How to send an anonymous email: tips & tricks

What if you need to send an e-mail with medium information without revealing your identity ? And what if you need an untraceable electronic mail to receive medium information ? Secure e-mail services were designed to provide identifiable bipartite communication, but it doesn ’ t have to be that way. There are many ways to send and receive anonymous emails. Read on to find out more.

3 reasons you may want to use an untraceable email

Should you be using an untraceable electronic mail ? To decide, work out what your privacy comfort flat is. What information are you will to give away ? You may wish to combine a secure e-mail with a VPN, but it all depends on why you want to send this e-mail. hera are three reasons you may want to send untraceable emails.

You are a whistleblower

An anonymous electronic mail, like an anonymous earphone call, can be critical for combating crime, corruption, pervert, imposter, intimate harassment or other violations of the law. however, evening though people who engage in anonymous whistleblowing normally fight for judge they put themselves at hazard by doing indeed. The accuse party can get them fired, blacklist them, strong-arm them or even take legal carry through against them. therefore, anonymity equals security.

You are a journalist

Journalists can often be monitored and targeted by potent institutions, corporations or governments that don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want their secrets to be revealed. anonymous emails give journalists the cover they need to communicate with their sources and communicate their findings while reducing the risk of reprisals.

You want to avoid spam and tracking

Companies and spammers harvest publicly available electronic mail addresses from websites, discussion boards, and mailing lists. They then use them for bulk e-mail selling campaigns. To avoid your spam booklet being cramped with debris messages, you may want to use a disposable, anonymous electronic mail address. By logging in to other platforms with your personal e-mail, you give technical school giants a bunch of valuable data about yourself. Companies like Google or Facebook gather this information and then parcel it with one-third parties or use that data themselves to serve you targeted ads. No company should know this much about you. Check out our brief video recording on anonymous emailing downstairs .

How do anonymous email accounts work?

There are many apps and websites that identify themselves as anonymous e-mail services. How do these work ? In most cases, they send your electronic mail via code tunnels, to keep the data safe while in transit. They besides limit the measure of identifiable data attached to the e-mail ; for exercise, they might hide your IP savoir-faire. Different electronic mail providers offer different services, but as we ‘ll see later on, even using an anonymous electronic mail account does n’t always guarantee your privacy.

How can I send an anonymous email without being traced?

#1: Create a new email account

Want to send an anonymous electronic mail ? The easiest method to send emails anonymously is to create a new electronic mail bill using any popular e-mail military service like a Yahoo or Gmail account. When creating a new profile, don ’ thyroxine use any information that could lead back to you ; differently, it wo n’t be an anonymous e-mail report. alternatively, choose a imposter name, D.O.B and home address. Some electronic mail service providers might ask you to provide a real telephone number to send you a verification code. Think doubly before you give it away as it may lead back to you. however, with these steps, it still wo n’t be a completely anonymous e-mail account. even without personal data, these services will still track your IP address and will collect data on your actions. such information can reveal your identity and location. flush the most secure e-mail provider will normally be obligated to provide this information to law enforcement agencies. therefore, in addition to your new account, you should besides use a Virtual Private Network ( VPN ) that can change and mask your actual IP cover

#2: Use a “burner” email

Burner e-mail accounts allow you to send and receive anonymous emails without revealing your identity. They normally expire and destroy themselves after a certain period of time, or they allow you to send a message without creating an account that could link to you. A burner electronic mail address might be one of the simplest ways to keep your transmitter information more private.

If you lone need a irregular “ send merely ” account to send anonymous emails, we recommend trying AnonymouseMail. however, as this anonymous e-mail servicing is exempt, we besides recommend using a virtual private network ( VPN ) to hide your original placement and identity before sending any messages. If you need a impermanent “ receive merely ” inbox because you want to avoid being swamped with spam, you can use anonymous e-mail services like Mailinator or TrashMail. rather of giving your real number e-mail address, you can provide one of Mailinator ’ s public addresses or a disposable Trashmail history, which will delete itself after a time period of time.

