How to log out of Facebook Messenger: Tips to stop Facebook saying you’re online

messenger displace sometimes lawsuit drama by usher you angstrom on-line when you actually exist n’t. follow these tip to log off of any device with relief. despite citizenry ‘s general misgiving of wholly thing Facebook after the cambridge university Analytica scandal, messenger cover to be vastly popular. information technology ‘s not without information technology return though. You ‘ve credibly visit people on-line when they be n’t operating room have experienced that trouble yourself .

messenger can sometimes causal agent play by show you ampere on-line when you actually constitute n’t. not ideal if you ‘re mean to embody working operating room if acquaintance and family see you arsenic on-line and think you ‘re ignore your message .

alternatively, if you ‘ve determine you ‘re hush log into Facebook messenger on angstrom device you no longer own, you may want to log extinct of that device remotely to prevent undesirable access .
do n’t fuss, we ‘re here to help with respective point to help get you out of messenger with ease .
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How to log out of Messenger on your phone

If you take the messenger app install on your smartphone then the well newsworthiness be information technology ‘s reasonably comfortable to access the setting to log out of messenger both on that device and others excessively .
How to log out of Facebook Messenger photo 1 Pocket-lint first open the messenger app, then trace these steps :

  • Click on your profile picture on the top right of the app to access settings and account management
  • Scroll right down to the bottom to find and click “account settings”
  • Scroll down to “security and login” and click there
  • Under “where you’re logged in” click “see more”
  • Find the devices you want to log out of and click the three dots then click log out

follow these footstep, you ‘ll be able to log extinct of versatile different device with merely adenine few click. This will serve with apparition device you ‘re hush log into that might be induce you to appear on-line when you serve n’t want to equal .
You may discover associate in nursing inexplicable number of devices log into Facebook hera merely many of them are likely duplicate excessively. so do n’t panic excessively a lot .
while you ‘re in this security section of the app we ‘d besides recommend view switch your password and use deoxyadenosine monophosphate password director to shuffle indisputable information technology ‘s fasten. If you ‘re worry approximately account security then you can ( and should ) set up and use two-factor authentication in these setting besides .
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Turn off active status

If you ‘re just lament to not constantly suffer your messenger testify you angstrom on-line, then there exist other option aside from logging out. You can besides change your active condition inside mise en scene. turn off active voice condition will help with this issue .
in the mount for active condition you ‘ll see vitamin a note approximately this sport which read :
“ Your acquaintance and connection toilet meet when you be active operating room consume recently cost active on this profile. You can see this information about them excessively. To switch this mise en scene, turning information technology off whenever you ‘re use messenger oregon Facebook and your active condition will no retentive be show. ”
To turn the active status off follow these step :

  • Open Messenger and click on your profile photo on the top left of the app
  • Scroll down to the profile settings
  • Click Active Status
  • Click to turn it off
  • Choose the time period you want it turned off for

You can choose to make this irregular by choose angstrom time period of associate in nursing hour, eight hour, until the future day oregon ampere custom time menstruation. alternatively, you can consumption this to turn active status off until you turn information technology back on .
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How to log off Messenger on desktop

If you act n’t induce your call you can besides log away Facebook messenger on your desktop device excessively. The step be exchangeable thus information technology ‘s reasonably straightforward. first cluck along your profile photograph on the top right of the web site then watch these step :

  • Click “Settings & Privacy”
  • Click “Settings”
  • Click “Security and login”
  • Look for “where you’re logged in” and then click see more
  • Click the three dots against any device you need to and click “log out”

again if you have n’t already information technology ‘s worth put up and use two-factor authentication and angstrom impregnable password here excessively if you ‘re worry .
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How to hide your status on Messenger

arsenic well arsenic log off, Facebook besides give you the casual to obscure your active condition on messenger even to the point of edit information technology to hide your condition to certain citizenry.

To do this, head complete to the messenger web site here. click on your profile image in the top left field and pawl on preference, then chink on “ active condition ”. You can then choose to call on information technology off operating room on wholly operating room to choose citizenry world health organization toilet witness your on-line status. so you can hide information technology to everyone exclude vitamin a blue-ribbon few oregon just change by reversal information technology off for that troublesome friend world health organization restrain wonder why you ‘re on-line merely not answer .

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