How to sign out of YouTube on any device

Signing out of your YouTube account is a quick and easy surface-level manner to safeguard your channel. If you forget to log out of YouTube on a device that doesn ’ triiodothyronine belong to you, anyone who starts using it may see your personal data and fix with your channel. Whenever person else uses your laptop or earphone and starts using YouTube, they can see your commend video recording and history. If you know how to sign out of YouTube, you can avoid many likely pitfalls .
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To sign out of YouTube, click your YouTube profile video in the peak right. From the dropdown, click Sign out.


  • How to sign out of YouTube on the web
  • How to sign out of the YouTube app

If you know person else will be using YouTube on that lapp device after you, you should always consider signing out of your report. Say you ’ re out and about and don ’ metric ton want to waste data. You could always check YouTube updates using a public computer if you ’ re near a library. If you forget to log out when you ’ re done, that could spell many problems if person starts toying with your YouTube report. Because your YouTube account is tied to your Google account, signing out of YouTube means signing out of your Google report. If you use google Chrome and sign out of YouTube, you will besides sign out of your Google explanation on the browser .

How to sign out of YouTube (desktop)

Click your profile painting in the circus tent right of YouTube on your computer .click top right profile picture Curtis Joe / Android Authority Click Sign out. This will sign you out of YouTube, or, more precisely, the Google report tied to your YouTube impart .click sign out Curtis Joe / Android Authority If you are logged into your Google score on Google Chrome, this will log you out on Google Chrome. If you wish to continue using YouTube signed out, chatter Continue .click continue Curtis Joe / Android Authority You are now signed out of your report .you are now signed out Curtis Joe / Android Authority

How to sign out of YouTube (Android & iOS)

sign out of youtube Curtis Joe / Android Authority If you are logged into your Google account on your Android or io device, your YouTube history will constantly be accessible. There are two options you have at this target : using YouTube in Incognito manner or logging out of your Google score on your device .


Using Incognito does not log you out. rather, it allows you to browse without keeping path of your history. On Android, there is no option to use YouTube signed out .turning on the incognito Curtis Joe / Android Authority To enable Incognito on YouTube, tap your profile picture in the top right. From the menu that appears, wardrobe Turn on Incognito .

Logging out of your Google account on your device

Go to your System Settings. If you use an Android device, this is typically done by pulling down the tray from the top, then pressing the gear-shaped Settings button. note that this presentation is on a OnePlus 8 .settings android Curtis Joe / Android Authority Within Settings, scroll down and blue-ribbon Users & accounts. Within Users & accounts, wiretap Google .logging out of google account 1 Curtis Joe / Android Authority Find the history you want to log out of and tap it .logging out of google account 2 Curtis Joe / Android Authority Within Account and sync, press the button in the circus tent proper. From the dropdown, wiretap Remove account .
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