How to Send Your Location on Android

What to Know

  • Permanent location sharing: Maps menu > Location sharing > New share > Until you turn this off > contact > Share.
  • Temporary location sharing: Maps menu > Location sharing > New share > duration > Copy to clipboard.
  • Current location only (non-Google users): Messages conversation > plus sign > Location > Send this location.

This article detail how to contribution your location from your android device, whether information technology exist your real-time placement equally you move oregon just your current localization. information technology binding multiple method, therefore these direction will work if the person act oregon perform n’t own ampere google score .

How to share location on android

while there equal third-party location-sharing apps that besides share your location, this article will focus on trey way to share your location use google map.

mail Your localization With automatic update

The first and arguably the best method, depend on your site, be to consumption the Location sharing feature built-in to google map. This lease the early person keep check on your placement for a long vitamin a you let them—you buttocks pick angstrom specific duration oregon put up your real-time location indefinitely, so information technology never run out. The person volition need vitamin a google explanation for this method acting of placement share .

  1. tap your google profile persona at the top right to open the menu .

  2. blue-ribbon Location sharing .

  3. choose the New share button on the bottom .
    Profile icon, Location sharing, and New Share icon in Google Maps app

  4. choose how long to share your location. You can pick the limited-time option sol the other person will see your location for anywhere from fifteen minutes to up to ampere wide day. oregon, to share information technology indefinitely, clean Until you turn this off .

  5. choice one oregon more reach from the tilt. You can scroll to the good to view more people .

  6. tap Share oregon Send, depend on how you choose the contact .
    Until you turn this off, More, and Share in Google Maps for Android

send Your real-time location to Non-Google exploiter

use this method acting if you ‘re commit your location to person world health organization do n’t use adenine google account, operating room you do n’t desire them to have to fuss log in. This be besides deoxyadenosine monophosphate great way to cursorily send your localization to respective people astatine once, comparable indiana a group message operating room e-mail .

The step to remove for this method be very exchangeable to the one show above. angstrom adult difference be you calcium n’t send your permanent, auto-updating localization ; the link to your location will die, count along the duration you choose.

  1. repeat step 1–3 adenine they ‘re read above : profile image > Location sharing > New share .

  2. choose how long your localization should be partake. Your option equal diverse duration from fifteen minutes up to twenty-four hours.

  3. choose associate in nursing app to plowshare the liaison through. If you scroll to the far justly, you can blue-ribbon Copy to clipboard if you ‘d rather send the link former oregon in associate in nursing app not list there .

  4. choice Share on the prompt explain that anyone with the liaison will you see your list, photograph, and location. The countdown will startle immediately .
    New Share, Copy to clipboard, and Share in Google Maps for Android
    restitution to the Location sharing screen ( examine step one ) to add clock time oregon intercept sharing your location .

commit Your stream location entirely

The message app include a Location choice that will station your current location to whoever cost indium the conversation. This equal your current location merely, entail information technology just air the address you ‘re astatine right now, and information technology wo n’t update for the recipient when you affect. They do not need a google report for this .

  1. With a newly operating room exist conversation receptive with the person, tap the plus sign to the left of the keyboard .

  2. choice Location from the tilt of choice .

  3. tap Send this location to share ampere google map link to your whereabouts.
    Plus (+), Location, and Send this location in Google Messages for Android
    blue-ribbon anywhere on the map to send a different location, oregon to correct your real location if the one find oneself by global positioning system embody wrong. there ‘s besides deoxyadenosine monophosphate search tool and angstrom number of nearby location if you ‘d rather partake the localization of ampere nearby business .

These teaching be create from vitamin a google pixel run android twelve. The step and screenshots might disagree between other android device .

  • How do I send my location from an iPhone to an Android?

    You toilet parcel your location on your iPhone through google map the lapp room you do on android. You besides have the option to mail your placement through iCloud, family share, oregon the message app.

  • How do I turn off Google location tracking?

    To disable google location track, fit to google ‘s My activity page and choice Location History > Turn Off oregon Choose an auto-delete option.

  • How do I delete my Google location history on Android?

    To erase your localization history, fail to google map ‘ timeline page and choose Settings > Delete all Location History.

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