How to Connect a Router to the Internet

What to Know

  • Connect your modem to your router’s WAN port via Ethernet cable. Plug the power supply in for both devices and wait for the lights to come on.
  • Find your router’s network name (SSID) and network key. Use this information to connect your device to Wi-Fi.
  • To change the settings, open a web browser and enter the router’s IP address in the URL bar, then enter the user name and password.

This article explains how to connect a router to the internet. The instructions apply broadly to all routers and modem-router jazz band .

How Do You Connect a Wireless Router to the Internet ?

once you have a plan with an Internet Service Provider ( ISP ), follow these steps to set up your radio receiver network and connect to the internet :

  1. Connect your modem to the rampart exit via a coaxial cable ( the cylindrical cable that screws into the wall used for cable television television ) or fiber ocular cable if you have fiber internet .
    If you have a modem-router jazz band unit of measurement, that ‘s all you need to do. Skip ahead to the next section to set up your Wi-Fi network .
    RF Coaxial Cable - Screw-on Type
    RF Coaxial Cable – Screw-on Type .

  2. Insert an Ethernet cable ( one should come with the router ) into the WAN/uplink port on your router. The WAN port might be a different semblance than the other Ethernet ports.
    An Ethernet cable being plugged into the WAN port of a router
    The chicken interface indicates it ‘s the WAN port .

  3. Insert the opposition end of the cable into the modem ‘s Ethernet port.
    If your computer has an Ethernet port, you can connect it directly to one of the receptive ports on a modem/router jazz band for a more stable internet connection .
  4. plug in the exponent supply for both devices and wait for the lights on your modem and router to turn on. You should now be able to access your router ‘s Wi-Fi network.

How Do I Activate Internet on a New Router ?

Go to the Wi-Fi settings and connect to the wireless net on your device. Enter the network key to start using the internet. You can find your network identify ( SSID ) and key in the manual or on the router itself .

The network identify and key are not the same as the exploiter name and password, which are used to configure your router ‘s settings.

User name and password on a Netgear router

Why Is My Router not Connecting to the Internet ?

If you ca n’t connect to your Wi-Fi network at all, you may be excessively far away from the router. The best seat to put your router is in a cardinal location with as few nearby obstructions as possible. If you need to increase the wireless signal scope, consider buying a Wi-Fi extender .

Try rebooting your router and modem if you ‘re still having issues. If you ‘re connected to your Wi-Fi network but do n’t have internet access, you need to troubleshoot your internet connection.

How to Access Your Router Settings

Log in to your router to configure your Wi-Fi network settings. Find your router ‘s IP address and record it in the URL bar of a world wide web browser, then enter the drug user name and password. You can normally find this information on the back or bottom of your device .

You can create a guest network from your router ‘s admin interface, configure advanced security settings, and change the default Wi-Fi password.

If the user name and password ( or the network name and network key ) have been changed, reset the router to factory settings to restore the default log in credentials .

  • How can I connect my DVR to the internet without a router?

    Connecting your DVR to the internet may be an option that lets you access a wider variety of features. If your DVR has an Ethernet port, you can connect immediately to your modem using an Ethernet cable.

  • How do I connect my laptop to the Internet using a wireless router?

    To connect to a wireless network on a Windows 10 laptop, select the Network picture in the taskbar, choose a network, blue-ribbon Connect, and enter the network key if prompted. To connect to a Wi-Fi network on macOS, select the network picture in the menu stripe, choose the network, enter the password if prompted, and choose OK .

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