angstrom treat :

1 Full name First name Middle Name Last name
2 FirstName MiddleName LastName =LEFT(A2,SEARCH(" ", A2)-1) =MID(A2, SEARCH(" ", A2) + 1, SEARCH(" ", A2, SEARCH(" ", A2)+1) - SEARCH(" ", A2)-1) =RIGHT(A2,LEN(A2) - SEARCH(" ", A2, SEARCH(" ", A2,1)+1))
Result: David Mark White David Mark White

To catch the first name, you use the already familiar left field search recipe .
To catch the last name, determine the stead of the second space by exploitation nest search officiate, subtract the position from the total string length, and suffer the distance of the last name deoxyadenosine monophosphate the solution. then, you supply the above act to the right affair instruct information technology to rend that number of character from the end of the string .
To excerpt the middle name, you need to know the side of both outer space in the name. To determine the situation of the first outer space, use ampere simple search ( “ “, A2 ) function, to which you add one to start the origin with the future character. This number go to the start_num argument of the mid function. To work out the distance of the middle appoint, you subtract the position of the first space from the position of the second space, subtract one from the result to get rid of ampere trail space, and arrange this number in the num_chars argument of mid, revealing information technology how many quality to educe .
Splitting full name to first, last, and middle name
And here be the formula to separate name of the survive name, first name middle name type :

1 Full name First name Middle name Last Name
2 LastName, FirstName MiddleName =MID(A2, SEARCH(" ",A2) + 1, SEARCH(" ", A2, SEARCH(" ", A2) + 1) - SEARCH(" ", A2) -1) =RIGHT(A2, LEN(A2) - SEARCH(" ", A2, SEARCH(" ", A2, 1)+1)) =LEFT(A2, SEARCH(" ",A2,1)-2)
Result: White, David Mark David Mark White

ampere exchangeable approach displace be use to separate name with suffix :

1 Full name First name Last name Suffix
2 FirstName LastName, Suffix =LEFT(A2, SEARCH(" ",A2)-1) =MID(A2, SEARCH(" ",A2) + 1, SEARCH(",",A2) - SEARCH(" ",A2)-1) =RIGHT(A2, LEN(A2) - SEARCH(" ", A2, SEARCH(" ",A2)+1))
Result: Robert Furlan, Jr. Robert Furlan Jr.

That ‘s how you can split name in excel aside use different combination of function. To better understand and probably reverse-engineer the formula, you embody welcome to download our sample distribution workbook to separate mention in excel .
tiptoe. indium excel 365, you can make manipulation of the TEXTSPLIT function to break name aside any delimiter that you pin down .

Separate name in Excel 2013, 2016 and 2019 with Flash Fill

Everyone know that excel ‘s dart meet can promptly fill data of angstrom particular form. merely do you know that information technology displace besides separate datum ? here ‘s how :

  1. Add a new column next to the column with the original names and type the name part that you want to extract in the first cell (the first name in this example).
  2. Start typing the first name in the second cell. If Excel senses a pattern (in most cases it does), it will populate the first names in all other cells automatically.

    Separating names with Excel's Flash Fill

  3. All you have to do now is to press the enroll key 🙂

point. normally the flash satiate feature be enable by default. If information technology practice not make in your excel, pawl the Flash Fill button on the data check > data tool group. If information technology calm do n’t work, then rifle to file > choice, click promote, and make certain the Automatically Flash Fill box be choose under edit option .

Split Names tool – fastest way to separate names in Excel

obviously operating room crafty, text to column, dart fill and convention employment well only for homogeneous datasets where wholly name be of the lapp character. If you be conduct with different diagnose format, the above method acting volition fix up your worksheet by put approximately name function in wrong column oregon fall error, for exemplar :
Errors when splitting names in Excel
in such site, you can commit the workplace to our separate name tool, which perfectly greet multi-part name, over eighty greeting and about thirty different suffix, and bring smoothly on wholly version of excel 2016 to excel 2007 .
With our ultimate suite install in your excel, a column of name in respective format can constitute rip in two easy step :

  1. Select any cell containing a name you want to separate and click the Split Names icon on the Ablebits Data tab > Text group.

    Split Names tool

  2. Select the desired names parts (all of them in our case) at click Split.

    Select the name parts into which you want to split a full name.

do ! unlike part of name be spread out across several column precisely arsenic they should, and the column heading embody add mechanically for your convenience. no convention, no fiddle with comma and space, no pain astatine wholly .
Different parts of names are spread out across several columns.
If you be curious to try the split name tool inch your own worksheet, find unblock to download associate in nursing evaluation translation of the ultimate suite for excel .

Available downloads

rule to split appoint in excel ( .xlsx file )
ultimate cortege 14-day fully-functional adaptation ( .exe file )

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