GTA 5: A Simple Guide to Sell a Car in GTA 5 Story Mode

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GTA 5 came out about ten years ago, and due to the musician base growing day after day, people are calm learning things like selling a car. Despite being released in 2013, the immersive gameplay and on-line player modes have helped the bet on acme to more than 100,000 player count in holocene years .

When adventure games that were released five years ago do not have adequate players in on-line lobbies, GTA 5 stands out as one of the most successful releases. It is best to start with the report modality for beginners who love gamble gameplay. then, you will get the hang of the crippled mechanics and improve your game sense about what you can and can not do in the populace of Los Santos .
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Why sell cars in GTA 5 ?

When starting the game, it is very hard to make money on GTA 5. There is very little money to be made by completing the initial missions. One easy way is to sell steal cars. You can store steal cars in garages .
If the garage is not big enough, buy another apartment with a bigger garage to store steal cars in GTA 5. other ways to make money in GTA V history mode include investing in stocks, winning street races, robbing ATMs, and more .

How to sell a car in GTA 5 fib mode ?


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There is no option to sell cars in GTA 5 narrative mode. so to make money, you might have to use early methods like the ones mentioned above. But you can easily steal and sell cars in GTA online at all Los Santos Customs locations. These are marked as a spray can icon on the crippled map. besides, general cars fetch somewhere between $ 1000 and $ 3000, but sports cars can sometimes fetch you more than $ 8000. besides, keep an eye out for exotic and valuable cars and when you are short circuit of cash, drive one of those into the Los Santos Customs for some quick buck .

How to sell a car in GTA 5 on-line

Unlike GTA offline modality, the Grand Theft Auto online mode allows you to do much more. This includes selling stolen cars and even getting custom car skins. Follow these steps to sell a cable car in on-line mode .

  • Step 1: Launch the game and get into GTA Online. For this, open the In-game menu by pressing the ‘ ESC ’ button for keyboard players and the Menu or Options button for controllers .
  • Step 2: Inside the In-game menu, choose “ Online, ” located on the bottom right of the screen .
  • Step 3: If you are playing for the beginning time, create a character to play on-line mode. If you already have a few characters, choose one among them to continue .
  • Step 4: To sell a car in GTA 5, choose a vehicle from the bet on. Steal it and find the nearest Los Santos Customs placement .
  • Step 5: Once you reach the Los Santos Customs Shop, park the car in movement of the garage. When the doors open mechanically, drive the cable car inside and wait for the denounce menu to appear .
  • Step 6: Scroll down to select the ‘ Sell ’ option in the shop menu. This option only shows up in the GTA on-line and not in the narrative mode .
  • Step 7: Select the “ Sell ” choice, and the car ’ south attributes, like top accelerate and acceleration, will be displayed along with the rate in dollars. Press “ Select ” again to confirm selling the car, and the money will be added to your funds .

Is GTA 5 worth buy ?


Yes ! GTA 5 is undoubtedly one of the best open-world action-adventure games ever. The entitle has won tons of Game of the year awards, and every part of the game, including the Soundtrack, adds to the player experience. In addition, both single-player and GTA online have many side missions, confidential locations, alien cars, and more .

How popular is GTA 5 correct nowadays ?

The game ’ sulfur popularity has been on the rise, specially during the pandemic period. As a leave, sales were booming, and the bet on recorded an all-time read in musician count in February 2020, when more than 220,000 players were live. In a exchangeable tendency on Steam, August 2022 saw more than 195,470 players live in the game .
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