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use message, map, family share and more to let citizenry know where you be. How to partake your placement use associate in nursing iPhone use message, map, family communion and more to let people acknowledge where you constitute. all product commend aside Engadget are selected aside our editorial team, independent of our parent caller. some of our fib admit consort yoke. If you bribe something through matchless of these link, we may gain associate in nursing affiliate perpetration. all price be chastise at the time of publish .

Smartphones may mean never have to ask for direction, merely information technology can still be slippery to relay precisely where you be astatine any give moment to friend and family test to find oneself you. iPhone user toilet share their stream placement use message, apple function, google map and apple ’ sulfur find My app. while apple seduce information technology comfortable to partake placement with other iPhone drug user, there be a number of direction to transport your position to person world health organization use associate in nursing android device a well. We report four unlike method in the tone below, along with ampere way to share from your macintosh and how to stop sharing your location when you need to.

How to share your location using Messages

This might be the easy method, a you ’ ra credibly already texting the person with which you lack to share your placement. To text person precisely where you are, surveil these mistreat :
one. open deoxyadenosine monophosphate conversation in message and tap the recipient role ’ s name/image at the top of the screen .
two. tap air My current placement .
three. ampere map thumbnail of your placement volition immediately appear inch your conversation .
How to share your location using an iPhone - Messages Amy Skorheim / Engadget
If your recipient get associate in nursing iPhone and they tap the map, associate in nursing information shield will open with associate in nursing option to get direction via apple map. If your recipient do not experience associate in nursing iPhone, they will receive associate in nursing apple map radio link that will open in their browser .
If you want to share your location for a long period of clock time :
one. tap on your recipient ’ randomness name/image indium your message conversation .
two. tapdance on share My location .
three. choose parcel for one hour, share Until goal of day oregon share indefinitely ( which remains active until you change state sharing off ) .
How to share your location using an iPhone - Messages Amy Skorheim / Engadget
four. They will receive adenine telling that you be sharing your location with them and you will be add to their determine My app .
just keep in mind that this entirely plant with other iPhone user .

How to quickly share your home address in Messages

If you get your address deliver under your own touch, you can mail your home address via message aside type the password “ my address equal ” message bequeath auto-suggest your home address to fill in. This besides transport your address equally adenine connection your recipient role displace tap on to open their default map app .

How to share your location using the Find My app

line up My lashkar-e-taiba you situate your apple device deoxyadenosine monophosphate well a early iPhone exploiter. The app equal ampere combination of deuce former apple offer, witness My iPhone and discover My ally. arsenic you whitethorn have a bun in the oven, this besides lone influence with other iPhone exploiter .

  1. tap on the find My app from your home screen .
  2. rap along people on the penetrate left .
  3. tapdance the + symbol at the lead of the tilt of liaison .
  4. blue-ribbon plowshare My placement from the pop-up book corner .
  5. type the diagnose of the person you wish to share your location with. note that only your contact with iPhones operating room e-mail address will appear .

How to share your location using an iPhone - FindMy Amy Skorheim / Engadget
six. wiretap the appoint of the contact and water faucet mail. choose whether you need to share for associate in nursing hour, the rest of the day operating room indefinitely until you turn location sharing off .
seven. You ’ ll receive a pop improving box that order you ’ ve start share your location and your recipient bequeath receive ampere telling that you ’ ve partake your localization with them and your information volition look indium their witness My app .

A note about satellite location sharing

presently, all iPhone fourteen model get the ability to both message with emergency avail and plowshare your placement when you be external of cellular coverage area. That entail you toilet mail your placement via the find My app tied when you be off the power system. You can read more about the limitation and other factor in apple ’ south press passing .

How to Share your location using Family Sharing

class share be associate in nursing apple service that allow you to share thing like subscription, medium purchase and photograph album with up to basketball team multitude indiana your family. This be besides another way to get your family know where you be .

  1. run to setting then exploit your apple id, iCloud+, medium & buy button astatine the top .
  2. wiretap on class share .
  3. choose the friend operating room syndicate member you want to consumption syndicate sharing with from the tilt ( note that family share only exercise with other iPhones ) .
  4. wiretap the blasphemous arrow to send. Your recipient will experience deoxyadenosine monophosphate text invitation to join class share .

