How To Sew A Simple Dress With Free Sewing Pattern

Want a ace simple dress to sew ? Would you love a party dress that takes fiddling or no prison term to make ? We show you How To Sew A Simple Free Free Sewing Pattern! You guys know I love finding these sewing projects to add to my DIY wardrobe. My sewing ally, Debbie, showed me this comfortable form and I just had to make this dress ! With its relax fit and simple lines, this dress is indisputable to turn heads. You can besides give a whirl in it excessively, because of its voluminous design. It has a dim-witted boat neck design and is bootless for quick summer days. This may be the very attire you are looking for to take you from sour to evening go steady. You can pair it with a belt to change the dimensions, or wear it without to feel complimentary and beautiful. The include free simple dress pattern makes it easy to cut out your framework and size this preen to get the perfect fit .
simple dress top photo
So what are you wanting for ? today is a bang-up day to make your own cunning dress at home ! This sewing tutorial is perfective for beginners. This dim-witted attire can be completed in about an hour. Let ’ s drive started !

Supplies For Simple Dress

Reference the size chew the fat below so you know what cut lines to use on the form. They are distinctly marked and color-coded for easy identification.

Size Chart:

Imperial (inches) Small Medium Large
Chest 34 36 38
Waist 28 30 32
Hip 38 40 42

The complete length of the full-dress is approximately 40 ”. This radiation pattern is drafted for a stature of 5 ’ 4 ” – 5 ” 5 ”. Wanting to sew this in a smaller size or a bigger size ? then check out our post on How to Scale a radiation pattern improving and down .
Printing Instructions
This simple Dress Pattern has layers, so that you can choose to print entirely the size you need. To achieve this Adobe Reader must be installed on your car or device. Adobe Reader allows you to click on the layers icon which will show you each size with an eyeball beside it. Click on the eyeball beside the size you do not want to print .
Before printing check that your printer is set to No scale or actual size. Set the Page predilection to Auto or Portrait. And then print page 1. measurement the 2 ” test square to see if it measures precisely 2 ”. If it does, print the remaining pages. If not, adjust your photographic print settings and try again .
Trimming Pages
Cut off the mighty and exceed margins of each printed page before assembling the practice. You can use tape or school glue to adhere your newspaper radiation pattern together. This will gift you a correct size reference for the pattern .
Pattern Assembly
After the pages have been printed and trimmed as instructed above, use the quarter circles located at the corner of each page for perfect alignment. When done your radiation pattern should look like this :
Pattern Pieces Checklist
once you have printed and assembled your radiation pattern you will cut :

  • Dress – Cut 2 on Fold – one for front and one for back
  • Dress Facing – Cut 2 on Fold – one for front and one for back

Seam Allowance
Use a 3/8 ” seam valuation reserve for all of your sewing unless differently instructed in this tutorial .

Simple Dress Sewing Tutorial with Free Pattern

How To Sew A Simple Dress With Free Pattern

cutting out fabric with pattern
The first measure on this how to make a simple dress sewing tutorial is to wash, dry, and press out fabric. This helps act as a preshrink vitamin a well as making it easier to get clean, crisp cuts. One this is done, place your meet simpleton Dress Pattern pieces on the fabric and cut them out .
cut out dress pieces
Use the cut tilt above to make certain you cut out all the pieces you need. You should have one for front and one for back of the dress and one for the Dress Facing front and one for back like the photograph above .
fold hem of facing and pin
next, fold the hem of the face by ¼ ” doubly and sew to finish the raw edge .
pin dress to facing
With justly sides together, pin the lining to the preen .
sew facing to neckline
now on this how to sew a dim-witted snip sewing tutorial, sew the facing at the neckline. repeat for the other half of the dress .
turn dress right sides out. Sew
Turn the dress right sides out. Open the dress and target the main dress pieces right sides together, duplicate for the line. Align the wrinkle and mark 2 ” from the armhole inwards towards the neckline. Sew through both layers .
Fold facing to insde
Turn your dress good sides out with the facing folded in its chastise target I.e on the inwardly of the attire. We are about halfway through this how to sew a bare dress sewing tutorial !
sew armholes with zigzag stitch
Finish the armhole seam with a zigzag stitch or a serger for a scavenge and durable expect .

Fold the armhole finished edges 1/2 ” to the incorrect side of the dress and sew in place. now we will move on to finish the dress itself .

fold dress right sides together & pin the seams
Fold the dress correct sides together and pin the side seam .
sew down side seams
To sew your simple dress together, sew through all layers of the snip on the side seam. Take your time and you ’ ll be finely .

sew hem of dress
last, the last tone is to hem your dress by folding it ½ ” doubly and sewing 1/8 ” from the fold .
finished simple dress
And that ’ s it ! now you know how to sew a dim-witted dress with exempt pattern ! This preen is so cute and capital for about any juncture plus it is such a fun sewing project. now that you know how to make this dress, you can pick out some other cute prints or solid colors and make a few more for some add kind in your wardrobe !
Easy Dress Sewing Tutorial For Beginners
If you liked this how to make a dim-witted dress with free convention sewing tutorial, make certain to pin it to your favored Pinterest board or contribution it with friends on social media. If you decide to make it take a movie subsequently and tag us on social media as we love seeing the fabrics and color choices others make .

Yield: 1

How To Sew A Simple Dress With Free Sewing Pattern

Simple Dress Create Card
Make this simple dress quickly and easily. The include loose model helps you get the perfect burst. Great for beginners making their beginning dresses at home .
Prep Time

5 minutes

Active Time

1 hour

Total Time

1 hour

5 minutes



Estimated Cost



  • 2.5 yds of 60” wide fabric lightweight fabric
  • Matching Thread
  • Free Printable Pattern


  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Optional Rotary Cutter & Mat
  • Measuring tape
  • Thread nippers
  • Sewing machine


  1. Fold the hem of the facing by ¼” twice and sew to finish the raw edge. 
  2. With right sides together, pin the facing to the dress.
  3. Sew at the neckline. 
  4. Repeat for the other half of the dress.
  5. Turn the dress right sides out .
  6. Open the dress and place the main dress pieces right sides together, repeat for the lining. Align the seam and mark 2”  from the armhole  inwards towards the neckline.
  7. Sew through both layers.
  8. Turn your dress right sides out with the facing folded in its correct place I.e on the inside of the dress.
  9. Finish the armhole seams with a zigzag stitch or a serger.
  10. Fold the armhole finished edges 1/2”  to the wrong side of the dress and sew
  11. Fold the dress right sides together
  12. Pin the side seams and sew through all layers. 
  13. Hem your dress by folding it ½” twice and sewing 1/8” from the fold.
  14. Enjoy your dress!


fabric can be cotton and cotton blends, challis, crepe, gauze, rayon, georgette, chiffon. Can besides be made in lightweight 2 way stretch fabric with no upright load .
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