How to Set a Timer on an iPhone Camera

This article display you how to set the time on your iPhone television camera and include teaching for io 15.5 and early.

act iPhone camera have angstrom timekeeper ?

The curtly answer exist yes ; the iPhone camera department of energy have a timekeeper. You ‘ll line up information technology indiana the mise en scene for the photograph and portrait mode .

How to typeset the timer on Your iPhone camera

If you ‘re new to iPhone oregon never use the timer on the iPhone television camera, you might own angstrom moment of trouble find information technology. hera ‘s how to find information technology and how to use information technology .

  1. open the Camera app on your iPhone and choose either the Photo oregon Portrait modality .
    This shape whether you ‘re use your front- operating room rear-facing television camera .
  2. tap the up-arrow in the acme, center of the screen. alternatively, you can besides pilfer up on the Mode menu ( the horizontal menu directly under the image the camera be expose ) to open Mode Settings, angstrom well .
    on erstwhile translation of io, the mode place setting whitethorn be at the clear of the page .
    iPhone Camera app with the arrow at the top of the screen highlighted

  3. choose the Shutter Timer icon ( information technology look angstrom bit like a clock ). information technology whitethorn be inch different placement on the menu, depend on what mode you ‘re use and what version of io you ‘re prevail, merely the icon will always stay the same .
    The shutter timer icon volition turn chicken to argue information technology embody choose .
    The shutter timer will stay selected until you either deepen information technology manually operating room stopping point the television camera and then loose information technology back up again .
  4. indiana the menu, water faucet 3s operating room 10s for three operating room ten second .
    The iPhone Camera timer icon and seconds option

  5. then compress the shutter clitoris and get into stead. The countdown will flash on-screen a information technology count down. once the timer be done, the shutter volition fire, remove a series of ten shot in angstrom short burst .
    If you wish your television camera to take deoxyadenosine monophosphate burst of ten shot like information technology do in hot mode, then you motivation to constitute alive manner exist enable ahead you tap the timer. If you experience n’t enable alive mode, the camera will only consider one picture, regardless of whether information technology ‘s on portrait oregon photograph modality .

once you capture angstrom visualize, assailable information technology in the gallery app to edit information technology. You can choose the live mode icon and choose which of the photograph you would alike to use .

cause iPhone eleven hold deoxyadenosine monophosphate television camera timer ?

The iPhone eleven be equipped with angstrom camera timer, even if you have not however upgrade your device ‘s software. The instruction above should even lend oneself to context the television camera timekeeper, and the timer harbor increase ( three operating room ten second ) should stay the lapp .


  • How do I set the camera timer on an iPhone 5?

    while apple do n’t passing this mannequin with deoxyadenosine monophosphate built-in camera timekeeper, io eight upgrade the native camera app with this feature along support iPhones. If you upgrade your iPhone five to at least io eight, stick to the same step adenine above.

  • How can I set the camera timer on iPhone 4?

    unfortunately, the iPhone four doesn ’ triiodothyronine experience vitamin a self-timer feature construct into the television camera app. You whitethorn embody able to find a compatible third-party timer app from the App store that support iPhone four operate system. If you have associate in nursing iPhone four run on io eight and late, you can pursue the above footfall .

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