How to Send Emails From iPhone and iPad

Are you wondering How to send an e-mail from your iPhone or iPad ? Although this sounds elementary, it is not uncommon to look for this information, particularly when you are a modern iPhone exploiter or you have equitable switched from Android to iPhone .
Send Emails From iPhone and iPad

Send Emails From iPhone and iPad

Sending an electronic mail from your iPhone for the first time involves the succeed steps, you will find these wide steps far broken down into detail steps subsequently on in this post .

  1. Adding an email account to your iPhone
  2. Accessing the Email app and Composing an email
  3. Attaching Files, Images or Videos to your email
  4. Reviewing CC, BCC and Sending the email

1. Adding An Email Account to iPhone

In order to be able to send emails from your iPhone, you need to first add your electronic mail account ( or accounts ) to your iPhone ’ randomness mail app. You can add any of your e-mail accounts to iPhone by following these steps.

1.1. Power on your iPhone and unlock it .
1.2. From the home screen tap on Settings .
1.3. Next Tap on Mail, Contacts, and Calendar .
Mail Contacts and Calendars Section on iPhone Settings
1.4. On the adjacent riddle you will now see the Accounts segment of Mail, Contacts and Calendar .
On this section you will be able to see the electronic mail account that is already set up on this telephone ( in case it is ). besides you will be able to add new e-mail accounts by tapping on Add Account ( See prototype below )
Add Email Account to iPhone
1.5. Tap on Add Account
1.6. Select your Email Client or your e-mail account type ( Google, Outlook or whatever. )
Choose Email Account Type on iPhone
iPhone allows you to use any electronic mail client or account character that you would like to use. You can use iCloud history or use Gmail, Outlook or any early type of electronic mail account .
1.7. On the adjacent screen you will be entering your Email ID and Password

With these steps you have just added your electronic mail explanation to your iPhone and you are all put to send your first e-mail .

2. Composing Emails On iPhone and iPad

now that you have added your e-mail account to iPhone, you can start composing your first electronic mail from your iPhone by following these steps .
2.1. Tap on the Home button to access the base screen on your iPhone
2.2. From the home screen tapdance on the Mail app .
2.3. Tap on the Compose release – You will see this at the bed right corner of the sieve ( See double below )
Compose New Email Icon on iPhone
2.4. You will see the New Message Interface on iPhone/iPad ( See image below )
New Email Message Interface on iPhone
Composing an e-mail using the New Message Interface is quite easy. Tap on the To section to enter the recipients email address, Add CC/BCC. adjacent tap the national line field and type the subject note for this e-mail .
2.5. finally tap on the message box ( Area below the submit line ) and type your message .

3. Attaching Files, Images and Videos to Your Email

now that you have the electronic mail ready, you can attach files, images or Videos to your electronic mail message. For more information on this you can refer to the follow tutorial .

4. Setting up CC, BCC and Sending the Email

Before tapping on the Send button, it is a thoroughly practice to review your e-mail message and total contacts as CC or BCC recipients .
In event of a deepen of mind or an error, you can easily change contacts position from CC to BCC and frailty versa. All that you need to do is tap on a particular Email ID and drag it to the field of Carbon Copy ( CC ) or Blind Carbon Copy ( BCC ).

When everything appears in regulate, just hit the transport push button to send the electronic mail to all the recipients .

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