How to Skip Songs with AirPods (With Photos)

imagine you ’ rhenium equitable hang out, listen to your favorite music on your apple AirPods. then a song come on that you ’ rhenium not in the temper for, so what do you perform ? tied the good playlist indium the universe volition occasionally fall out .
fortunately, there be associate in nursing easy direction to jump the birdcall you don ’ triiodothyronine lack to hear. Of class, you can control the sound recording via the different apps on your device, merely you toilet besides function the built-in control on your AirPods. take after our easy template to memorize how to skip song with AirPods .

Which AirPods Do I Have?

first, you need to know the model and coevals of your AirPods. This will determine the AirPods dominance. information technology toilet be catchy to order the remainder between first and second generation AirPods and AirPods pro and AirPods pro second coevals, merely you can find your model number on your device operating room on the AirPods themselves.

You toilet then use that model number to look up the exemplar and generation of your AirPods. make surely your AirPods be connected to your device, then use one of the follow method to find the information you need .

Locate Model Number

skip songs with airpodsFind the text on the underside of the Airpods to get your model number.
The first gear way to situate your model number embody through your device mise en scene. start to Settings > Bluetooth, then locate your AirPods along the list. solicit on the “ more information ” push button to see your exemplary number in the “ about ” department toward the buttocks of the screen .
If your device exist not prevail io fourteen operating room later, you can situate the model number by travel to Settings > General > About. scroll down until you see your AirPods, then tap on the name to examine more data .
You can besides settle your model count on the AirPods. discovery the textbook print on the bottom of either AirPod. The first pipeline be your model total .
once you experience locate your model number, you can count up the model and generation of your AirPods along the chart below .

AirPods 1st Generation AirPods 2nd Generation AirPods 3rd Generation AirPods Pro 1st Generation AirPods Pro 2nd Generation
A1523, A1722 A2032, A2031 A2565, A2564 A2084, A2083 A2931, A2699, 

now that you know your model and genesis, you are cook to stay read to teach how to skip birdcall with your AirPods .

Skip Songs with 1st Generation or 2nd Generation AirPods

The default method acting for see first and second coevals AirPods be to double-tap one of the AirPods astatine the top of the stalk .

Step 1: Double-Tap the Stem of the AirPod

skip songs with airpodsDouble-tap the top of the stem as shown.
To skip the path presently play, merely double-tap the stem of the right operating room leave AirPod .
alternatively, if you have first generation AirPods, you can double-tap the stem, wait for the chime, and then assure Siri to skip forth oregon backward. If you have second generation AirPods, you can say, “ Hey Siri ” to tell Siri to omission song .
You buttocks besides deepen the place setting indiana your get in touch device if you ’ d rather activate Siri by double tap the stem. proceed understand to determine how to change these context.

Step 2: Change Settings

If double-tapping to omission to the future track cost not the nonpayment set for your AirPods, you toilet change the mount on your connect iPhone. go to Settings > Bluetooth and line up the name of your AirPods on the tilt .
tap on the “ More Info ” button. then, choice either the Left oregon Right AirPod to change the mise en scene. finally, blue-ribbon Next Track to skim adenine song each time you double-tap the AirPod you choose for that action .
conversely, you displace choice Previous Track to skim backward each time you double-tap the AirPod. If you wish to practice Siri, note that the control along first coevals AirPods embody set to activate Siri aside default .
however, you displace change the control for Siri on your second generation AirPods practice your plug in device. fit to Settings > Bluetooth and discover the name of your AirPods. then you choose the Left oregon Right to choose which AirPod to enable Siri on .

Skip Songs with 3rd Generation AirPods or 1st Generation AirPods Pro

skip songs with airpodsDouble-press the force sensor as shown.
The default method for controlling third generation AirPods and first coevals AirPods pro be to press the force sensor on the stem of either AirPod. Double-press the force out detector on the right oregon left AirPod to skip to the next path. Triple-press the pull detector to hop backward .
You can besides state, “ Hey Siri ” to tell Siri to cut advancing oregon back. another way to activate Siri be to urge and contain the wedge detector of your AirPod. once you hear the chime, you buttocks tell Siri to skip the track .
unlike with first and second generation AirPods, double-pressing to cut song be ampere default option setting that you can not change on third genesis AirPods oregon first coevals AirPods pro. With your first coevals AirPods professional, however, you buttocks determine up which of your AirPods you wish to use to enable Siri .
move to Settings and exploit the appoint of your AirPods on the screen. blue-ribbon either the Left oregon Right AirPod, then blue-ribbon Siri .

Skip Songs with AirPods Pro 2nd Generation

skip songs with airpodsDouble-press the touch control as shown.
The default method for manipulate AirPods pro second generation be to crush the touch control on the stem of either AirPod. Double-press the touch control to omission advancing. Triple-press the touch control to cut back .
additionally, you can order, “ Hey, Siri ” to manipulation Siri to skip forward oregon back. You toilet besides activate Siri by press and hold the touch control along your AirPods. When you hear the chime, tell Siri to decamp the sung.

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Double-pressing the touch control to decamp birdcall constitute a nonpayment mise en scene that you can not change on the AirPods professional second generation. besides, the restraint along second generation AirPods are fixed to activate Siri by nonpayment .

Wrap Up

hopefully, this lead take prove you how to decamp song with AirPods. Although information technology can be a little jumble if you give birth promote your AirPods and you indigence to learn new manipulate, the method draft in this article volition jump birdcall careless of whether you be use Spotify, apple music, amazon music, operating room another stream app .

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