iPhone GIFs Not Working? Here’s What You Can Do To Fix Them

Sending GIFs is one of the simplest things you can do on an iPhone — but what should you do if GIFs stop working ? When you stop and think about it, it ‘s noteworthy how advance smartphones have become in just a few short years. They ‘re now our go-to cameras, internet devices, portable movie screens, gaming consoles, and therefore much more .
however, that ‘s not to say phones are perfect. In fact, it ‘s pretty common for them to have a wide-eyed assortment of issues. Apps get glitched, software bugs pop up, and hardware can malfunction. Considering how many complex tasks we demand of our phones every single day, it ‘s amazing they work a well and systematically as they do .

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For iPhone users, one issue they might encounter is that GIFs stop working on their phones. Apple makes it highly easy to share GIFs on iMessage. When composing a message, just tap the crimson Images picture, tap one of the commend GIFs, or search for a particular one. Tapping a GIF immediately adds it to your message, making it equally easy as possible to send funny GIFs in the flash of an eye. sometimes, though, these GIFs diaphragm exploit. If you notice that GIFs are n’t working on your iPhone, one of the easiest ways to fix this is by removing and re-adding the Images app in iMessage. Open the Messages app on your iPhone and pilfer left on the apps list at the buttocks of the screen until you see a button with three dots. Tap that release, tap ‘Edit ‘ in the top leave corner, tap the ‘- ‘ icon next to ‘ # images, ‘ and tap ‘Remove from Favorites. ‘ now tap the green toggle next to ‘ # images, ‘ to fully disable the app, tap the toggle again to re-enable it, and it should be back to convention .

Other Ways To Fix Broken GIFs On iPhone

iPhone 13 Series Delays Faced by Apple If iPhone GIFs still are n’t working after that, there are a few other troubleshooting tips you can try. Another possibility is that the iPhone ‘s Language & Region is set to one that does n’t support the ‘ # images ‘ feature in iMessage. If this is the case, open the Settings app, wiretap ‘General, ‘ tap ‘Language & Region, ‘ and switch it to ones that do support the feature ( such as English for the iPhone Language and United States for the Region ). Another hypothesis is that an approachability feature is preventing images from loading. once again from the Settings app, scroll down the page and tap ‘Accessibility. ‘ Tap ‘Motion ‘ at the exceed of the blind and make certain ‘Reduce Motion ‘ is n’t selected. If it is, try disabling this and see if GIFs start working again .
But that ‘s not all you can do. If GIFs continue to be broken on your iPhone, it may just be that the Messages app needs to be restarted. Swipe up and hold from the bottomland of your iPhone ‘s family screen to open the Recents menu ( or double-press the Home button if your iPhone has one ). Find the Messages app, swipe up to close it, and then open it again. If you ‘re using a third-party keyboard and having GIF issues with it, it could be running outdated software. Open the App Store, tap the visibility icon in the acme right corner, swipe down on the foliate to check for raw app updates, and see if there ‘s an update available for your keyboard.

last but not least, GIFs not working on your iPhone could be related to a more general topic. Double-check that your iPhone is connected to mobile data or a Wi-Fi network and has a proper internet joining. If other apps and websites are n’t working, you may need to switch to a different network. furthermore, if all of the above steps fail to fix your GIFs, your iPhone could be running outdated software. Open the Settings app, wiretap ‘General, ‘ tap ‘Software Update, ‘ and download an update if it ‘s available. Follow the steps above, and one of them should fix GIFs on your iPhone and make them work again .

Use The GIPHY App Instead

GIPHY App iMessage While the Images app in Messages has a big library of GIFs, iPhone users besides have the option to download third-party apps for iMessage and use them for GIFs rather. GIPHY is one of the best options, given that it has one of the largest collections of GIFs, and can be accessed square from Messages. To download the app, open a text message and tap on the App Store icon just below the search bar. search for “ GIPHY ” and download the app. It should now be visible in the list of apps above the keyboard, which is besides where users access the Images app .
You can now tap on the GIPHY app and search for GIFs, Images, Emoji, and Stickers. There ‘s besides an option to add GIPHY Clips, which are GIFs with sound. Tap on the GIF and it will appear in the text airfield, and can now be sent to the early person. If using stickers from GIPHY, tapdance and hold the dagger, and then drag it on top of images and texts. Before releasing the spine, use two fingers to resize or reposition it if required. And there you have it – if you ‘re having excessively much trouble with Images or barely want a larger library of GIFs, use the GIPHY app on your iPhone rather.

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