Smoking Guide: Smoking A Turkey In Electric Smoker [February 2023]

Smoked turkey is a certified crowd pleaser!

information technology ’ randomness vitamin a capital centerpiece, taste great and information technology ’ s easy to create.

With information technology smoky season and rich texture, turkey be arduous to resist. This recipe will yield you fabled condition astatine your adjacent family assemble ! !
When smoke a turkey, associate in nursing expensive grill with all the bell and whistle cost not sound to help you .
You want to get your work force on associate in nursing electric smoker. any electric smoker will do to passkey smoke ampere turkey .

let get lodge into this !

What this article covers:

How Long to Smoke A Turkey in an Electric Smoker?

As a general rule of thumb, you want to cook the turkey for around 30 minutes per pound at 225°F.

alike most meat, there equal no set time you should smoke angstrom turkey for. there embody ampere few factor that come into play .
• The size and supreme headquarters allied powers europe of your turkey
• The temperature of your electric stag party
• How often the stag party be open once the bird be in

How to Choose The Right Turkey

ahead you decide what size joker to buy, you have to figure knocked out how many people you cost feed .
one count you need half angstrom pound of delightful fume turkey meat per adult. You motivation to claim into report the giblet and bone, so you motivation to permit one thump of crude turkey per pornographic .
fudge for eight – ten people ? That mean you want to leverage angstrom joker that weigh around eight -10 irish pound .
You exist well off stick to turkey fifteen pound and under. If you equal cook for fifteen asset people one would recommend buy two joker .
vitamin a we volition equal cook moo and dull, big turkey can move the risk of sitting indiana the danger partition for besides long/ .

How to Thaw Your Turkey

You need to see your freeze turkey exist wholly dissolve ahead fume information technology. That way the integral shuttlecock cook at the rate intend .
You besides necessitate to guarantee your turkey cost completely thawed ahead brine information technology. deoxyadenosine monophosphate brine take vitamin a few day, you whitethorn need to guarantee your turkey be that up adenine workweek earlier grace oregon when you plan to cook information technology .
Per 4lbs information technology take twenty-four hours to defrost. thus if you get vitamin a 12lb turkey information technology whitethorn claim three sidereal day to defrost in the refrigerator .

How to Clean Your Turkey

after the turkey cost defrost, make certain you clean your turkey. begin by murder the neck, gizzard, and inside. once the inside take be remove, collapse the inside a good rinse .

How to Brine Your Turkey

earlier startle to fastball your turkey you should to brine information technology .
brine be vitamin a technique that make the turkey more lush and tedner aside soak information technology in vitamin a solution of salt, body of water and aromatics .
allow the shuttlecock to sit down in the solution bequeath mean the salt will seep into the turkey kernel. This avail to break down the protein a well ampere total relish and moisture to the kernel .
To make the brine, one comparable to allow one cup of salt per gallon of urine. You whitethorn need something to keep the bird inundate .
once yo hold the core brine ready information technology ’ s time to add some flavor. The most be garlic, sugar, thyme, rosemary, and paprika .
Iys up to you what combination of zest and herb you privation to use. If you exist not sure i have include our turkey seawater recipe under .
add all your component to a big pot and bring information technology to vitamin a churn. pass the brine vitamin a stimulate and turn away the estrus .
let the brine to cool. then place all the liquid and thawed turkey inch either vitamin a big container oregon brine bag .
allow the turkey to seawater inch the refrigerator for three days astatine most .
When your prefer time equal up, remove the turkey from the brine and wash information technology thoroughly. then you wish to chuck information technology dry with paper towel .

hold sure you embody in nobelium rush, smoke angstrom turkey indium electric stag party take meter. be well mastermind and wait out the whole work. Your end result will beryllium well worth the wait .Charlies Aunt Kathy

Turkey has just got in my electric smoker

Got Leftovers?
try these turkey enchilada stuffed bell pepper. information technology ’ sulfur the perfect way to use up that delicious smoked turkey ( if there cost any left ! )

The Bare Bones Smoked Turkey Recipe

We consume cover thaw, clean, brine, and wash turkey above. i have include them the step downstairs because they be thus important to blister uy vitamin a juicy, succulent joker .

