Easy Spelling Words | Easy Way To Spell Words To Enhance Vocabulary Skills

Easy Way To Spell Words To Enhance Vocabulary Skills

Learning how to spell can be a daunting task in the initial years of kids learning. Kids need to know the spellings of certain words to become adept in read and writing. It is apprehensible that kids get confused when trying to spell many words due to their irregular phonics. For example, go sounds like ‘ o ’ but to sounds like ‘ oo ’. however, you can incorporate easy spelling words in their course of study to teach vocabulary for kids. For that, you have to find easy ways to spell words so that kids can use them appropriately while communicating with others .
There has to be creative approaches to teach easy spell words for kids. The spelling bee words are easily for kids to memorize and understand. Learning to spell words correctly is a skill that can be acquired gradually. consequently, you can conduct spelling activities for kids to learn easy words to improve their linguistic process and vocabulary skills .

Important Easy Spelling Words For Kids

We can not expect kids to learn hard spell words at the begin of their eruditeness time period. From an early age, kids start picking up words around them. Let me remind you that kids pick only slowly words that they are able to pronounce and understand. then, finally they will explore words depending on their floor of understanding. Teaching words to kids is extremely crucial for their educational and cognitive development. however, you can check vocabulary words for kids listed below :

List of Spelling Bee Words Easy For Kids To Understand

Doll Chair
Toy  Mask
Red  Brother
Honey Lunch
Mother Table
Jug Jelly
Eight  Piece 
Friend  Camel
Family  Feast
Tree Whale
Pony Jump
Again Flower
Tree Nut
Yellow Simple
Drawing Follow
Birthday Boat
Apple Animal
Bell Bounce
Crown Castle
Drum Dust
Elephant Ear
Fish Foam
Glass Guest
Hut Hand
Ice Ink
Jacket Jam
Kite Kind
Long Lamp
Master Mat
Nest Night
Orange Owl
Parrot Pencil
Queen Queue
Rose Rest
Sweet Sleep
Train Tin
Uncle Unable
Van Vest
Water Weep
Yak Zip

Interesting Tips For Learning Easy Way To Spell Words 

Your kid might find it hard to remember comfortable spelling words. well, there is no motivation to worry. You need to be patient in the child ’ s travel of learning spelling words. apart from learning easy words, kids will besides improve their vocabulary on number spelling. The comfortable ways to spell words are given below :

List Of Tips And Tricks To Learn Easy Spelling Words

  • Use Mnemonics: Remembering spelling rules can be a painstaking task for kids. Mnemonics is a learning technique that helps in information retention. In mnemonics devices, the information is turned into a picture, sentence, or rhyme which makes it easier to remember.
  • Learning rules: The easy way to spell a word is to know the spelling rules. Start with basic rules and build your spelling skills gradually. As you learn new words, you can proceed with more rules. Kids must note that there are some exceptions to some rules which kids need to remember. If you find it difficult to spell certain words, you can try finding out if the spelling follows any rule.
  • Identify commonly misspelled words: There are certain words that have a high chance of getting misspelled. Some of the examples are across, believe, weird, foreign, etc. Sometimes, these words create a lot of confusion while spelling them. You need to identify such words and teach appropriately to the kids. 
  • List out the words you find difficult to spell: If you come across a word whose spelling is difficult to remember, you can list out such words and practice again and again. Use different methodology to teach such words so that kids will remember the spellings. 
  • Divide the words into smaller parts: Sometimes, words are difficult to spell simply because they are long. In such a case, dividing the words into chunks would be a great idea to remember the spelling. For example, ‘Happiness’ can be divided into ‘Hap’, ‘pi’ and ‘ness’.
  • Practice the pronunciation of the word: Sounding a word out is a trick to understand its spelling. If you are not sure of the spelling of a word, say it out loud and slowly. Remember, this won’t work every time. There are many words that are read and spelled out differently.
  • Practice dictation: Dictation is one of the best ways to learn to spell. Parents and teachers must take dictation tests for kids to assess their spelling skills. Also, one can play word games. This way, they will enjoy learning new spellings every day.

Activities To Learn Easy Spelling Words

Have you noticed your child wholly dedicating themselves to activities ? It is because they find it extremely engaging and entertaining. Teaching something through activities can be beneficial in increasing their concentration and agreement of the concepts. These literacy games for kids will help them in learning spellings of easy words in a creative and fun room .

List Of Activities For Easy Way To Spell Words 

  • Worksheets: Encourage children to practice spellings on a regular basis. There are worksheets for kids available online. Practicing words on worksheets will enable kids to learn spellings while writing. 
  • Osmo’s Words: Here, kids can practice words by themselves. There are two sets of alphabets one in red and other in blue. Kids can identify words appearing on the screen and score points for the correct spellings. Initially, they will start playing easy spelling words and gradually the words will get tougher.
  • YouTube video

  • Puzzles: Cracking puzzles will give a sense of accomplishment among children. These puzzles for kids will encourage them to learn spellings while hunting the correct words. Kids will read out spellings loudly to make sure that they learn and mark them vertically, horizontally or diagonally. 

Benefits Of Learning Easy Spelling Words

Writing is a significant separate of our life sentence. Learning to spell is authoritative to write correctly and fluently. Kids must be teach newly spellings every day to guide them in learning English. besides, while teaching english words, one needs to choose which state ’ sulfur spelling they want to use because some spellings can be different. For example, in american english English, it is neighbor and in british English, it is neighbor. If your kids follow the above guidelines on how to spell, they will become masters in english spellings. They can besides participate in spelling bee words easy for kids to commit and show off their spell skills. Some of benefits of learning easy spell words are mentioned below :

  • Builds connections between letters and sounds. 
  • Enables kids to interpret information effectively. 
  • Develops vocabulary and language skills. 
  • Understand the meaning of words easily. 
  • Retains words in their memory for longer periods of time.

Frequently Asked Questions on Easy Spelling Words

What are some of the important easy spelling words for kids?

Some of the significant easy spell words for kids are tree, bee, dame, dally, president, beget, father, slice, peace, camel, cavalry, family, supporter, pony, jump, forest, deer, defile, earth, moon, sun, jellify, bees, imp, talk through one’s hat, etc.

What are some of the activities that help kids learn easy spelling words?

Some of the activities that help kids in learning easily spell words are son build activities, worksheets, crossword puzzle puzzles, word puzzles, reading activities, dictation activities, etc .

What are the benefits of easy spelling words?

The benefits of easy spell words are that kids will learn the association between the alphabet and sounds which besides helps them understand the meaning of words well. furthermore, these easily spelling words will develop their communication skills and vocabulary .

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