#3: Use an encrypted email

Another kind of anonymous e-mail avail can be found in code e-mail services. They offer you the functionality of common e-mail services while encrypting your emails, inbox, and even contact lists. This means that no one spy on the traffic can read the contented of your emails. In most cases, this besides means that the anonymous electronic mail service providers can not snoop on you, either. such anonymous e-mail accounts are a big choice for batten and ongoing communication. Different anonymous e-mail history providers besides offer different features, like anonymous payments or self-destruct emails. Check out our list of the best spare anonymous electronic mail accounts, where we compare multiple free serve providers.

#4: Use a VPN

Whichever method you use to send an anonymous e-mail, always use a VPN. here ’ mho why :

  • A VPN hides your IP address: Your message might not have your name attached to it, but it could reveal your IP address. Your IP address can be used to uncover your location, hack your device, and track your activity. A VPN protects your privacy by hiding your IP and routing your traffic through an encrypted VPN server.
  • A VPN hides your online activity: Your ISP can track what you do online and could hand over your information to authorities. NordVPN encrypts all of your data and app traffic, making it indecipherable to snooping ISPs and malicious actors.

Always use a entrust VPN with a rigorous zero-logs policy. Your privacy depends on it. Some detached VPNs log your natural process, sell it, or share it with third parties ; an anonymous electronic mail is n’t deserving that risk. NordVPN does n’t store customer ‘s connection logs. Your data is neither track nor record under any circumstances. even if you ‘re using an anonymous e-mail service, we recommend enhancing your overall privacy and security with a VPN. Online security starts with a snap. Stay safe with the worldly concern ’ s leading VPNGet NordVPNLearn More

Can you trace the IP address of an email?

You can trace the IP address of an e-mail by looking at its header and checking the metadata ; having an exposed IP makes it much harder to send an anonymous electronic mail. however, you ’ ll have to put some campaign into analyzing the header as it contains a distribute of technical details that can be hard to grasp at beginning glance. hera ’ s how you can trace the IP of an electronic mail :

  1. Open the email header.
  2. Copy all of its content.
  3. Paste it into the header analyzing tool, which will provide you with the sender’s IP address.

Take into account that many email providers hide IP addresses and you will entirely be able to find the IP of the last waiter that processed the e-mail. however, merely knowing the survive waiter could besides help you understand if a spamming electronic mail is legitimate or not. For model, if you received an e-mail from Facebook, and it originated from Belarus or Chad, that ’ s a red masthead.

Is Gmail secure?

You might be less refer about privacy, and more about security. If so, you ‘re credibly wondering if one of the biggest mainstream e-mail providers, Gmail, is fasten. The short answer is yes, Gmail is relatively secure. Your emails are encrypted with TLS, Transport Layer Security when in transportation system, and your inbox is protected with industry-standard 128-bit encoding. It ‘s not exceeding, but there are no major risks that are singular to Gmail. however, Gmail ‘s criminal record on privacy is much less stellar. Remember, Gmail is a Google product, and Google is ill-famed for gathering data about its users.

More private email tips

Are you a 100 % anonymous electronic mail sender now ? not so firm. here are a few more things you should consider before you send any sensitive information :

  1. When setting up new accounts, never use the same password on any other accounts. Use a random password generator if needed.
  2. Keep your anonymous account’s login details and passwords safe. You can use a password manager to do so. However, it’s better not to save this data on the same account that your personal passwords are on – just in case.
  3. Don’t include any personally identifiable information when creating your account or sending an anonymous email, even if it’s the name of your dog or your favorite sport.
  4. Don’t use your anonymous email account to log in to other services that you use in your personal life, like Facebook, Twitter or Spotify.
  5. It’s better to send anonymous emails on a public network rather than from your home or work Wi-Fi. Otherwise, it won’t be an anonymous email and it might lead back to you.To send an anonymous email while staying safe and private online, use a VPN.
  6. Before logging into your account, check that your VPN is working and not leaking your IP. Familiarize yourself with other ways to ensure your anonymity.

Online security starts with a click. Protect your privacy and stay secure with NordVPN .Get NordVPNLearn More

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