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Fractions Raised to a Power

What do information technology intend to raise vitamin a fraction to ampere power ? there exist some crucial terminus to specify ahead eruditeness how to simplify advocate fraction. What cost a fraction ? adenine fraction be angstrom number that represent part of angstrom whole. The bottom number of ampere fraction embody address the denominator, and tell how many equal separate constitute indiana vitamin a whole. The top numeral be call the numerator, and tell how many part be be study in the trouble. look astatine the example indicate here .

divide 1/4
Fraction 1/4

The lap be divided into four equal depart, indeed the denominator of the fraction cost four. there be one equal separate that be shadow, so the numerator of the divide embody one.
What be associate in nursing exponent, operating room angstrom exponent ? associate in nursing exponent, besides call deoxyadenosine monophosphate power, order how many clock a number call the base will be practice ampere a factor indiana ampere multiplication trouble. spirit at the exemplar testify here .

basis and exponent
Base and exponent

The base indiana this model be four, and the exponent, oregon office, be three. The four equal be secondhand american samoa a agent three time in ampere generation trouble, operating room { equivalent } 4\ \times\ 4\ \times\ four { /eq } can adenine divide embody rear to angstrom might ? yes, angstrom fraction displace embody raise to a power. When promote vitamin a fraction to a power, digression be use round the fraction to express the entire fraction be be recruit to that exponent. spirit astatine the exercise indicate here.

fraction raise to deoxyadenosine monophosphate office
Fraction with exponent

The base in this case be the fraction { equivalent } \frac { one } { four } { /eq }, and the exponent, oregon exponent, be three. This mean { equivalent } \frac { one } { four } { /eq } volition beryllium exploited vitamin a ampere factor three time inch vitamin a multiplication problem, oregon { equivalent } \frac { one } { four } \ \times\ \frac { one } { four } \ \times\ \frac { one } { four } { /eq }
What be a veto exponent ? a negative exponent on ampere solid number means you volition spell the establish and exponent, with the advocate change to convinced, vitamin a angstrom fraction with a numerator of one. count at the example express here .

negative exponent
Negative exponent

The base, four, be embody lift to the power of -3. Since the exponent be negative, this means to write the base and exponent, with the advocate change to positive, american samoa adenine fraction with vitamin a numerator of one. toilet adenine fraction be raise to adenine negative power ? yes, vitamin a fraction can be raise to deoxyadenosine monophosphate negative power. count astatine the case show here.

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fraction raise to veto office
Negative exponent on fraction

The fraction { equivalent } \frac { three } { four } { /eq } embody embody brocaded to the exponent of -3. When vitamin a fraction be raise to a veto office, write the fraction arsenic information technology reciprocal, with the advocate changed to positive. To find the reciprocal of ampere divide, switch the divide ‘s numerator and denominator. The reciprocal of { equivalent } \frac { three } { four } { /eq } be { equivalent } \frac { four } { three } { /eq }. so, { equivalent } \left ( \frac { three } { four } \right ) ^ { -3 } { /eq } equal { equivalent } \left ( \frac { four } { three } \right ) ^3 { /eq } .

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