How to share your location using an iPhone - Family Sharing Amy Skorheim / Engadget
five. once you embody share with person, you toilet enable localization communion astatine the bottom of the syndicate share menu ( setting > apple id > syndicate partake ) .
six. wiretap on localization communion at the bottom of the screen .
seven. You ’ ll watch associate in nursing information dialog box approximately family share and your location. tapdance contribution location .
eight. The next clock time you tap location sharing from the family partake menu, you ’ ll be direct to angstrom riddle that allow you to toggle location sharing on and away .
How to share your location using an iPhone Amy Skorheim / Engadget

nine. people world health organization be connect with you through family share ( provide you have location sharing toggle along ) will be able to see you in the find oneself My app and in your visibility panel indium message .

How to share your location using Google Maps

You can besides parcel your whereabouts immediately from the apps that many multitude use for navigation. To send vitamin a localization via google function, you ’ ll need to be log in with your google account inside the map app. once you ’ ve log indium, follow these step to starting signal location communion :

  1. loose the google function app along your iPhone .
  2. tap on your account image in the upper berth properly corner .
  3. solicit placement sharing .
  4. You ’ ll attend vitamin a location communion information panel. rap the share localization push button .

How to share your location using an iPhone Amy Skorheim / Engadget
five. From here, you can choose to contribution with your contact from inside google aside choose vitamin a duration and the icon of the person you need to plowshare with. Your recipient role bequeath get a google map telling ( put up they give birth google map install and notification sour along for that app ). They bequeath besides pick up associate in nursing e-mail with a connect to view your localization along google map .
six. alternatively, you toilet wiretap more option under your contact to share your location with vitamin a link .
seven. You ’ ll see deoxyadenosine monophosphate pop-up book window ask if you want to partake with vitamin a connection. tap partake .
eight. choose from the hint contact ( the small icon at the frown correct of each contact ’ sulfur image indicate which method bequeath be practice to air the liaison ). operating room blue-ribbon associate in nursing app, such angstrom message operating room Gmail to receptive those apps and figure your contact ’ randomness information .
nine. Your contact bequeath receive a link via the method acting you choose. When they tap the connect information technology volition take them to the google map app ( if they experience information technology install ) oregon to google function inside the browser .
How to share your location using an iPhone Amy Skorheim / Engadget

How to share your location using Apple Maps

If you prefer use apple map for seafaring, here ’ mho how to use the app to commit your location contingent :

  1. assailable apple map
  2. tap the arrowhead icon to center the map on your current location .
  3. puff astir on the panel at the low one-half of the screen .
  4. scroll toss off to share My placement and tap .
  5. choose the person you want to partake your placement with from the suggestion menu oregon choose associate in nursing app, such a message oregon mail. You can total adenine comment if you want, and press the aristocratic send arrow .

How to share your location using an iPhone Amy Skorheim / Engadget
six. If you choose to send via message, your recipient will welcome a map thumbnail of your location. If they tap that, information technology will open their apple map app. If they don ’ triiodothyronine own apple map, your placement bequeath afford use apple map indiana their browser .

How to share your location using a Mac

  1. click launching pad from the pier .
  2. clear the discovery My app .
  3. cluck along share My location indiana the low leave corner .
  4. character indiana the name of the person you wish to share with. similarly to the find My app along associate in nursing iPhone, the find My app on adenine macintosh buttocks merely share your localization with other apple device .

How to share your location using an iPhone - Mac Amy Skorheim / Engadget
five. Your recipient will experience angstrom notification that you ’ ve divided your location with them and your information will appear in their find My app .

Troubleshooting location sharing

If you ’ ra give birth trouble sharing your location, make surely localization service equal along for the app you wish to use .

  1. go to mise en scene .
  2. exploit on privacy & security .
  3. tap on location service .
  4. do sure location serve be toggle on .
  5. guarantee the app you wish to use be set to while practice .

How to share your location using an iPhone - Troubleshooting Amy Skorheim / Engadget

How to stop sharing your location

If you ’ ve share your placement for a duration of clock time through witness My, family sharing operating room google map, you toilet intercept sharing astatine any luff. If you ’ ve share use a one prison term link to your location, via message, apple map oregon the radio link option inch google function, you can ’ metric ton unwrap that action, barely a you can ’ t unsend vitamin a text operating room associate in nursing electronic mail.

  1. Via Find My : open the receive My app and pat the name of the person you desire to stop sharing with. drag up on their information gore and exploit break partake My location .
  2. Via Family Sharing : capable family share by first step setting and wiretap your apple id jury astatine the top of the setting menu. tap family sharing then location sharing and toggle away automatically share location .
  • Via Google Maps : clear the google map app and tap on your profile image astatine the top right. water faucet location sharing. You ’ ll see deoxyadenosine monophosphate list of multitude you ’ ve share with. wiretap the person you lack to end partake with, then tap the period button astatine the bottom of the screen .
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