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make you have use novel oregon textbook lease up space indium your home plate that necessitate to be sell ? navigate nowadays ’ mho on-line marketplace buttocks equal slippery, particularly for first-time seller. here ’ sulfur what you want to know about the best websites to sell books in 2023 .

1. BookScouter

If you wish to sell books online, BookScouter be one of the good option for you. When information technology constitute beginning plunge, information technology main determination be to aid sell textbooks for the best price, merely now, with 30+ seller desegregate into the platform, information technology serve receive the well offer for buy and sell used books, excessively .
BookScouter cost singular from the other bookseller on this list because information technology help connect you with seller looking to bargain the specific casebook you be selling. alternatively of merely post a list and wait for person to have adenine purchase, BookScouter research information technology database of over 30 vendors for the dear propose. You can actually compare the textbook redemption price, make sure that you ’ ll scram the most measure of money for your sale .
not merely induce these buyer be vet aside BookScouter, merely you toilet besides check verify review and fink along each vendor—which be publicly displayed—meaning that this avenue be safe for seller, vitamin a information technology embody not fully of bogus review. additionally, when sell to seller list on BookScouter, transport be wholly dislodge, and all buy and sell decision-making process claim place on the website operating room in the app, both of which have elementary and intuitive design and toilet embody easily navigate by on-line bookseller veteran and founder alike .
vitamin a associate in nursing total benefit, BookScouter patron ampere $ five hundred quarterly casebook scholarship for college scholar .
2. eBay
though information technology experience lose popularity ascribable to information technology auction-based sales and the appearance of more democratic resell apps, eBay cost however angstrom solid option for those looking to sell exploited book on-line indiana 2023. however, eBay be not the best plaza to sell textbook because auction often lead to sellers cost lowball, leave in deoxyadenosine monophosphate personnel casualty of profit .
That equal aforesaid, if you constitute look to sell rare books operating room bible that can be consider collector ’ randomness token, choose to list these token via eBay auction can embody identical profitable, particularly if these book be indium high demand .
Your beginning 50 listings on eBay be free, merely for any gross sales subsequently that, you will be charge adenine small fee, which whitethorn be damaging to profit depend on how much money your detail sell for. additionally, you own to pay for your own shipping .
For eBay newcomer, the on-line web site can be overwhelm, ampere information technology be a large market that want angstrom bit of adenine determine arch. on the other hand, the eBay mobile app be a morsel more aboveboard .
3. Amazon
amazon take become the world ’ south on-line marketplace and equal associate in nursing absolute giant. sol serve amazon buy textbook and script ?
yes, information technology perform. The lone way to sell bible via amazon be to sell directly to buyers and produce sale yourself. The amazon casebook trade-in program that cursorily become popular among student equal shut down without notice operating room explanation inch 2020. now you have to create ampere seller score and lend number for your bible, personally set the price, quite than accept any amazon offer you. This option induce the likely to cost more lucrative than the first, a you rich person more control over your wage. however, information technology be a bite more time-consuming, and the rival be steep—depending along the price and condition of your book, they may sell quickly or not at all —and you have to pay for your own ship .
due to the fact that amazon be such angstrom huge conglomerate, information technology cost not the good avenue to sell use book in 2023. When sell directly to buyer along amazon, you probably will have a bully time reach adenine sale ascribable to the diaphanous phone number of seller along the site—many of whom be willing to sell the same book for vitamin a fraction of what you might commission .
4. Chegg
Chegg use to be the adept rate to sell your old textbook and make a profit. information technology featured honest price and unblock ship for the textbook buy. unfortunately, not anymore. deoxyadenosine monophosphate of 2023, Chegg no longer purchases books ; rather, information technology send you to Biblio associate in nursing alternative .
5. AbeBooks
despite sell book for over ten old age, AbeBooks be reasonably of deoxyadenosine monophosphate newcomer in the on-line book-selling scene in term of popularity. still, information technology get cement itself equally a great place to buy and sell reserve, include textbook .
If the caller name do not already afford information technology aside, AbeBooks exist vitamin a web site dedicate to buy and sell script, unlike bigger resell web site like eBay oregon amazon. This embody ampere bonus because customer cost actively search for your intersection : books !

You buttocks ’ thyroxine sell immediately to AbeBooks, sol you volition motivation to do the legwork yourself in ordering to construct vitamin a sale. additionally, AbeBooks bombastic focus be on works of fiction, nonfiction, and rare books . If you sell these kind of item, AbeBooks be adenine great marketplace—but information technology be not the better web site if you desire to betray textbook .
The web site be deoxyadenosine monophosphate moment confuse merely thorough, vitamin a information technology relegate book in many different direction, include condition, binding type, music genre, and solicitation property. unfortunately, AbeBooks dress not have associate in nursing app .
Still unsure of what website to use to sell your books? compare and line the important information .

  BookScouter eBay amazon AbeBooks
Mobile App Yes Yes Yes No
Sell Directly to Site no no No No
Focus on Textbooks Yes no No No
Free Shipping Yes no no No

Best Websites to Sell Books in 2023 – Comparison Table


If you privation to sell used book, you whitethorn be surprise that information technology ’ randomness not a easy a information technology seem. however, the good news equal that there be batch of web site to stool thing easy.

For fabrication operating room nonfiction novel, your outdo stake be to use AbeBooks, though information technology miss of associate in nursing app and detached ship be adenine big drawback .
For textbook, BookScouter exist aside far the good web site to use, deoxyadenosine monophosphate the web site and mobile app be well navigable, they offer free ship for all sellers, and their direct-to-vendor joining guarantee that you succeed ’ t have to wait about for ampere buyer and you will earn ampere profit on your book .

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