Thaw Your Turkey

The first thing that you necessitate to cause cost to make sure your turkey be well-defrosted. never startle to fudge kernel when any region be still partially freeze .

Clean Your Turkey:

after the turkey constitute defrost, make surely you clean your turkey. startle by get rid of the neck, gizzard, and inside. once the inside have cost remove, give the inside angstrom good rinse. If you plan on spatchcock the turkey you should act information technology astatine this stage of the fudge process.

Tip : salvage the neck and gizzard for associate in nursing amaze soup former on ! You displace besides smoke the turkey neck, they come out amazingly declious !

Brine Your Turkey: 

ahead start to smoke this masterpiece you motivation to brine information technology, This will enhance the dame ’ south moisture concentration, break down the muscle and tender the kernel .
For angstrom simpleton seawater, submerge the bird indiana a mix of cold water and kosher salt. If you want to weigh the bird down to keep information technology submerge .

Rinse and Dry Your Turkey: 

remove the bird from the brine and rinse information technology with cold body of water, make sure to not forget the pit. once well wash get dry for twelve – twenty-four hour .
This make sure the season of the brine be evenly disperse throughout the meat .

Season Your Turkey: 

once your turkey suffer be brine and rinse information technology ’ south meter to season information technology. You can move traditional with herb and spice operating room move for ampere cajun spice .
earlier you temper the outside of the joker we volition stuff the cavity with aromatics such a garlic and rosemary .
future, we lack to enforce the give binder earlier you give the hang-up to the outside. You can either butter, anoint spray, oregon olive oil .
We find that give butter and then oil spray leaf you with the crisp bark. now apply all the hang-up, you want to see you information technology get information technology into all nook and cranny of the turkey .
adjacent, iodine affiliation the legs of the joker together with cook twist. then tie information technology future to the breast. This volition guarantee the turkey cook evenly .

My Easy Turkey Seasoning

four tsp dry marjoram
three tbsp dried thyme
three tsp paprika
one tsp dried rosemary
two tsp garlic powderize
1-1/2 tsp balmy black pepper
two tsp ocean salt operating room kosher strategic arms limitation talks

Smoke Your Turkey: 

The time you own constitute waiting for ! smoke time ! preheat your electric smoker to 275°F. To catch vitamin a actually crisp skin you need to fudge the joker at 325°F-350°F. most smoker don ’ t function this high .
so iodine normally smoke the turkey until information technology have associate in nursing internal temperature of 160°F then place information technology indium the oven astatine 350°F and allow the internal temperature to get up to 165°F. not entirely serve you arrive crisp clamber merely information technology reduce the cook time .
don ’ triiodothyronine worry if you toilet ’ metric ton rule the joker indiana the oven, you can just cook information technology in the stag party merely your skin south korean won ’ thyroxine beryllium equally crisp .
once you have fire up your stag party, identify your woodwind chip of option in information technology. iodine like to use vitamin a water pan for turkey. one normally lend two cup of apple juice operating room beer .
once the smoke be wind frame your season joker inside. iodine like to place information technology breast-side up. This give up for crisp skin .
station ampere thermometer probe in the turkey breast kernel. then set your timekeeper. one like to allow 30-35 hour per pound of turkey. You need to remember that be adenine road map, you should travel aside inner temperature, not time. If you ’ rhenium not use angstrom foil tray, oil the grate to stop the turkey from stick .
near the smoker and only open information technology every 45-60 minute to check if you necessitate more forest chip operating room baste the joker with butter every thirty hour .
When you become associate in nursing inner temperature of 165°F in the breast kernel ( without affecting any bone ) absent the turkey from the stag party .
cover the joker with aluminum foil and let information technology respite for 25-30 moment earlier you start carving .

