How to Cut an Onion

There ‘s no need to cry over cutting up onions — these simple steps will help you slice, cube and mince onions more cursorily and evenly .

Types of Onion Cuts and How to Use Them

Sliced Onion: This type of geld onion looks like cycle flat slices of onion or half-moons. Use onion slices as salad toppings or ingredients, sauté them to make caramelize onions or add them to a stir-fry. Use round onion slices as hamburger toppings .

Diced Onion: Diced onion looks like evenly sized, minor cubes of onion. Use diced onions in pasta sauces, salsa, home fries and soups .

Minced Onion: Mincing onions is basically chop onions ampere finely as you can. mince onions can add zip up to burgers, meat loaf, salad dressings or dips. Rinsing mince onions with cold water makes them less potent .

How to Prep an Onion for Cutting

Step 1: Cut the Onion In Half

Whether you plan to slice, cube or mince the onion, the inaugural step is cutting it in half. Cut off the acme of the onion and place it cut-side down. Cut the onion lengthways, through the rout conclusion .

Step 2: Peel the Onion

Peel both halves of the onion ; even if you merely use one-half, it will make for easier chop later. Leave the root end attached thus the onion will hold together as you cut it .

How to Slice an Onion

Step 1: Place the Onion on Its Flat Side

place the flat side of the onion down to keep it from slipping .

Step 2: Slice Straight Down

For even onion slices, rest your knife against the flat separate of your knuckles and walk your fingers backward as you slice. The far you move between slices, the thick your onion slices will be .

How to Dice an Onion

Step 1: Place the Onion on Its Flat Side

put the bland side of the onion depressed to keep it from slipping .

Step 2: Make Several Horizontal Cuts

Place your decoration on the round side of one of the onion halves. Working carefully, hold the blade of your knife parallel to the cutting board and make several parallel horizontal cuts through the side of the onion, stopping right before the solution end. Ideally, these cuts should be spaced 1/4 inch apart .

Step 3: Make Vertical Slices Across the Onion

Make vertical analogue slices evenly across the onion. Do n’t cut through the root ; it helps hold the onion together as you chop. ideally, these cuts should besides be 1/4 edge aside .

Step 4: Make Vertical Crosswise Slices

Turn the onion 90 degrees, then make vertical crosswise slices. Try to make evenly sized cuts across so the cube onion is all the lapp size. Once you ‘re done cut, discard the root end .

How to Mince an Onion

Step 1: Start with Diced Onions

Proceed through steps 1 through 4 above !

Step 2: Chop the Diced Onions

Lay one pass flat across the tip of your knife and use a rock motion to chop. Keep going until the onions reach an evenly size finely dice .

How to Avoid Tears When Cutting Onions

There are all kinds of tips on the Internet on how to avoid tears while cutting an onion. They range from lighting matches to putting boodle in your mouth. We ‘ve tested every theory that exists and there are two that work well for us. The inaugural method acting is the elementary : use a in truth sharply knife. not only does this make your speculate faster, but besides it bruises fewer onion cells therefore less of the tear-causing enzyme is released. The moment method acting : put the onion in the deep-freeze for 10 minutes before cutting. This does n’t change the season or texture of the oven, it plainly reduces the measure enzyme is released .

How to Store Cut Onions

Wrap cut onions tightly in fictile wrap or transfer them to an airtight container to the refrigerator for up to one workweek. For more information on how to store onions, including full-length onions, check out our narrative How to Store Onions .

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