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Whenever I do face-to-face tarot card readings and ask people to shuffle the tarot cards, they ( about without fail ) grimace and say they don ’ triiodothyronine know how to/aren ’ thyroxine very good at shuffling/might make a mess. I reassure them that they can do whatever they want, even good cutting the deck from side to side, ampere long as they get their hands on the tarot card deck. therefore, please don ’ triiodothyronine overthink shuffling your tarot card cards ! You don ’ t need to act like a Las Vegas casino dealer. Just get your hands on the pack of cards and move the cards around. At the most basic level, shuffling makes it so you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate draw the same tarot card cards over and over ( or those of the final person who had a reading with that tarot card deck ). That said, there are a pair of things you can add to your shuffling proficiency to make your tarot card read as personal and relevant to you as possible. And there are a few different shuffling methods that you might want to try out. If shuffling like a pro is something you enjoy, then you should bring it into your readings—it ’ second part of your thing !

The most important thing to know about shuffling tarot cards

It ’ sulfur all about your mentality. Shuffling tarot card cards should introduce a mindful or brooding state in which you can consciously step out of day by day liveliness and into a more intuitive and insightful frame of mind. It provides a pause before starting the tarot card read. While shuffling, mutely ask for aid, steering, and protection. Think about the questions you ’ re about to ask the tarot card cards or simply mutely prepare for your tarot card interpretation. If you do nothing else, make certain you move your brain out of “ everyday ” mood and into a more focused mindfulness .

How professional tarot readers shuffle tarot cards

traditionally, tarot card readers used their leave hand to shuffle, because the leave side is associated with intuitive and centripetal energy. Others believe you should shuffle and deal tarot card cards with your nondominant hand, for similar reasons. however, I can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate shuffle one-handed, so I have never done this !

apparently, the exact numeral of shuffles to achieve a in truth random tarot card deck is seven, but honestly, there is no need to adhere to that. Some people like to shuffle their tarot card deck a few times, while others like to shuffle for at least a wax minute as they zone in on their question. If a nontraditional shuffle method works for you, go for it—the most significant thing is to good move the cards around .

How to shuffle new tarot cards

When you get a fresh tarot card deck, you want to in truth, truly shuffle your tarot card cards, or else they ’ ll be in order. I think it ’ second easiest to put your tarot card cards down on the floor and ~smoosh~ them around ( yes, that ’ s the official term ), then pick them up and start shuffling even more. Some pros advocate keeping new tarot card cards with you for a week ( in your bag, on your desk, under your pillow, etc. ), so the cards can tune in to your energy and vibration. think of it like a ’ 90s Tamagotchi dally ! Others plainly like to spend some extra time shuffling them. It ’ s up to you .

Tarot card shuffling techniques

Overhand shuffle

In probably the most park type of poster shuffle, you place your tarot card deck in one pass and release a section of cards at a time into the reverse hand, until you feel the cards are appropriately mix up .

The drop and ~smoosh~

This method acting is fave. Drop the cards facedown on the shock and smoosh them around, about like you ’ rhenium massaging them in a circular gesticulate. think of it like scrambling the cards. Some cards might spin out to the edge or outside the general atomic pile. You should pick those cards astir and read them—they ’ re trying to get your care !


Place your tarot card deck so it ’ sulfur sitting in front of you. then take a section out of the deck and place it in a new blot in the deck ( top, middle, or bottom ). reprise with unlike sections until you feel your tarot card cards are appropriately desegregate. This technique is helpful if the cards are boastful ( or your hands are small ) and overhand shuffling doesn ’ t study .

The three-pile cut

I love to use this shuffle method when I work with clients because it gives people something specific to do and helps them relax. Begin by shuffling the tarot card pack of cards however you like, then cut the reassembled deck, placing the cards in three branch piles to the leftover. then pick a atomic pile and read the cards from there. Some people use this method acting for a elementary past, present, future tarot card read : The first pile represents the past, the second represents the stage, and the third gear, you guessed it, the future .

The fan

Place your tarot card cards face toss off and fan them out, either in a directly production line or curve. then hover your hand over the cards and choose the ones you feel drawn to. I recommend this technique if you ’ rhenium focusing on one doubt at a time, and it ’ s besides good for those who don ’ metric ton like shuffling !
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Kerry Ward has been reading and teaching tarot card for over 25 years .

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