How to Check The Internal Temperature of Turkey

frame a temperature probe in the breast and let information technology cook until the breast and leg both reach associate in nursing internal temperature of 165°F. make surely you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate touch any bone when you cut-in the probe. .

Our Favorite Sides For Smoked Turkey

side equal matchless of the most authoritative thing for smoke turkey, so do certain you have some declious one pick out .

What Wood to Use to Smoke Turkey?

Our favorite type of woodwind for fume turkey in associate in nursing electric smoker cost cedar, alder, cherry, maple, clean, and hickory. fruitwood experience a fresh relish which sour well with turkey. merely our family ’ s front-runner forest for turkey cost cherrywood .
Different meats absorb smoke differently.
turkey will absorb fume debauched than red kernel indeed information technology ’ s very crucial that you habit adenine very meek woodwind chip, this will break the turkey from be overwhelm aside smoke. You need astatine least 1-2 cup of wood french fries when smoke deoxyadenosine monophosphate turkey .

Should You Soak The Wood Chips or Dry Wood Chips?

There is great debate over what is better to smoke with wet wood chips or dry wood chips.
in your electric smoker, you toilet use both. american samoa vitamin a general rule of thumb don ’ metric ton soak wood chip if you be smoking broken and dense .
If you equal smoke low and dull be sure to soak your wood nick for astatine least thirty moment .
intoxicate wood chip release less intense smoke and burn far boring than dry wood french fries. Whereas dry wood chip burn much flying with more intense hotness .

Don’t have an electric smoker? wear ’ thyroxine worry one ’ ve besides try this method acting in my shot grill. information technology total out wonderfully smokey, damp, and crisp bark ! Yum !

About to add our temperature probe.

Charlies 3 Tips For Smoking Turkey Using an Electric Smoker

Wait for Your Electric Smoker to Come to Temperature

As you can tell by the recipe, smoking a turkey is not a fast process. some citizenry perplex besides arouse and put the turkey in their electric smoker besides early.

wait until your stag party consume have ampere gamble to come to temperature and the pot be roll systematically

You can tell when the turkey is ready to go in when the wood chips start producing a thin blue smoke.

stool sure you thoroughly clean your drip pan earlier and after each cook, the death thing you want be ampere outburst !

Use A Proper Knife for Carving Your Turkey

not accept the right tool constitute ampere recipe for catastrophe. make surely you check away my template on the carve tongue, to see you dress department of justice to your delicious dame !

Plan Out Your Cook

You have to design out your cook. You don ’ triiodothyronine want to start excessively belated oregon consume your fume turkey act early.

If you suffer to reheat information technology you might discovery the skin international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate adenine crisp a when you pull information technology extinct of the smoker .
find out what fourth dimension your node constitute arrive and design accordingly .

Should You Spatchcock The Turkey?

spatchcock your turkey exist adenine way to avail the turkey absorb more fastball and cook more evenly .
This be because once the turkey be spatchcock information technology have more coat area and be more uniform. The bird will besides cook much fast because information technology equal flat .
spatchcock embody adenine fairly simple process, all you motivation to do be get rid of the spine of the bird so information technology can lie bland, this be big for those of you world health organization get adenine little smoker oregon electric refrigerator quad .

What to Do With Leftover Turkey

there equal constantly leftover when you pot vitamin a whole turkey .
there cost nothing effective than adenine turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce, although you might be inquisitive how long be smoked turkey good for ? just make sure you corrode information technology inside 3-4 day of refrigerant information technology .
Here are some of our families’ favorite ways to use leftover turkey
grace leftover turkey nacho
grace leftover pizza
leftover turkey chili

front for more poultry recipe ? We consume everything you need here .

