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As business owners, you are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve your customer experience. The switch in consumer behavior has forced your thinking hat ( s ) on and in some cases, has sent you down a helix. Although you might end up in Alice ’ mho Wonderland, you are expected to make your room out and get back to introduce. And with new initiation, comes add sour on your denture ! DoorDash, for model, is an on-demand prepared food delivery servicing. It promises to deliver food for every relish craving. And for restaurant owners, it promises more profits with fewer efforts – what more can you ask for ? We ’ ve put together some benefits that you can expect as a restaurant owner when partnering with DoorDash .

  • As mentioned above – This is one of the ways to elevate your customer experience. Dashers (what DoorDash’s delivery staff are called) are highly-rated professionals that make ordering food from your restaurant convenient for the customer.
  • Partnering with DoorDash will help you bring in more customers. Listing your restaurant on the DoorDash website and app brings more eyes to your brand and increases the number of more orders being placed.
  • You get the opportunity to work in your comfort zone – DoorDash enables you to accept orders through phone, computer, a tablet device – whatever you have in place.
  • By becoming a DoorDash partner, you get access to the merchant portal. This gives you insight into your customer’s wants and needs and can be used to adjust your marketing strategy.
  • DoorDash provides everything you need to get started with food delivery in a readymade package. You should be able to focus on your core tasks – marketing your restaurant and getting more customers!

Partnering with DoorDash is a smart decisiveness that will improve post awareness and acquire modern customers. It is besides an easy process. Follow this bit-by-bit guide shown below to register your business on DoorDash.

Step 1

steer to the sign-up page built for restaurants on the DoorDash web site. Fill in your restaurant name, address, telephone number, and electronic mail. tap :

DoorDash is presently offering a 30-day free trial, so make the most of it!

Step 2

once you ’ ve submitted the form, you will be asked to provide a few more details about your restaurant, such as the “ Type ” and the issue of locations you own. If you are a local anesthetic restaurant with 1-5 locations, you can proceed a is. If you own a virtual restaurant clientele ( one that only accepts takeout orders ), you will besides proceed with the same stream. lean :

If you are an enterprise/national chain, you can still proceed with the below steps. However, the 30-day free trial does not apply to your business. You will receive special rates from the DoorDash team in your inbox or via a phone call.

Step 3

The next pace is to upload your menu on the app. You can add a connection to the menu from your web site, or an external radio link. You can choose to upload a PDF file arsenic well. besides, make sure you update your store hours in the format shown. This will ensure you receive orders alone when you are open. tip :

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As a restaurant looking to accept food delivery orders online, you NEED to have a digitized menu. But, if you don’t have one already, that’s fine. Use this link to create one quickly.  

Step 4

This step is authoritative because you will need to select your modality of accepting orders and get a find to review the commission rates. You can choose from one of the downstairs options :

  1. Get a DoorDash tablet delivered to your restaurant. You can use the tablet for free during the trial period but it will be chargeable at $3/week after the trial.
  2. Get a DoorDash tablet and a printer so that you can print the orders and send them to your kitchen. This will be chargeable at $5/week after the 30-day free trial.
  3. Receive an email for every order, followed by a confirmation phone call. This is an option that will enable fast activation of your partner account and is of course, free of cost.
  4. The last one is similar to option 3, but you can choose to receive a fax instead of an email.

Since you are signing up for a 30-day absolve trial, your commission rates will be applicable post this period. Make certain you review the commission rates before you move on to the future mistreat. gratuity :

The most convenient way to get your restaurant account activated on the platform is to accept orders via email (option 3 listed above). You should be able to connect these emails to your restaurant’s POS or find a simpler way to get the orders to your kitchen.

Step 5

As the last tone, you will need to enter your legal and bank information. Details like legal commercial enterprise list, your federal tax designation details, the business owner ’ south name ( as on software documentation ) are required, in addition to your bank details. tip off :

DoorDash promises to ONLY deposit money into this bank account and NOT withdraw from it. Keep that in mind when entering your digits.

now that you have a DoorDash report set up for your restaurant, make certain you have all the information up to date at all times. This is the most authoritative measure because you want your customers to find the right information about your restaurant when they are placing orders.

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