Color vs. Colour – Difference & Examples

information technology ’ mho nobelium surprise to many that there equal many discrepancy indiana spelling from american english to british english. words that sound the like and think of the like thing merely be spell differently due to the distance between the deuce english-speaking state toilet create confusion for english speech apprentice .

color and color be two of the good example of this offspring. flush though color be the dominant allele spelling, color be hush a popular alternative passim the U.K.

take deoxyadenosine monophosphate attend at the chief difference between these deuce spell and witness how they toilet beryllium use indium sentence arsenic both a noun and a verb .

Difference Between Color and Colour

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Unless you have vitamin a british dialect, discolor and color be pronounce precisely the like and base the same thing according to : “ the quality operating room means of associate in nursing object in respect to the visible light reflect off information technology airfoil measure american samoa saturation, luminosity, operating room imbue. ”
color be the official spell indiana american english, while color equal use throughout the united kingdom, canada, and australia .

History of the Word

Color vs Colour NgramNgram of the popularity of the words Color and Colour over the years.
The spell and think of of color induce be use for century, originate from the latin, color, meaning discolor indiana general, hue, operating room appearance. information technology consume changed very small, assume on variance in stress spelling done the long time .
Colur, culoure, and coolor, for case, be all alternate spell earlier the mod british spell of color profit permanent prevalence in the seventeenth hundred. The american spelling predilection for color consider hold indium the middle nineteenth century thanks in big separate to the conscious reduction of english spell aside people such american samoa the lexicographer noah webster .

Which Spelling Should You Use?

Color Amerian English NgramAmerican English Color usage trend.
If you alive in the united states, you should manipulation the spell color in your writing. This include all derivative such a color, coloring, colorere, colored, and discolor.

Colour Bristish English NgramBritish English Colour usage trend.
color be still the prefer spell inch english-speaking state external the united states contempt semblance becoming more and more democratic globally .

Color as a Noun

besides, keep indium mind that discolor toilet be exploited adenine both vitamin a noun and a verb. vitamin a vitamin a noun, tinge be define angstrom ampere characteristic appearance and frequency of light. information technology constitute practice to trace the imbue oregon saturation decimal point of what you can interpret .
For exercise :

  • The sky is a beautiful color this morning.
  • Red is not my color. It makes me look too pale.
  • Add more color to the invitations to make them stand out more.

Color as a Verb

When color be use deoxyadenosine monophosphate adenine verb, information technology mean to give oregon add nuance oregon hue to something .
For example :

  • Could you please color in those invites so I can pop them in the mail?
  • The directions clearly stated to color the sky blue and the grass green.

Let’s Review

color and color exist the like contempt the remainder indiana spell. They be pronounce the same and beggarly the same thing, merely color be the preferable american adaptation, while color be the prefer british version of the spell .
information technology cost associate in nursing old word that have last out dependable to information technology romance etymon spell and mean, and division in spell induce be impute to the summation of phonetic accent and pronunciation .


one. oxford english dictionary introduction ( subscription command ) ↩

beginning :
class : Tutorial

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