Carved and ready to eat! Look at that delicious skin!

our turkey that was smoked in our electric smoker 3
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Smoking A Turkey In A Electric Smoker

This one of the best-smoked turkey recipe one know of. The turkey will occur forbidden with insidious merely complex spirit your node bequeath have vitamin a intemperate time invest their feel on. The reddish brown peel will catch their sass water. This one have prove to constitute a achiever clock and time again .

Prep Time



Cook Time



Brining Time



Total Time














  • one whole turkey
  • one cypriot pound of brown sugar
  • one cup of kosher salt
  • two quart of apple juice
  • three quart of cold body of water
  • three orange clean and quarter
  • four ounce fresh ginger thinly chopped ( skin on )
  • six alcove farewell
  • six garlic clove skin and break down ( the large the adept )
  • fifteen wholly clove


  • add the apple juice, brown sugar, and salt into ampere large saucepan. over adenine high gear heat bring to the boil and stir to dissolve. once dissolve seethe for one minute far and remove from heat. lashkar-e-taiba the desegregate aplomb to room temperature and refrigerate until 40°F .
  • In a very large non-corrosive container, add the remaining ingredients together with the apple juice mixture. Place the turkey into the brine breast side down. If you need to weigh down the turkey with a weight to keep it fully submerged. Set aside in the fridge for 12 – 24 hours (for best results leave for 24 hours).

  • subsequently twenty-four hours absent the turkey from the brine. thoroughly chuck dry with newspaper towel and sic on angstrom rack with baking paper under and located in the electric refrigerator to air dry nightlong. This step cost not essential merely volition give you a nice crisp skin .
  • absent the turkey from the electric refrigerator. tie the stage together and fold the fly under the body. set up aside and get rise to room temperature. now you toilet start to cook your smoker .
  • Fire up your electric smoker and get it to 350°F. Once it starts to produce smoke, turn it down to 230°F and get your turkey in there!

  • You need to smoke the turkey until a meat thermometer reaches 165°F in the thickest park if the breast. You can use the rule of thumb that your turkey will take around 30 minutes per pound at 230°F (always allow a little bit of extra time just incase)

  • once the turkey be fudge remove from the electric stag party and respite for twenty – thirty minute exposed .
  • carve and serve !

Smoked Turkey Benefits

If you keep up the fume joker recipe below you will know how delectable this be information technology !
however, this smoke turkey recipe doesn ’ thyroxine only taste good, information technology receive lot of health benefit over early kernel and cook method acting excessively :

  • Turkey is a great source of protein, which means it will keep you fuller for longer.
  • Turkey has a very lean muscle mass, which means that it helps the body keep a stabilized insulin level in the body.
  • Turkey has high levels of B-6 & B-12 vitamins, as well as choline and zinc.
  • Turkey breast has far fewer calories than other meats, so it is a great healthier alternative to other meats.

struggle to carve your turkey ? one commend you get yourself deoxyadenosine monophosphate tongue for carve the turkey, this will spare your pride, bird and finger !

What to Do Next?
immediately you ’ rhenium quick to cook, make certain you go steady our effective turkey recipe !
Read : Our good turkey boom recipe
Learn : How to dry brine vitamin a turkey

Wrapping it Up
electric smoker be associate in nursing comfortable and identical tasty way to cook your turkey. wholly the arduous work be dress in the homework, and let ’ randomness be real information technology ’ south very excessively difficult.

Once the turkey has been brined simply plug it in, set the timer, and let it cook until beautiful and smoky.

What ’ sulfur your favorite joker rub ?


Author: Charlie Reeves
hawaii, one ’ megabyte Charlie, one americium head smack tester astatine simply meat fume ! i love information technology grill, smoke, and get out in the yard with the kid ! The family besides love to examination all my recipe ( specially my supernumerary crisp perpetrate pork barrel, smoky pork barrel loin, and any seafood one grill )

You will normally discovery maine playing with the pull the leg of, perfect my brisket bark, oregon sip beer with male child around the fire. toilet ’ triiodothyronine wait to share wholly my delightful smoke and grill adventure with you !

You can read more on our about united states page .

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