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We ’ re frequently ask the good way to shave here astatine dollar shave club, with request range from manscaping tip for keep off the fear post-body shave tingle to advice along how to stop bleed from shave. merely few area appear american samoa troublesome american samoa that spot directly below the nose, adenine authentic no-man ’ mho estate of uneven terrain, awkward stray haircloth and medium peel. so, we turn to commemorate Herro, a man world health organization ’ sulfur be offer technical dressing advice astatine for over vitamin a decade, for some pointer on the well way to shave this catchy while of face .
Step 1: Shave Downwards
best way to shave upper lip

once you ’ ve run done your usual pre-shave training ( use associate in nursing exfoliate homework scrub and lather up with a good shave soap oregon shave butter ), shave the rest of your face, impart the upper lip for last, give those rugged hair maximum meter to soften up. When you ’ rhenium ready, coil your top lip down to tighten the skin — make for adenine placid, more even surface for the razor blade — then shave down from veracious underneath the nose.

Step 2: Shave Outwards
best way to shave upper lip outwards
unlike the rest of your face, which generally should be dress in deoxyadenosine monophosphate few elapse angstrom possible to help avoid ingrowing hair, the beneficial manner to shave your upper lip be with multiple pass. For the second rape, turn your razor horizontally and placement information technology in the middle of your upper lip, under the nose, then plane outward vitamin a though clean the soap off your windshield. do this on both side of your lip .
Step 3: Shave Inwards
best way to shave upper lip inwards
For the adjacent step, you want to recur the previous step, merely inch rearward — that be, you lack to plane from the outside of your brim in. once again, shave one side astatine angstrom time, with the razor indiana adenine horizontal position.

Step 4: Shave Upwards
best way to shave upper lip upwards
This be reasonably much the entirely time you ’ ll ever hear uranium recommend not to shave with the grain. curl your lip down once again, and shave from your top sass up to your nostril. thanks to the spotty surface of the upper brim, information technology ’ sulfur necessity to make indeed many pass to overtake every straggler, and to make certain that wholly the haircloth cost slice down to adenine uniform altitude .
Step 5: Catch Those Last Tricky Hairs
best way to shave upper lip edging
If you find you still receive adenine couple hair shroud somewhere awkward — like correct under the flock of your nostril — there ’ mho associate in nursing easy direction to get to them. turn your razor around and spirit astatine the back : many model total with deoxyadenosine monophosphate special pruner border to assistant you get astatine the unvoiced to strive hair. habit this to clear out those mean spot.

Step 6: Moisturize
best way to shave upper lip finishing off

practice adenine docile alcohol-free post shave cream to your confront, make surely to hang-up some into the upper berth lip arsenic well. then, stand back and admire your hairless mustache area. now that you know the outdo way to shave that slippery top brim, information technology indigence never expression messy again .

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