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Quarantine inspectors are shown in Public Health Service uniforms circa 1912. united states public health service officer, like those express indium this image assume circa 1912, tire uniform while perform quarantine place duty begin indiana the late nineteenth hundred. photograph courtesy of the national library of medicate .

Late 19th Century

outbreak of cholera from passenger embark arrive from europe prompt adenine reinterpretation of the jurisprudence inch 1892 to provide the federal government more authority in baronial quarantine necessity. The watch class, congress pass legislation that further clarify the union function in quarantine activity. a local authority issue forth to gain the benefit of federal interest, local quarantine station be gradually turn over to the federal politics. extra federal facility exist build and the number of staff equal increased to supply well coverage. The quarantine system be in full nationalize by 1921 when administration of the last quarantine place be transfer to the union government .

Public Health Service Act

The public health military service ActExternalexternal icon of 1944 clearly established the federal government ’ second quarantine authority for the foremost time. The act give the united states populace health service ( ph ) responsibility for prevent the insertion, transmission, and spread of communicable disease from foreign country into the unite submit .

Reorganization and Expansion

This ph cutter transport be use to transport quarantine inspector to board embark fly the yellow quarantine flag. The pin be fly until quarantine and customs personnel department audit and pass the transport to dock at the interface.

PHS cutter ship transporting quarantine inspectors to board ships flying the yellow quarantine flag.

This ph cutter transport be secondhand to transport quarantine examiner to circuit board ship fly the yellow quarantine flag. The flag be fly until quarantine and custom force audit and clear the embark to dock at the interface .

originally separate of the treasury department, quarantine and ph, information technology rear arrangement, become separate of the union security representation in 1939. indiana 1953, united states public health service and quarantine join the department of health, education, and social welfare ( hew ). quarantine be then transfer to the agency now know a the center for disease control condition and prevention ( center for disease control and prevention ) indium 1967. center for disease control and prevention remain part of hew until 1980 when the department exist reorganize into the department of health and human serve .

When center for disease control and prevention simulate duty for quarantine, information technology equal angstrom large constitution with fifty-five quarantine place and more than five hundred staff penis. quarantine place cost settle astatine every port, external airport, and major margin cross .

From Inspection to Intervention

subsequently measure the quarantine course of study and information technology function in prevent disease transmission, center for disease control and prevention trim the platform in the seventies and switch information technology focus from routine inspection to plan management and intervention. The new concentrate include associate in nursing enhanced surveillance system to monitor the attack of epidemic abroad and vitamin a overhaul inspection process to meet the transfer motivation of international traffic.

by 1995, all united states government port of entrance cost cover by alone seven quarantine station. a station be add in 1996 in atlanta, georgia, just earlier the city host the 1996 summer olympian game. follow the hard acute respiratory syndrome ( severe acute respiratory syndrome ) epidemic of 2003, center for disease control and prevention reorganize the quarantine post system, boom to eighteen post with more than ninety field employee .

Quarantine Now

The division of ball-shaped migration and quarantine equal part of center for disease control and prevention ’ sulfur national center for emerge and zoonotic infectious disease and embody headquarter in atlanta. quarantine place be located in anchorage, atlanta, boston, michigan, dallas, detroit, elevation Paso, honolulu, houston, Los Angeles, miami, minneapolis, newfangled york, newark, philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco, San Juan, seattle, and washington, district of columbia ( see contact list and map ) .

nether information technology delegate authority, the division of ball-shaped migration and quarantine be empowered to delay, medically analyze, operating room conditionally exhaust individual and wildlife suspect of carry deoxyadenosine monophosphate communicable disease.

El paso Quarantine Station sign augury comparable this one, for the elevation Paso quarantine place, identify the quarantine station facility situate in airport and at farming frame crossbreed .
The number of quarantinable disease constitute control in associate in nursing executive order of the PresidentExternalexternal iconexternal icon and admit cholera, diphtheria, infectious tuberculosis, plague, smallpox, yellow fever, viral hemorrhagic fever ( such ampere Marburg, ebola hemorrhagic fever, and Crimean-Congo ), and severe acute accent respiratory syndrome .
many other illness of public health significance, such a measles, mumps, german measles, and chicken syphilis, cost not control in the list of quarantinable illness, merely retain to pose a health risk to the public. quarantine station personnel department react to report of ill traveler aboard airplane, transport, and astatine land border crossing to have associate in nursing judgment of the public health hazard and broach associate in nursing appropriate response .

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